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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our First Snowfall of the Season~

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Since part of our family lives far from us, it is sometimes difficult to get images to have saved back for our Christmas greeting.  
This year I was able to piece together some fairly decent ones.  
We always have the Christmas tree adorned the weekend before Thanksgiving celebration~

The gentleman that lives behind us is close to 70 and was recently very ill.  
He received his first ever flower bouquet and I decided to have the season of the beauties last a bit longer in photo images~

Our middle daughter Brittany has 3 children and the youngest one, our only grand-daughter Maci Marette turned 2 last week.
Our oldest daughter Hillary was reading to her, which is very appropriate since she also happens to be a marvelous teacher~

Our youngest daughter Ashleigh and her husby flew home for the week of Thanksgiving. 
 My husby did a watercolour for her and called it "The Closer", which is sentimental for he and our daughter~

The 5 year old twin grands were in their first ever school performance last week.  
Cullen is in the blue oxford cloth shirt and Kerrick is in the black sweatshirt~

Can you see the heart ;)

White-throated Sparrow~

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker~

White-throated Sparrow~

Male American Cardinal~

Tufted Titmouse~

Thoroughbreds in pasture at a Kentucky horse farm, near us~


  1. glad you had some good family time recently. the cardinals make for great snow photos. :)

  2. What a lovely post and the kids are adorable! Have a great week ahead!

  3. Such gorgeous photos and collages! Love those Cardinals. Send some my way!!

  4. Wonderful collages. I really like the snow and cardinal shots but I think everyone will say that. Your family is beautiful! Happy holidays! What would it be like without our family and friends?

  5. Wonderful photos of your family. I also like the colourful leaves with snow.

  6. Lovely family photos and I especially like the photos of the roses. The snow looks pretty but I am glad I live in the tropics!

  7. Hello Mary, you have a lovely family! Wonderful photos of the birds and the horses!

  8. Wonderful family photos and great nature shots! Just beautiful fall, and first snowfall images, with the birds and the horses. Enjoyed them all so much! And I am so happy you had a great Thanksgiving! We did as well.

  9. I just love the photos of the snow on Autumn coloured leaves. Those cardinals are so bright and the titmouse so cute with its mohawk. You have many beautiful things to see at the moment.

  10. HI Mary Wonderful collages of shot. That was a lovely idea of you photographing the gentleman flowers so he could see them forever in your shots. Love all the family shots and your hubby's painting. Great series of horse and bird shots.

  11. Your family shots are great, especially the twins and little girl. I love the shots of the cardinals in the snow, they look so fluffy.

  12. Just wonderful photos Mary. How you found the time to produce such a lovely post I do not know. Your family pictures do portray lot of love.

    I hope you are feeling a little more well after youo stay in hospital.

    Stay safe.

  13. I love the Sapsucker, it is brilliant Mary.

  14. A wonderful blog post - I love your Christmas tree, it's magical and so stylish it looks like an image from a glossy magazine. You have beautiful girls too - what a lovely family. I just adore that little red Cardinal - he looks so fluffy and cute.
    I hope you are now on the mend and making a speedy recovery after your hospital stay - thanks so much for finding the time to stop by my blog - I really appreciate it.

  15. Dear Mary,

    What a wonderful idea to feature your lovely family in a Christmas card setting during this festive season! My goodness, three beautiful daughters and five adorable grands, (I see a very striking resemblance between the twins and you, am I right?).

    The collages of the newly fallen snow, forming mini mountains on the still autumnal coloured leaves, is the perfect image of the seasons in transition. Of course, the stars of every season, here at Tingsgrove, are always the strikingly pretty protagonists who fly into each one with such whimsy and flair!

    Happy weekend, sweet friend!


  16. There is something special with the brilliant winter color of a cardinal against the backdrop of fallen snow!! Beautiful.

    Loved your family time shares.

    And....I do hope that your hospital stay wasn't for anything too serious!!!

  17. So much to see! Thank you so much for sharing your special artistic talents with all of us. Of course, I love the birds, but those family shots made Gini say "Awww"!

    Take care!


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