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Friday, October 3, 2014

Making Our Way From Kentucky to Glacier National Park~

Making our way from Kentucky to Glacier National Park...
We crossed over Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and Wyoming, before arriving 5 days later at Glacier in Montana.
Along the way we saw the beautiful Monarchs at the Iowa South Dakota border that we have seen every time we travel West.
That is one of our 2 dogs that travel every where we go... the youngest Silveit in the mosaic with Monarchs;)

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In South Dakota and Wyoming the scenes begin to change and then you realize you have traveled a great distance from home~

An Immature Bald Eagle gave me all of the time I wanted to taken a bunch of photographs of it.  
I had hoped it might fly, but it seemed no concern for my presence and we had to get a wiggle on down the road~

A little further down the road, there was no time for stopping and I took this adult Bald Eagle's images through glass as we traveled I-90 going approximately 70 mph.  
I always end up taking more this way than not and it works OK~

Prairie Dogs in South Dakota near the Badlands National Park~

Another juvenile Bald Eagle soaring, this too was taken from car, through glass~

We have finally reached Montana ;)  Big Sky Country~

We checked into our lodging and then drove over to the park for a few hours.
For the first couple of days we could not go over the Going to the Sun Highway, and Logan Pass due to the area receiving 2' of snow at higher altitudes.
You will have to wait and see if we get in later, but next week, I will share Canada images.
I hope that you have enjoyed this second set in our vacation journey shares and there will be more in coming weeks.
Have a wonderful weekend and week~


  1. Hi Mary, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of your vacation trip. The scenery is incredibly beautiful in each one. I can see why you ended up taking so many photos. I'll look forward to see where you went in Canada. Enjoy the weekend. Pam

  2. Hi Mary. So interesting to follow your journey with the vast changes in scenery. I'm impressed by the images taken at 70mph ... not something I've ever tried but then I rarely sit in the passenger seat!.

  3. I have always wanted to travel across the plains up to Big Sky Country...seeing it through your eyes makes me want to see it even more.

  4. When I see the number of images that go into your posts, I can understand how you racked up the stats on the old D90!

    Nice post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Hello Mary, gorgeous images.. Glacier was one of my favorite parks. I love your beautiful dog.. The monarchs are lovely.. It is a beautiful country we live in! Have a happy new week!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! You take better pictures at 70 mph through a windshield than many photographers would if they had a tripod. Incredible. You also travel much much faster than we ever do -- but you see it all anyway! I'm so impressed. Loved how you capture the changes in the scenery as you travel -- that's what I love best about a roadtrip! Beautiful mosaics -- I'm going back now to view them in slide format.

  7. Beautiful images, everything looks brilliant in Autumn skies.

  8. Immagini fantastiche!!!!!!!!! Non ci sono altre parole da aggiungere, rimango a bocca aperta

  9. Absolutely breathtaking images....I start to hear "America the Beautiful" in my mind looking at these. So pleased to see the monarchs..have not seen one around here all summer and they used to be commonplace :(

  10. What a great journey! Beautiful scenery and skies. The monarchs! Wow! Loved the rail fence. I'm with Deb ... America The Beautiful indeed!

  11. So beautiful. We live on an amazing continent - your country and mine share so much beauty.

  12. Stunning scenery, I can see why Montana is called 'big sky country'. Up until a couple of days ago there were monarchs on my butterfly bushes, This is late for them to still be here but the weather was in the 70s for Indian summer. Now it is back to normal with a bite from the wind.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Mary.

  13. It is my dream to travel to Glacier park one day. Your images of your travels are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing them!

  14. Stunning images, Mary, of your beautifully scenic vacation, across those states. For me, the images of Montana just jumped off the screen; what gorgeous skies and vibrant landscape! The monarchs with your pooch are very pretty, and the photos of the fast flowing water, are rejuvenating, even through your lens! I am excitedly anticipating snaps of my beloved Canada, as observed via your unique perspective.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!


  15. Beautiful images from National Park. Very picturesque place.

  16. This is my first time visiting your blog. Thank you for a wonderful adventure. True beauty.

  17. A wonderful collection of photos and a great landscape.

  18. Fantastic scenery and great to see the eagles as you traveled along. The monarchs are especially beautiful.

  19. Hi Mary. Incredible stunning countryside you saw and photographed on this wonderful journey. Your photos awe ALL fantastic even at 70 mph! Love the flowers and butterflies. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Wonderful images! I love the water and the eagles. Take care!

  21. Wow photo overload here but oh so worth it. Loads of amazing images and beautiful scenery, animals etc...I really loved all your post.

  22. Hello Mary. I finally caught up with you after looking in once or twice to find your latest post.

    I must say that a number of your "big sky" pictures are just stunning, the colours of the fields and even the grey or cloudy skies, the pictures work so well.

    I think you captured the after-snow cold in those waterfalls too - Brrrr.

    Remarkable pictures taken at 70mph but I can't imagine not stopping to just take one or two, or more.... Then we'd never arrive at our destination and I'd be in trouble again.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures from Canada now.

    By the way I thought Prairie Dogs were a sort of brown colour or am I thinking of a different animal. We don't have anything like them in the UK.

    1. Hi Phil, not sure how this works, or if you will ever see my reply. The Prairie Dogs are usually a tannish in colouration. These chaps that I shared are East of the Badlands National Park and we visit there every year and for whatever reason, they are a dirty white, but they don't look albino. Not sure why the colour difference from ones that I have shared in the past from Western South Dakota and North Dakota though~

  23. Wow!! Those butterflies are amazing.

  24. So many beautiful photos! I enjoyed them all! The monarch on the flowers is awesome!

  25. WOW! I am so impressed with all this amazing photography! And our beautiful country. I'd love to visit some of the areas you drove through. Gorgeous areas....gorgeous shots!


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