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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last Full Day in Montana~

In this post we will be leaving the Glacier National Park area, heading back to Missoula, Montana by way of some of the many state parks and forest systems, and then begin the journey back home.
We drove the scenic loop like we did last year, passing through the areas of Salmon Lake, Swan River National Forest, Seeley Lake, Lolo State Park, and Flathead National Forest.
Going in the Spring would be a wonderful colours showing, but we always enjoy travel during the early Autumn months and the colour changes are stunning.

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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We had driven past what I thought to be a very large bird and the husby stopped so that I could take a look-see.  I was thrilled when I walked back and saw this gorgeous possibly female, due to the size, Red-tailed Hawk~

So many wonderful colours and textures in nature's paint box~

From everything that we could see, this little Pine Squirrel and more like it, were going to have plenty to eat for the Winter.  With deep snow, freezer cold temperatures, and non hibernating creatures... you have to wonder, how they survive~

When we travel, we stop often to walk the dogs.  It gives us a chance to move about, take in fresh air and they enjoy all of the travel perks too.  Soon to be 7 year old Meaka on left and Silveit turns 2 in January.
Magpie below~

Now this below caused me to lose sleep, wondering if the man made it to his loved one at hospital, as well as to who would care for his dog, once they arrived.  I wondered how much further he had to travel this way...I still wonder about it~

The morning that we were leaving Grouse Mountain Lodge, the soccer fields were covered in Gulls enjoying the morning light.  I had made my way toward them, very quietly and was taking a few images, when a woman approached and up went her hands.  She smile and said "Glad that I could be of some help"  What?  Oh well, the flight images do look much more beautiful then they did basking in the morning sun on the ground~

More Autumn colours~

A Mallard Duck had been safely hiding when the husby and our dogs showed up and accidentally startled it, but I was ready~

Meaka on left and Silveit with my husby~

Farewell to Montana, hoping to see you again one day, not too many moons from now~


  1. Mary, once again you outdid yourself! Such beautiful scenery and collages! LOVED seeing the Red-tailed Hawk too!

  2. love all the autumn colors, grasses, berries and blooms. handsome pups with your husband. :)

  3. Beautiful photos Mary. I love how you find the smallest thing with your lens and make it beautiful-grass, a flower, a seed head. The colours are gorgeous too. Blessings, Pam

  4. I think you summed your post and pictures up beautifully Mary - "So many wonderful colours and textures in nature's paint box". Your collages are as usual perfecly chosen for colour and texture.

    The Red-tailed Hawk is indeed gorgeous and a great photo opportunity you didn't waste.

    Not so sure about the lady helping you to birdwatch. I think she may well have got a few choice words from me if I had been searching diligently through the gulls or just focusing in on a suitable subject.

    Enjoy the week ahead - Sunday evening here.

  5. The colours of autumn in Montana were beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the red tailed hawk, sitting and in flight.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Mary.

  6. Thank you for sharing these wonderful views with us!
    I don't know how it is possible to take so many gorgeous photos... in one day! We lesser mortals would create dozens of posts with these pictures, and they would still be excellent.

  7. The birds in flight are amazing! And you always take such clear and focused photos! Love seeing your beautiful dogs, too! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  8. Outstanding photography Mary!
    You make me want to pack my bags and head for Montana!
    The fauna and flora are wonderful, and seeing the berries so plentiful I feel happy most birds will find something to eat.
    Thank you for sharing you Montana interlude with us.

  9. Hello Mary, beautiful images.. The colors, berries, hawks and your dogs are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing more of your trip! Have a great week ahead!

  10. Mary, these are stunning photos. The hawk is so majestic, and the chipmunk working away at the pine cone is sweet. You sound like you had a wonderful trip - thanks for sharing it with us. Have a great week.

  11. so very beautiful Mary. I particularly like the wildflowers and the vistas. Hard to believe that winter snow is coming to you very soon. Until then enjoy these fall days. Always a joy to visit you Mary. take care.

  12. Wonderful post Mary - I also now an wondering if he made it to the hospital. Have an adventurous drive back home with photo taking. I agree the Hawk is a gorgeous bird. I can imagine that all these little creatures eat plenty to hold them over until the Spring arrives or they hoard food in their little homes.

  13. Your posts make me want more when there is already so much...the hawks and the tree trunks were just stunning...

  14. Stunning - I love the photos of the hawk taking off and the magpie flying - that is my goal whenever I see birds - catch them in flight - sometimes I do - sometimes it is just a blur and sometimes a nice empty screen. Love the white trees - oh everything is just wonderful. I've also had people run at seagulls or snow geese - thinking it is funny - or allow children to hurl stones at birds. It is sad that they view nature in that way. I really am enjoying your photos.

  15. HI Mary yet again a wonderful full post with gorgeous collages. I love your 2 dogs. They are very handsome

  16. It's great to see the colours of nature at this time of year. Great post.

  17. A fabulous post! I love the beautiful hawk and the cute squirrel.

  18. Amazingly beautiful scenery and nature shots! And that red tailed hawk was incredible. All your photos are just so gorgeous! I do wonder too about the poor man, but you can't trust such things...perhaps it wasn't true. If it was, I hope he has God's help.

  19. Great photo collection and a wonderful area.

  20. So where do I begin. We share in our love of natures beauty and you so aptly capture even the essence of a season that glows with color. I love the intricacies of the different seed heads that you have shared and then the lives you have captured. The Red Tail ... what an amazing wing span. It gives me goosebumps to look at that picture. Like you, my heart goes out to the man on the bike and I share your concern about his dog ... though I think you would find that a staff in a hospital would find some way to care for the dog (nurses usually have big hearts and are very resourceful). And, I can't end without commenting on the absolutely gorgeous pictures you have taken of your husband and your beautiful dogs ... Those need to be hanging on your your wall somewhere. What a handsome family you have! Your posts always touch my heart ... You are simply amazing ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  21. Great photos - the autumn colors are very beautiful and the mountain and forest scenery lovely. I especially like the photo of the magpie with its wings spread in flight.

  22. Hi Mary! Let me just say WOW...such stunning photos and mosaics! You have a beautiful blog and I am in awe of these shots you have captured. I think I read that you live in KY...before coming to NC, we lived in Mt. Sterling, about 30 minutes from Lexington... such a beautiful state!
    Thank you for visiting me at My Favorite Things :) Blessings!

  23. Mary Said : " So many wonderful colours and textures in nature's paint box~"

    but you capture them so beautifully and oh that lovely hawk, and the shots with the dog, and the collages below the always take my breath away a wee bit :)

  24. Extraordinary!! Each mosaic...but the female red-tailed hawk and the one where she was taking flight is just purely awesome.

  25. I love to see the autumn trees, the Hawks and your lovely doggies, great photos Mary.

  26. Oh Mary, you can't imagine how wonderful your photos of 'nature's paintbox' made me feel today! I've been sick with laryngitis and a nasty head cold. Today, after 5 days of being offline, I am treated to these beautiful images of autumn in Montana, and your loop home. How very pretty the colours, shapes, and textures of the landscape, the soaring peace of the hawk in flight, and your gorgeous dogs. Thank you for your observations - spectacular visions for my teary and tired eyes.

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend.


  27. Hi Mary! You've packed so much beauty and color into one post! It must have been a wonderful trip. I have to agree with the lady who made the gulls fly--love that animation.


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