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Friday, August 29, 2014

Simply Coopie~

I cannot believe, I am finally sharing the season of the Coopers Hawks from 2 acres away.  They had a lost brood, we are thinking and the Crows, and the Red-Shouldered Hawks pestered them relentlessly!
 The Blue Jays did their best to mess with them and yet, in the end, along with many Spring and early Summer storms, the hawks prevailed!
 Their nest held steady and they had 2 beautiful chicks that are now making their presence known.

I am thinking that I will have 2 shares this week and 2 shares next week and hopefully shall finally have caught up with the  that images that I desire to catch you all up with...a huge undertaking, that makes me very happy
This blog, the images, are my pride and joy to share.
I take the photographs, place them in Picasa folders and then when I have free time, usually after dinner in the evenings, I begin the long process.
I edit each and every photo, over 72,000 have been edited so far.
Then I decide which images to have to see the finished photo before you can delete it and I can delete over 10,000 images in a day...ha I did it once and it took forever to empty my recycle bin!
Then I decide on which images to place into the mosaics and I am very colour sensitive, and have to use like minded colours on the same post...however bad that sounds, it almost always looks nice together...right ;)
Then it is which if any images go solo.  
With so many edited images that I like, it is very difficult to choose just one, and so I love thus use of mosaics.
All of this being stated, I have way too many drafts in the cache and I am going to need to publish 2 posts into my favorite memes this week.
I may have to do this for a couple of weeks, as I will want to share my vacation journey for the end of September.

And here we are number two of two posts for this published set.
Trying so hard to get caught up with all of the drafts I have loaded and ready to go.
Thank you so much for your kindness always~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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The nest was really high up in the tree, as well as a bit out on a limb. 
 I took most of these images from my neighbors deck, 2 acres away from where I live
This egg was really close to the nest, not sure if it belonged to the Coopers Hawks~

As the canopy of green began to swiftly overtake my view, I got a few close-ups...always saw that tail sticking up, letting me know one of the adults was present, and I was able to get some pretty nice images of the birds too...
I really cannot believe I got them as well as I did, it was really far away~

I shall not go into my personal humiliation in falling over myself, when I stood beneath the nest tree and got a few snaps of the fast growing chicks...giggles made ;)

Even with using my always attached 70/300 lens, one really cannot appreciate how fortunate I feel to have gotten these shots of the adult birds.  
From where I stood on the deck, it was using my limits on the camera~

The mosaic below had to have a whole lot if edit work, but I wanted to share it.  
The adults pretty much had me under a slight fear, always swooping me.  
This one got really close one day and that is when I...well slid down a hill, that I had no intention of going down, otherwise~  

Those 2 chicks were way too adorable~

Then one day, going on 2 weeks ago, guess what appeared above my own deck and yard...
One of the wonderful young ones.  
It was intrigued by the sound of the shutter and kept coming in closer~

Mosaic Monday


  1. Simply brilliant Mary. You showed tremendous restraint and respect in keeping your distance from the hawks when many of us might have stepped just that bit too close.That young one really rewarded you with those later photos, and what a beauty it is. Let's hope both chicks are doing well by surviving the harsh world out there.

    Happy Weekend.

  2. I cannot believe how you managed to capture these spectacular photos of the Cooper's Hawk, without scaring them away or losing your balance while attempting to get the best viewpoint, but you did!! I especially love the pics of the chicks; they are darling. Then again, your visitor is very dramatic and serious, almost looking like he demands your attention, which of course, you wholeheartedly give! Thanks for sharing, Mary, and have a wonderful weekend!


  3. You work very hard to make your mosaics, Mary! I really like your photos of the cooper's hawks. I haven't seen any this year so I am extremely jealous!

  4. Mary, great post on the Coopers Hawk.. It must have been awesome watching the nest. Very cool one came visiting you in your yard.. Wonderful photos and mosaics! Happy weekend!

  5. Really nice job on your mosaics. I cannot begin to imagine how much time you must put into them! Great photos, and great work!!

  6. I love the shot when the bird begin to fly with his long legs !! Super shot Mary !!

  7. Oh being swooped! I would have fallen down too! I love how in the end the young one came to visit, though...some amazing shots of him! :)

  8. What an amazing visit you had. Almost as if he wanted to check out who had been visiting his neck of the woods. Such beautiful work. And I'm wondering if you use a mac with all your photography work. I can't imagine deleting 10,000 images in one sitting!

  9. I cannot imagine being swooped by a hawk, it's bad enough to have a robin diving at your head! Excellent shots of the adults and babies.
    Mary, may I ask you to link back to MM as you do for Wild Bird Wednesday please? The URL for MM is there but visitors cannot click on to it to be taken to the party. Thanks.
    Thank you for linking another awesome group of mosaics to MM.

  10. amazing photos of the coopers hawk

  11. Mosaics are such an effective way of sharing your amazing photos! Love these my friend! Hugs!

  12. Mary this is just wonderful...I know how hard it can be to get good sots in nature but these are remarkable even testing the limits of your camera....and what a beautiful young hawk. We have these birds visiting...not sure where they are nesting.

  13. What a fantastic record you are making of these beautiful birds. I really enjoyed this post.

  14. Brilliant images Mary, thanks for showing them.

  15. Stunning!!!! I especially like the images/collages of those you captured with wide opened wings. And the hawk perched on the branch fork of the tree.

  16. The poor Cooper's Hawks getting aggravated by the other birds! They are truly beautiful, and their nest very high! You got some amazing shots of both the adults and the chicks! Wonderful!

  17. I see them! What a thrill that must have been Mary. In Oxfordshire I was watching the red-tailed kites (a type of hawk) fledge some young. I love the way they whistle at each other.

  18. Oh Mary, what a privilege to have these magnificent birds on your doorstep.
    The young bird looks very interested in what you are doing.
    You are a dedicated recorder of the day to day lives of the birds in your area - we are so lucky that you share your incredible photos with us on Mosaic Monday.- thank you Mary.


  19. Nice! I'm surprised you didn't get dive bombed. The chicks look very inquisitive.

  20. hidden like that makes a photogtapher very sorry.

    Still, you got some good shots. :)


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