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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Birds and Flowers on Tingsgrove and the Anchorage Trail~

So far behind and trying to catch up.
Some of these were taken in late April and early May.
The White-breasted Nuthatch was taken on the Anchorage Trail.

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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The Eastern Wood-Pewee, Least Flycatcher and Thrush were all taken across the lane~

Eastern Wood-Pewee~

Least Flycatcher~

I think this is a Hermit Thrush~

A few Blue Buntings were at the Anchorage Park, near where I photographed the Baltimore Orioles for last weeks share~

At least 2 Great Blue Herons in Anchorage Park~

A few Canada Geese were as well~

A few Red-eared Sliders~

A female Red-winged Blackbird is busy making one trip after the other to collect insects for her growing young ones~

As I was leaving the Anchorage Trail, a male Wood Duck bid me a fond farewell.  
OK maybe not!
 He was watching over the nest box as the female took care of the young ones~

I was passing the lake for the last time on my morning walk, when a Black-crowned Heron came into my view.  
I needed to get home, but not before I got a few photos of this beauty~
~Happy Sunday, Happy Week to ya~


  1. love the wood duck and the reflection shots! would love to see a black-crowned as i've only seen the yellow-crowned. :)

  2. Mary, your bird photos and mosaics are always amazing.. The flowers are lovely.. It is a treat to visit your blog and see your photos.. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. That duck looks so funny up in a tree! He's a good father! Love your photos this week and your mosaics! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Can these adorable creatures truly be real, these Canada Geese of my birth country?! Such sweetness in their peaceful eyes, I cannot get over them! Of course, all the birds are lovely, but I guess it's that Canadian connection!;))

    Your water shots are cool and refreshing and crystal clear, and I can sense the calmness of the water, still and serene.

    Flowers are my weakness, as you know, and you've captured my heart with your lens, once again, as I continue to stare at their prettiness and purity.

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us.


  5. Beautiful shots, Mary. The Wood Duck and the last Heron were great photos. I love to watch the heron swoop down on our ponds, or sit still, on a log as he watches for fish. Nothing like it on a still and hot afternoon!

  6. With all the Canada geese we have, I've never seen a gosling as close as your photo - such a sweet little fluffy baby.
    Beautiful birds and blooms as usual.

  7. Splendid collection of shots! You captured some stunning reflections.

  8. Hello Mary
    It's such a treat to visit your blog and see the birds you've photographed.
    The little ones are so sweet sitting among the bare branches.
    The great blue herons are so elegant.
    Wishing you a happy week watching the birdies!

  9. Such a wonderful collection of photos - I think the duck is so spectacular with those wonderful markings on his face and neck - what a handsome chap he is! And of course a huge aaaaah for the little goslings. Thank you for such an enjoyable journey again - you've brightened up Monday morning for me!

  10. I've never seen a wood duck in a tree before. Very cool all of this post!

  11. Splendid collection of "fabulous" photo and collages. This is my one day this week for blogging and commenting: so glad I stopped in. (Although I might post a fence on Thursday).

  12. Oh my gosh! This is a beautiful collection. Love the goslings and that adorable little white-breasted nuthatch. You caught a good angle with the photos of the pelicans in flight. I really enjoyed perusing your photos today. Thank you for sharing.

  13. There you are dear lady! I apologize for being so absent, but life takes twists and turns and not much can be done except attempt to steer through it. ;)

    Your photographs_all_ are as always.... wonderful.
    Sure hope this finds you well and in fine spirit!

  14. Great series, that's a wonderful colored nuthatch.

  15. Lovely flowers and wonderful birds. I always enjoy your posts.

  16. I think the white breasted nuthatch is a favorite of mine. We have a family of them living in our tree and they are regular visiters to my feeders. They are so beautiful and comical at the same time. We also have Pewees and Phoebes ... talk about confusing. They are very hard to tell apart when you see them from a distance, but their song gives them away. You have so many birds to see ... I haven't seen one Indigo bunting this year which is unusual. I love you collages giving us different angles of the birds. I can't imagine how much work you put into your posts and into finding the birds to share with us. You are an amazing lady, Mary. I always enjoy my visit to your blog.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  17. Wonderful bird photos! I especially love the Great Blue Heron shots!

    Iowa Voice

  18. So many lovely subjects to photograph on a walk. Beautiful flight shots, beautiful bunting, wood duck and all the reflections!

  19. As usual, you have put a good deal of work into these collages and the birds with wonderful reflections and flower with raindrops are beautiful

  20. Oh My! What a wonderful collection of photos of so many varieties of birds and flowers! They all look fabulous, but my favorite shots are the reflections.

  21. I finally caught up with you too Mary. I think the last time I checked you weren't updated but you are now!
    What a great and varied collection you give, from the nuthatch, through the flycatchers and the beautiful Indigo Buntings and to my favourite, the Red-winged Blackbird. As she flies back and forth, fanning that perfect tail I swear I can hear rhose strident and piercing calls this wonderful bird has.
    You have some splendid mosaics again - those colourful flowers and the lovely Wood Duck - all too much for someone with no artistry.


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