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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Pleasant Morning Visit to Foxhollow Farm~

This entry, all images were taken at Foxhollow Farms, one of my very favorite places to visit and photograph from~

Short and sweet and yet so long ;)
Many of you leave comments for which I am forever grateful.  
Many of those comments speak of the work that goes into each mosaic.
This blog, the images, are my pride and joy to share.
I take the photographs, place them in Picasa folders and then when I have free time, usually after dinner in the evenings, I begin the long process.
I edit each and every photo, over 72,000 have been edited so far.
Then I decide which images to have to see the finished photo before you can delete it and I can delete over 10,000 images in a day...ha I did it once and it took forever to empty my recycle bin!
Then I decide on which images to place into the mosaics and I am very colour sensitive, and have to use like minded colours on the same post...however bad that sounds, it almost always looks nice together...right ;)
Then it is which if any images go solo.  
With so many edited images that I like, it is very difficult to choose just one, and so I love thus use of mosaics.
All of this being stated, I have way too many drafts in the cache and I am going to need to publish 2 posts into my favorite memes this week.
I may have to do this for a couple of weeks, as I will want to share my vacation journey for the end of September.

And here we are number one of two posts for this published set.
Trying so hard to get caught up with all of the drafts I have loaded and ready to go.
Thank you so much for your kindness always~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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European Starlings and an American Crow catch the morning light as they take upon wing~

A new dawn overlooking the fields of Foxhollow Farm~

Goats grazing and catching up with the Great Pyrenees dogs that help shepherd them on their way~

Meadow flowers, European Starlings, and a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk practicing for it's newly found hunting skills~

An Eastern Kingbird catching insects~

American Goldfinches taking in nutrition from meadow flowers like the Chicory shown here ~

Eastern Bluebirds, still working yet another clutch of young ones~

The recently fledged Red-tailed Hawks (there were 2) found available low perching spots to practice hunting~ 

My car that takes me everywhere that I go.  
The very kind people at Foxhollow Farm pretty much all know me by now~

I have tried and tried to get images of the Bobwhites and they were/are heard in these fields, especially the one below, and all I got this particular morning was a single Eastern Meadowlark, but I have not given up on trying~


  1. Your photos are wonderfyl.The red-tailed standing proudly is one of my favorites.Phyllis

  2. Such peaceful and pretty surroundings around Foxhollow Farms, where the goats are grazing quietly amid pretty pastures and flowery fields. The sunlight is soothing and promises a day of nourishment and light. How wonderful to have the chance to capture the goings on of farm animals and their flying visitors!


  3. What a lovely dawn....always love to see haybales in the fields in the summer. Usually don't get to see hawks posing on them, though! Only here! :)

    Your photos are exquisite as usual but I did have to chuckle at the first one which reminded me of that old movie, "The Birds". !! :)

  4. What a pretty place to visit.. The lighting is gorgeous.. Your photos are all awesome, I tried pciking a favorite but I have so many... One is the first shot of the Hawk on the roll of hay.. And I love the beautiful dog! Wonderful mosaics, Mary!

  5. I like the name 'Foxhollow Farm' and assume there were, and may still be many foxes around. Lovely mosaics Mary, thank you for linking to MM.

  6. Your mosaics are amazing telling a the young hawk...we also have one around that I caught with a kill...

  7. What a beautiful place to visit and observe. The hawks are so fierce looking compared to other birds. Early morning is a wonderful time to take photos. I would like to get myself out of bed early one day this fall and hopefully catch some fog.

  8. Beautiful images Mary.
    The dawn light is quite magical in the sheep photos!
    That's a huge hawk on the hay bale.
    You really do spoil us with your stunning photography.

  9. Absolutely stunning shots! What a beautiful place to visit. Love the country scenes, especially in that early morning light. The birds are so beautiful, Mary. Lovely series.

  10. Beautiful photos! It looks so peaceful in the early morning.

  11. Another wonderful post Mary.

    I'd be up at the crack of dawn if that location and all those species were close at hand.

    Best wishes ... FAB.

  12. Stunning series of photos, looks like a wonderful place.

  13. I've enjoyed your photos! The mosaics are stunning.

  14. Beautiful mosaics. I love the hawk on the bale of hay.

  15. Beautiful dawn photos. I love the Red-tailed Hawk too! They're all great!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing more of your wonderful photographs and your very special place. From the golden light of sunrise, the animals, the flowers, fields and, of course, your birds! It's all spectacular!

  17. You have such a great variety of scenery and birds and animals - and all very beautiful! I especially like the young hawks roosting on the hay bale and of course the dogs with the goats. Thanks for your kind wishes on my blog.


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