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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Day Began With a Cattle Crossing Last Spring~

On April 26,  The husby, myself and our 2 Long Coat German Shepherds had stopped for coffee and croissants, and were not sure whether the rain would clear out so that we could take the dogs to the park. 
En route, and traveling up Covered Bridge Road, I spotted a lot of people gathered in the cow pasture at Foxhollow Farm and a couple of police vehicles were coming up behind us. 
I asked Bill to please pull into the driveway so that I could find out what was going on, as I had just missed this crossing over once before, and if at all possible, I did not want to miss this one...
The very kind manager and landowner said that I would be welcome to photograph the event, and even with a falling misty rain, I found it all quite interesting to watch.
The photographs did not exactly load up in order, but you can still get the just of what was going on. 
The cows did not want to lose their babies in the run and the calves that did get lost, were bawling and trying to get to their mom. 
It did not last long and all of them were safely across the highway and by the time the last of the cattle had crossed, the first ones were already enjoying their new green pasture~

 Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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One Sunday morning, I drove a little bit farther out into the countryside, just for a different kind of ride into church. 
I was glad that I did, as there was an immature Bald Eagle soaring over...beautiful as well as perfect timing.  

The Red-tailed Hawk was just a little bit further down the road from where I had seen the Bald Eagle~

Then there was a Turkey Vulture that had just arrived at the scene of a fresh road killed deer~

The area where I drove, had lots of Eastern Cottontails running about...they better be careful with those large Raptors soaring above~

The Opossum is running scared from me. 
I guess the shutter on the camera firing was a little too much for this one~

Not certain which of the few Skink species that are in Kentucky this one is.  
I went to site and could not firmly match it with the images~

This baby cottontail was seen in my father-in-laws back yard. 
It was probably just new from the nest, as it still had a touch of white upon it's forehead~

A few Wild Tom Turkeys made their way across a corn field, strutting their best for the hens~

A young colt running in the field and kicking up his beautiful heels on a Spring morning~

Back in the day, I imagine that Buffalo/Bison roamed these parts in large numbers. 
Now people run Buffalo farms for their meat which is much leaner than beef cattle.
I have only had a Buffalo burger twice and it was quite good, though I am not a big meat eater~

A White-tailed Deer stops to check me over before walking a few paces into a deep green underbrush, where she most probably was hiding a tiny fawn~

This is a domestic rabbit that evidently had escaped from the Henry's Ark Petting Zoo, which has a small police station next door. 
On this particular morning, the rabbit was trying to figure out where to go next and ran out into the parking lot where the cars were parked. 
I thought about calling 911 for help, but decided I best not ;)  
Instead, I urged and coaxed it to head back toward the petting zoo. 
Across the lane was a nest of Red-tailed Hawks, and that was not a good thought for this big guy, or girl~

A new born fawn resting in the wood near our home and next to where the hawk nest was this season~

This barn cat was hunting for it's breakfast~

More Buffalo images that were taken at another farm location as the sun was rising~

Have a wonderful week~


  1. Hi Mary. WOW! Your have every critter in this post. it is utterly amazing. I would not know where to start as all your shots and collages are wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing every single one. have a great weekend.

  2. Yes, Wow, a fine mix of birds, animals and landscapes there Mary. When those cattle crossing happen around here I just hope to be the first car to have to stop and then I can enjoy watching the cattle, the farmhands and often their dogs and all the interactions. Meanwhile other folk in the queue of traffic are geting impatient at having to put their lives on hold for the unimportance of farming!

    I relly enjoyed your collages today and it was great to see real live Opossum. We have nothing like that here.

    As to your question. yes, all of those things. From the car often - almost the best hide there is, walks etc, but the best way is to know birds and their habits and learn to recognise how and when to approach them. A good camera and 400mm lens helps.

    Enjoy your weekend Mary.

  3. Mary, this is just a fantastic critter post. It is just filled with wonderful critters from beginning to end.. I love them all. Awesome photos and mosaics! Thank you so much for linking up to my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  4. love all your critter sightings. the cattle crossing is neat - at least they put up temporary fencing to help.

  5. Awesome photos of all the wonderful critters. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hi Mary,

    You are so attuned to animals and birds and critters that it almost seems like they stop to pose for you, or call out, 'Mary, watch this!', while you snap away, catching them at their finest. These photos are brilliant, each and every one, for their ability to showcase these creatures and their natural 'talents'. Thanks for sharing and hope you're feeling better, my friend!

    Happy weekend,


  7. My goodness there is so much variety. I decided the opossum was my favorite but then we got to the colt kicking up his heels so he was my favorite but next here's a sleeping fawn! And everything in between! Loved it :)

  8. Great series of images. Nice variety.

  9. There's nothing like seeing animals in the wild! Wonderful photos and fun mosaics my friend! I hope you'll always get out and take photos to share. What a difference you make in blogland! Sweet hugs, Diane

  10. Wow, full slate of creatures this week. I enjoyed them all, especially the birds sitting on the buffalo's back as it grazed.

  11. wonderful images as always Mary. Always a delight to visit you. Spring is certainly a wonderful time of year for flowers, animals and birds and us! I have been missing these last couple of weeks because we have been away travelling up in our Pilbara. Nice warm days, cold nights, wonderful walks and wildflowers. I hope you are well.. Have a wonderful week Mary.

  12. Your images are great excellent, the ones that going, were the Opossum, Skink, Turkey Vulture and the Bison, superb.

  13. A great series of photos and so much to comment on here. I loved it all but especially the photos of the cattle crossing the road. That was a common sight when I was growing up in New Zealand many years ago!! I also especially liked your photos of all the soaring birds.

  14. That Red-tailed Hawk is splendid, but so is everything else in this post. I'm overwhelmed!

  15. Hi Mary. Another glorious and diverse mix of wildlife. I hope you are having a good week.

  16. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Loons are gorgeous and I hope someday you will see one. We have many of them here in NH. On the other hand, maybe someday I will see the Red-Shoulder Hawk :) If you visit my blog again, I have several posts of KY and nature, etc. I see many bald eagles here, too. My husbands family came from KY, we LOVE to go there. Went this spring and will go again in the fall.
    Your photos are beautiful. I am not able to comment on the google circle of friends site.

    @ A Place for Pictures and Memories


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