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Friday, July 11, 2014

Some of My Most Favored of All Birds~


Well I had some good Google news, I can now upload my images right from my Picasa photo program once again after many long months and I am very happy about that!
My patience and perseverance have paid off...still have no idea why it did not work and now it suddenly does, but I am very pleased to say the least.
Today I am sharing my favorite birds...
I know, I know you thought it was Cedar Waxwings didn't you...well they follow the Swallows by a short feather ;)
Since I have been ill, I take rides in the car, with my dogs joing me, and put the windows down and that was how I took these images of both Barn and Tree Swallows at Foxhollow Farm last week. 
Never had to get out of the car, or enter the heat of the day, just waited on the birds to show up and that they did.
There would have been a whole lot more photos, but we are still working out the solutions to my scripts and in fact today, we are off of my new one after a month, will be clean from it's side affects for a brief week and back to being a human Guinea Pig again after that. 
I have been told that it is a fine tuning kind of thing to get it right for seizures, so like the Google thing, I have to be patient, but oh my this has been rough.
Have a HAPPY and I will too!
 Enjoy these sweet little buddies of mine, and oh so useful at eating all of those insects. 
Got to love and appreciate Swallows~
Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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Barn Swallows above are the darker, of these two species shared here today. 
From their nest building, to their structure, everything about them is just pretty sweet~



6 1/2 year old Meaka and 1 1/2 year old Silveit adorned with flowers on her special day.
These girls live for going with us anywhere we are, they want to be~


  1. Your photographs are always so beautiful. Swallows are some of my favorite birds, too. When they're soaring, their wingspread is just so beautiful and graceful. Thank you for all of the lovely nature photos. Love your doggies, too.

  2. Mary. Good to hear you've solved your image upload problems and hopefully the medication issues will be resolved sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for sharing all those lovely images of two of the iconic Summer species.

  3. Que encanto!!

    Parabéns pelas lindas fotos.



  4. Wow, you got some stunning action bird shots! And the dogs are beautiful!

  5. Mary, awesome series on the swallows.. They are sweet birds and I love them too. Your dogs are beautiful. Great post, enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Terrific shots as usual of the birds and I do like to see your dogs when you share them.

  7. I so enjoyed your photos tonight! Such quiet beauty. I'm so sorry you haven't been well. I trust they get your medication regulated soon.

  8. I just loved the barn swallow pictures. They are hard to find around here. I do see them flying high up but seldom anywhere where I can get pictures. LOvely post

  9. Hi Mary,

    Such gorgeous photos of your beloved, sweet swallows! They are such adorable little creatures and I like the images of them interacting with one another. Your dogs are fabulously photogenic, as all animals are, I guess, but they exude a caring warmth and I'm sure they love you to bits!

    Hope you are feeling better, my friend. Take care and enjoy these wonderful, shiny, summer days!


  10. Swallows are one of my favourites as well, you do them very well. And the dogs, wow.

  11. HI Glad you computer problem have been resolved and hope you are feeling a bit better. All these shots are superb an I love all the collages. Check out my ' Swallow' fun post today!

  12. Great photos of all the swallows. I especially like the ones with the adults feeding the juveniles. I hope your health problems improve soon!

  13. You are preaching to the converted here Mary. You know how I am a fan of swallows and swifts of all types. Your Tree Swallows so remind me of our House Martins even.though one is a swallow and one a martin.
    So pleased you sorted out Google, it's been a long time coming.

    Stay well and positive.

  14. Wonderful shots all around. Such pretty birds.

  15. Baby swallows are so cute.
    Your dogs are gorgeous.

  16. The sky acrobats! Glad everything worked out with the blogger thing. I have no idea why these things happen. They just do and it takes forever to get them fixed. Happy birding!

  17. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing many swallows...until last weekend while on a short trip. I can understand why they're one of your most favorite birds- they're beautiful! Great photos!

  18. Wonderful shots, Mary! Especially of the chicks being fed!

  19. Love those swallows, Mary! Hope you are feeling better.

  20. love the little guys waiting for Mom...or maybe it is Dad.... either way ... cute....


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