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Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Chance to View a Baltimore Oriole Nest~

Above is an Eastern Kingbird

Another reason to enjoy the walking paths of Anchorage Park in Anchorage, Kentucky.
There is so much open land, so much diversity in nature all year and including migration season, so many visiting species stop by.
The songbird populations is outstanding.
While walking one day a fellow birder clued me into the fact that there was a working Baltimore Orioles nest near the lake at one of the overlook spots.
It was at eye level and only about 15 feet away, sweet ;)
I visited 3 times and was able to watch the adults come in to feed their young, though I never got to see them.  
There were Cedar Waxwings, Gray Catbirds and Red-winged Catbirds, all using the same area.
On one of my visits, I witnessed something quite peculiar that then gave me a smile and a giggle.  
The male Baltimore Oriole had just brought in a meal to the young, and flew away.  
At the same moment a female Red-winged Blackbird came with a mouthful of insects and went down into the Orioles nest to feed the young.  
Boom, in came the male Baltimore Oriole who reprimanded the nice accidental gesture of the Red-winged Blackbird.
I expect she did not do that again, but it was kind of sweet!

 Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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Below some of the Daisies that grow along our fence line~

Theses scenes are in and around my community~

An American Robin choosing grasses to build her nest with~

A Black Capped Chickadee watching the Robin~

A few of my Dianthus~

A wee Carolina Wren has just sent her first clutch of young ones off on their first flight and they were in the thick of brush~

My Clematis Vine~

Sweet Lilacs~

My double bloom Hyacinths~

Morning light giving a glow to the grasses~

My Knock -Out -Roses are still knocking out the blossoms~

A lovely Gray Catbird~

With these next 2 mosaics, I had to give some high definition resolution application for there was good structure in the photos, but a wee bit off~

The walk path has now arrived at the Baltimore Orioles nest site.  
The female is the golden yellow and black, and the male the coral red orange and black~

In between waiting for the Orioles to return to the nest, I watched as a Female Common Whitetail dragonfly rested upon the nearby Honeysuckle vines~

Blueberries and a lovely flower growing close to the ground~

A Blue Jay perched in a dead tree near the water, better be careful...I just saw a Cooper's Hawk, while standing here ;)

Cedar Waxwings up higher in the Orioles nest tree~

A Black and White Warbler...was a first time for me~
The female Red-winged Blackbird that got chased off by the Baltimore Oriole~

An Eastern Cottontail Rabbit and a Gray Squirrel meeting face to face~


  1. lovely blooms. really beautiful. wish we had catbirds here. :)

  2. I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful birds and flowers today. Great photos!

  3. Wonderful post - the Orioles are such great birds to see.

    Sorry about the much delayed reply - I've been in the UK for a month and I let the blog sit on the back burner - normal service will resume soon!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. so much to see in your post. Lovely birds and flowers.

  5. Wow Mary. Your phooto's are so beautiful. The birds, every photo is wonderful, and the flowers are all gorgeous.Have a nice week

  6. These are all so beautiful and then I laughed out loud at the end seeing those two staring each other down :)

  7. Mary, your mosaics are just beautiful. I love all the birds, especially the Orioles.. And the flowers are lovely... Wonderful post, enjoy your new week!

  8. Such beauty you are sharing today, Mary. Your camera must keep very busy! And I love the shade of pink of your knock out roses.

  9. What a beauty, plenty of the birds, and the landscapes, truly beautiful Mary.

  10. beautiful birds and gorgeous flowers Mary. Always a pleasure to visit you. Summer looks so lovely in your corner of the world. I hope your health is improving. Have a wonderful week.

  11. Beautiful shots of the orioles! The daisies are gorgeous!

  12. You've seen some colorful birds this summer! I like that squirrel and rabbit, too! What a funny photo! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  13. Such a varied selection of birds there Mary.The flowers too, I must not forhget those by focusing on just the birds.

    It looks like it is the height of the breeding and blooming season in Kentucky and it's good to hear of "so much diversity in nature all year and including migration season, so many visiting species stop by. The songbird populations is outstanding."

    It's lovely to see the Baltimore Orioles nesting like that, the nest just visible, and I'm hoping that that by now the youngsters are well on the way to adulthood.

    Have a beautiful week.

  14. Dear Mary,

    What can I say that I haven't already said about your amazing photography skills, except, once again, simply breathtaking images, captured with the lens of a very detailed oriented eye, one that searches for the beauty in nature and her surroundings, and thankfully, need not go far to find it!

    How taken I was with that intrinsically kind Red -Winged Blackbird and felt sorry for her after being scolded and scared off by the male Baltimore Oriole daddy! Your mosaics are magic and I especially am enchanted with the third one of your community. How lucky you are to live in such a pretty and serene landscape. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week!


  15. HI Mary You put so much work into your posts is fantastic.. The bird and flowers photogragaphy is marvelous and I love the collages.

  16. The Eastern Kingbird looks very similar to our Pied Flycatcher.

  17. I don't know how you do it ... your pictures are exquisite, your narrative is tantalizing and you do this again and again, week after week. There seems to be no end to what you have to offer all of us .... and believe me we are greatful. A visit to your blog is one of joy (mostly, though sometimes nature can be cruel) and humor, beauty and knowledge. You are the best, Mary ... loved it all.

    Andrea @ from The Sol

  18. beautiful mosaic's each one.

  19. Absolutely stunning photos! Love the variety of birds! Sweet and interesting story about the red-winged blackbird!

  20. Wonderful photos as usual. It's always a joy to visit your blog.

  21. Such a beautiful group of photos. Thanks for sharing the beauty with your talent.

  22. Absolutely gorgeous images of flowers and wildlife. It appears you are surrounded by beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  23. This looks like a nice outing out!!! Sweet birds. We were watching a female Hooded Oriole here building a nest. Pretty incredible how they do it. Thanks for your shares!

  24. Mary, you have such an abundance of beauty here! I chuckled, too, at your story about the well intentioned red-winged blackbird. I bet she didn't know what hit her.

  25. ✿⊱•°
    Passei para conhecer seu blog.
    Estou encantada.
    Nunca vi antes, tantas séries de fotos tão lindas em um único post.

    Bom fim de semana!

  26. Nice pictures - I always like an unexpected find!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: glad you liked the puffins


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