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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Odd Duck and the Goose Fight~

Yes, yes yes ;) ;)

 I am still here, laying low for a couple of weeks, not feeling up to where I need to be health wise.
I have missed blogging, church services since 2 weeks prior to Easter celebration,  and even an engagement party due to just not feeling right!
 The script that I have been taking for my severe Willis Ekbom Disease has backfired!
One must be their own advocate when it comes to health issues and it is so wise to keep a journal as well, so that you can know when the symptoms began.
Looking forward to having a consultation with Neurologist this week.
The photo shares for this post were drafted nearly a month ago.   
It is such a joy to share in your lives and I apologize once again for not being up to sharing the past couple of weeks, but will try and feel better to do better. 
We have extended family on Facebook and they at least have seen a few entries that show I am alive.
The Black Swan and Mute Swan make fine friends at a local petting zoo~

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Upon arriving at the petting zoo entrance was heard a lot of noise across the lane. 
Two Canada Geese were fighting and it lasted too long, was kind of awful, actually~

The females came in trying to break up the terrible encounter. 
 I was so thankful when it was finally over~

We had heavy early Spring rains last month and the field that you see below is really a small pond, which flooded. 
Many gulls and ducks made their way there for a few days visit on their migration journey~

Mr and Mrs Northern Shoveler were there too ;)

Does anyone notice anything odd about the Wood Duck below?
  My friend Dominic Gendron did ;)
Look at those eyes...look at the feather pattern...a female indeed, a male, hmm!!

There was a small flock of beautiful Blue-winged Teals also visiting the flooded pond area~

The sunrise on this particular Sunday morning gave me hope for a new dawn, a new day and I am claiming it...maybe you will as well.
Happy week to you~


  1. the swans are beautiful. the flooded field is a nice landing spot for flocks! the wood duck is indeed an odd one, showing traits of both sexes. i am sorry you have not been feeling well. i hope it gets better soon!

  2. I called by yesterday and then of course as soon as I hit the post comment button Google through a wobbler. So here I am again.

    I had never heard of Willis Ekbom Syndrome until I looked it up and saw it to be a very unpleasant and worrying ailment. I hope things get better for you soon Mary to break this run of bad luck you are getting.

    In the meantime, keep up the outdoor life and photography as much as you can. It's my prescription for a touch of the blues.

  3. Wow - Such a beautiful collection of collages today! The Swans are gorgeous, and that Goose fight must have been something to witness! Nature at its best. The Wood Duck photos are beautiful - and interesting -!!

  4. Love the Black Swan! I've never seen one. Or a Shoveler. I think they're the coolest ducks! Beautiful Wood Ducks! I hope you start feeling better!

  5. I love the swans, especially the black one as we don't have them here. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Take care!

  6. A great series of photos. The black and white swans together are really nice. I wish you all the best with the health problems you are having.

  7. Very beautiful collection, the photo with the swans is great.

  8. Mary, I hope you feel better soon! I love all these photos, great series.. The Wood Duck is a little strange looking.. And I love the Black Swans.. Gorgeous birds and photos.. Have a happy week!

  9. What a lot of wonderfully photographed birds in this post. Love the Black Swan. there is one on the Isle of Wight who is friends with a Mute Swan. Love all the collages.

  10. Hi Mary, you have some beautiful waterfowl, my favourites are the Wood Ducks and that sunsets. They all are fantastic.

  11. As always you have shots that just take my breath after another. I hope that you can feel better soon and get the issues sorted out sorry that you are going through this :(

    I saw your query over at Poppy View about Mosaic Monday: It should be back on June 16. Mary said a few weeks back that she was taking a break to enjoy spring; it was flying by too fast and she was missing it ( something like that! :)

    Take care :)

  12. Hi Mary,

    I've missed your beautiful photography and commentaries, as I've been extra busy trying to catch up with things since my 2 1/2 month absence from the island, and my home.

    The wood ducks are amazingly beautiful and your observation about those striking eyes and gorgeous feather patterns are, indeed, spot on! I can't believe the fire engine red beak on the black swan; incredible! Where was that swan and its beak, to put out the fire of a fight between those ducks and geese! We Canadians have a reputation of being extremely polite, and this Canada Goose's behaviour was shocking!;))

    Happy Wednesday and hope you feel better soon, my friend!


  13. Wow, it must have been a treat to see those birds migrating through, and how they must have enjoyed the flooded pond! I'm so sorry that you haven't been well, and am praying that things will be good again soon. In the meantime, thanks for your beautiful photos.

  14. Awesome set of series and collages. Beautiful sunset also.

  15. "Red-Shouldered Hawk of Tingsgrove and Beyond" has been included in our Sites To See #378. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  16. An amazing collection of superb captures.
    Love it Lots.

  17. Wonderful collages as always Mary. The wood duck pictures are wonderful and of course I wouldn't have noticed the different one had you not pointed it out. A natural occurrence occasionally in all species I expect.

    I hope you feel better soon; you are so right about needing to be your own health advocate.

  18. Hello Mary,
    Vewry wonderful shots you show here.
    The shot with the black and white swans are great!!

    Best regards,

  19. Beautiful photos Mary! From the feathered friends to the sunrise - breath taking. Hope you feel better soon. hugs and blessings, Celia M. (HHL)

  20. Mary, so sad to hear that you haven't been well. I hope your medication sorts itself out soon, and that you will be well again very soon. Life has being heaping itself on me the last week or so, so I have given myself a little break from blogging this week. Maybe I will be back next week. It was a joy to see the black swans in your post - they are native to Western Australia where I live, so we see them often. Swans are so elegant. I hope you have been enjoying the warmth of the first days of summer Mary. Send you hugs from across the oceans.
    You are on Facebook? I must look you up and connect!
    And thank you for stopping by my blog today. I am glad you enjoyed the scenes from my last week.

  21. I have learnt something new today - I looked up Willis Ekbom Syndrome to find out what you have been going through. I hope your medication is sorted out, and your symptom settle down. It sounds like it has taken a toll on you. Take care Mary. hugs x

  22. Those mute swans are gorgeous. Such an elegant bird. I'm sorry to hear you've not been well. Hope you can find a medication that will help instead of cause more problems. Dealing with prescriptions can be so frustrating. Blessings to you.


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