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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Few Nice Birds Observed and Photographed ~

Not too much to say this week. 

Have been busy trying to get healthy and it is slow. 

Please heed the warning...Ticks are BAD!

Last season I had 7 tick bites a combination of Deer and Wood Ticks. 

Between the 2, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and  Lyme Disease can occur, and that is frightening enough. 

This past week I had a Deer Tick bite me and I was not aware of it as it was on back of my knee that recently received 3 gel injections and had been swollen and tight anyway. 

 The tick was engorged and had probably been there for 48 hours. 

I removed it properly on Thursday evening medicated the spot and then by Friday was in the Emergency Room. 

 It had become badly infected, swollen and very hot with flowing was a MESS. 

So now I am on antibiotics and praying that the bulls eye dart like appearance does not make it's showing...or else back to ER we will go. 

Always something, yet keeping a smile and enjoying each day~
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Above is a Common Grackle and below are images of the elusive Brown Thrasher~

Red-winged Blackbirds~

Eastern Towhee...male~

House Finch~

Eastern Meadowlark~

American Robin~

My first introduction to the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher~

Female above and male below Red-winged Blackbird~

I first spotted the Gnatcacher were busy gathering bits of and using some of the webbing to reinforce the making of their own nest. 
 I found them fascinating to observe~

Please make sure that you check yourself and especially children for Ticks. 
Deer Ticks can fit easily on the head of a straight pin~


  1. sorry about the tick bite! good luck!

    love the handsome brown thrashers.

  2. Hello Mary. Dreadfully sorry to hear about the Tick bite ... I do hope the medication does its job.

    Super selection of bird life. I must be in the wrong place as I hardly saw any today but lots of thick green foliage!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your tick bites, Mary. They are so bad and we are now getting the deer ticks in our area along with Lyme Disease. I know 2 men not far from us that may have it. it's very difficult to get diagnosed here. Getting the word out there is so important. I enjoyed your photos today and the past few posts. So many pretty birds to see. Have a great week ahead.

  4. Oh, wow...what beautiful bird photos. ACK! That tick bite looks sore. Please take care of yourself!
    ~Cheryl Ann~

  5. A nice collection of birds and a treat to see a brown thrasher on the ground.
    Our dog had tick of some sort last year that was engorged by the time we discovered it, and since this was new for me, I took him to the vet to have it removed. I read up on them after that and I sincerely hope your bite doesn't develop a bull's eye.

  6. Your Brown Thrasher photos are fabulous! Sorry about the Tick bite. That's no fun at all.

  7. Oh Mary! Ticks are terrible things indeed. We had the same scare last year when my daughter was not told about the ticks where she was etching and apart from getting bitten herself was worried for her student. It was straight to the doctor on her return but the bite still took months to heal. She's in the States and Canada right now.
    I do hope your knee and tick bite heal quickly and you can enjoy your normal life again.

    Some beautiful birds you have brought us, lovely to se them being so happy in the springtime.

  8. A lots of beautiful photos. I like very much your photos of Brown Thrasher, the color of this bird with the blend of green grass and purple flowers is beautiful. I hope you will healing rapidly of this Deer Tick bite.

  9. oh the tick bite sounds terrible! I don't know how you have managed to post for us today. I wish you a speedy recovery and no more visits to the hospital. Hugs and good wishes to you. Take care.

  10. An incredible variety of birds! I had an Eastern Towhee in my yard this spring, fist time I have seen one.

    I was bitten by a tick a few years ago, and I did get Lyme disease. I had to go to an infectious disease doctor for the cure. Many "regular" doctors do not understand the complexity of the disease and don't know how to treat it properly. I was on a long course of potent antibiotics, intravenously, with follow up antibiotics for several months after that. Be aware that you can have Lyme disease even if you did not get the Bulls eye rash!

  11. Oh, Mary....What an awful experience. Deer Ticks are rampant around here, and I have two friends with Lymes. Bud and I walk a lot up on the mountains and have started wearing high white socks pulled up over long pants. Do take it easy and we will all hope for the more infection and no more visits to the ER. Loved all of your shots. They are beautiful. I will have to admit that the robin ones have to be my favorites.

  12. Great photos of all the birds.
    So sorry to hear about the tick bites and the trouble you have been having. Take care and I hope you get well soon.

  13. Thanks for reminding me about the dangers of ticks. I'll be heading up to Maine this summer. We don't have them here in Tucson so it's not something I think about often. Hope you feel better. Love your Brown Thrasher. Such a cool bird!

  14. HI Mary What a wonderful series of collages of these wonderful bird shots. No ticks here but sorry to hear about yours

  15. Great selection of birds you have taken Mary, I love the Brown Thrasher, perfect.

  16. Sorry about your tick problem / awful!

    I've never even heard of a gnat catcher..fascinating : )

  17. Bad luck with the tick bite Mary.We barely get them but it's not unknown. Love the thrasher and of course the Red winged Blackbirds, 2 of my favourite North American birds. Take care now.

  18. The birds are beautiful. and your collages so lovingly and beautifully put together.

    I am so sorry about the tick bite. We used to have ticks in Eastern Washington where we grew up and lived the first few years of our married life. Way before anybody had ever heard of Lyme Disease (at least out here in the west ...but I am talking about 50+ years ago) My then-toddler daughter and I both got bites on one camping trip. Scared me to death as did the hot needle method Bill used to extract them (I was new to camping then; it's a wonder I stuck it out. ).

  19. I thought of you as soon as I saw this local news story

    You can see the young hawks as well as the parents / unfortunately the parents are dive-bombing neighorhood residents!


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