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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Two For the Money... OK Better Yet, No Charge~

~Happy week to everyone and Happy Mosaic Monday and Wild Bird Wednesday~

I am going to attempt posting two blog posts today, as I want to get rid of these last snow images, that just keep popping up.  
Can you believe, we are going to have snow Tuesday and Wednesday...may not be much, but I am so ready for it to stop.
Had fun with my shadow images above~

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared
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Anyone need firewood, I know where you can get some, we really are making a dent, every day that we can~

Something quite special about Mourning Doves~

Never had I witnessed this before.
I was tending to my neighbors grounds, when the Mourning Doves, suddenly went into freeze mode, like little gray statues.  
It appeared a Coopers Hawk was making an entrance.  
The Doves are often taken, but not this day~

First they were happily eating and then they froze~

Gray Squirrel, what are you going to do besides look so cute and build up your dray~

One Sunday a month, or so ago. my daughter Ashleigh took me for a snow ride in 2 rural counties and the barns looked so pretty, had to share them~

And so long, shared these because, just too cute~


  1. the barns are beautiful! such lovely country. i like your cute gray squirrels, too.

  2. Oh my goodness - I LOVE all these! I have always favored old buildings, barns, shacks, etc.

  3. Wow Mary, awesome series of photos and mosaics! The doves are sweet and I love the old barns! Happy Sunday!

  4. The mourning doves and wood pictures are lovely. :)

  5. Great shots of the doves! Nice lighting in those. Love the barns! Very nice!

  6. Amazing about the doves in freeze the barns and all your shots :) As to squirrels, I adore mine...I enjoy them so much! I was out on the porch early morning today with a young one...they come when I call and will get pretty close ( for peanuts, when they aren't scarfing down sunflower seeds at the feeders! :)

  7. Mary you are an incredible photographer!
    These are all a feast for the eyes.
    I love to see squirrels as we don't have them in New Zealand and they are so cute. I have seen them in England on two occasions and they captivated me - I could have watched them for hours on end - so entertaining!
    Those mourning doves - how clever to go into freeze mode like statues - hopefully they all out-foxed the the hawk that time.
    Charming old barns too - it seems you are never short of subject!

  8. I love the squirrels, they're adorable!

  9. I love to hear the mourning doves!! Extraordinary images as what I've come to expect when I visit.

  10. Another superb set of collages Mary. Love the old barns and buildings. We haven't had any snow this past winter so I'll happily share yours.

  11. Hi Mary Brilliant bird shot. I also love the rustic Barns and the critters

  12. Every single mosaic is beautiful -- every single picture in every single mosaic is perfect. You are just a genius at putting them together. I love the birds and critters of course but that you can make art out of those fallen trees is amazing. The red barns are lovely and the abandoned falling down ones are nostalgic and touch my heart.

  13. Hi Mary,

    What beautiful images! The doves are so pretty; Wow, didn't know about this 'freeze' mode, how interesting! Love barns, and the ones you have presented today are so lovely, whether they are pristine and new, like the red one, or withered and worn like the last, they all possess great character at the different stages of their existence.

    Thanks for all the amazing mosaics!

    Wishing you a happy weekend!


  14. barns are so photogenic : ) beautiful art. My deep admiration for your work!


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