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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Easter, Happy Spring and a Coopers Hawk Too~

For those of you that celebrate Easter, I hope that your day shall be filled with joy and all of the beauty that the celebration brings to believers world wide.
Spring has arrived in Kentuckiana and it has begun to blossom with beautiful colours and I am so thrilled along with millions of others who are ready to put this past Winter to bed, once and for all. 
This past week, one day, we had a high of 83' and sunshine the next day a drop down to 33' and an inch of snow.
The wild white Dogwoods as well as the Red are in full bloom in the city and out where we are, getting ready to show their lovely faces ;) any day.
The gentleman who lives across the lane, where happens to be for the second year straight, the Red-Shouldered Hawk nest, was by accident deleivered a basket of fresh and lovely posies, to which he gifted them to me. 
He did ring up the florist and they said their mistake, but he could do whatever he wanted with them and well, yes thank you very much Steve, I enjoyed them! 
Thus the beautiful Carnations, Mums, and Star Gazer Lily showing in this post as well.
Last Monday, I was driving into town to visit with Bill's dad, and the Bradford Pear trees along the lane looked like huge snow balls upon the tree tops that adorned the entire lane to his home.
Oh and the American Crow, he just fit into this post nicely and so there he, or she shall stay to help greet you and bring you into a new and wonderful week~
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  1. a beautiful coopers and lovely blooming trees! happy spring time to you!

  2. Fantastic flight shots of the hawk! Very nice! The flowers are beautiful!

  3. This type of hawk has such beautiful stripes and coloring. Love your pretty Spring blooms, too. Have a blessed weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

  4. Love, love, love those white dogwoods. I love the red ones as well but not quite as much. Your hawks too are so beautiful.
    I hope you are having a positively wonderful Easter.

  5. I almost have no words to describe your wonderful photos and collages. Simply superb! And have a wonderful Easter.

  6. Gorgeous spring blossoms and flowers plus fabulous pics of the Coopers.

    Happy Easter Mary.

  7. Very nice photos Mary. May you and yours have a wonderful easter

  8. Beautiful images, Mary, and the hawk in flight--stunning! Nice of your neighbor to share the florist's mistake with you, and nice of you to share it with us. Have a wonderful Easter!

  9. A beautiful WBW post!
    Awesom photos!

  10. Mary, awesome shots of the hawks! And I love the pretty flowers, wonderful photos. Have a happy week!

  11. Getting a good look at the Cooper's Hawk's tail reminded me of when we had to imp a Red Shoulder juvenile with Cooper's Hawk tail feathers. He really looked unusual when we released him, but he was able to fly and that was the whole idea ... don't know what his parents thought when they saw him though :) Great post as always, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  12. Beautiful shots! Especially love the hawk in flight! Gorgeous!

  13. HI Mary I am glad spring is with you now and the blossoms in this post are fantastic. I also love the pink carnation showing the back of it as the lighting is lovely in it. The Hawk shots are superb.

  14. Gorgeous photos! Some of those tree shots almost look like they're snow covered. What a fantastic floral display in them.

  15. Abundant spring beauty! Fantastic flight shots of the hawk.

  16. Wow Mary. Those are just stunning images of the Cooper's Hawk and as i am a fan of hawks in general I'm guessing you posted those just for me?

    How nice to get a posy of flowers as if by mistake. Methinks Steve does have a soft spot.

    I love the flower ande floral pictures too, even the blossom and the buds. I hope your Easter was a lovely one and at last your weather warms, and so does ours after such a weary winter.

  17. Beautiful images. How did I miss this one.

  18. Beautiful spring post Mary -- you are so gifted at putting together these mosaics. I love this post. Happy Spring!

  19. Happy Easter to you Mary. Your photos are beautiful. Love the Cooper's Hawk and crow ones. The flowers are gorgeous and the pear trees in bloom are wonderful to see. It must be like an archway of white as you drive down the street. Have a lovely week. Pam

  20. great images... so many beautiful blooms. spring has definitely arrived. hope all is well. have a great day~

  21. Wow, Mary, the depth of pink in that dogwood is such a sight to behold! And I enjoyed all the views of such a beautiful pink carnation too!

  22. How wonderful for you to have your Red Shouldered Hawk just across the lane from you!
    So many unbelievable shots of this majestic bird.
    Do you exhibit your collection of photos, there must be galleries all over America crying out for a portfolio such as yours Mary.

  23. Wow, pretty spring blooms and a majestic hawk.

  24. welcome to spring! A delightful mix of images, birds, scenes and beautiful blooms. Have a lovely week Mary.

  25. beautiful images. I love being able to see the underside of the hawk


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