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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wood Duck Strutting~

Well, if you have been following my recent Google problems, you can note that while I have made progress, last evening, I just about threw in the towel. 
 I can now upload my images, but once they arrive on my post, they are tiny thumbnails and I have no strip to re-size them, as I have had in the past.  
Just a little while ago, I decided to see if I could change the sizing from my laptop, rather than the desktop, which stores my photo programming folders... 
It worked, and while an inconvenience, feeling better for now ;) 
This was a second draft, but thought I would go ahead and post an easier selection than the one that will take more time. 
Had to make a visit to my sister and Dad, both home bound this morning and skipped church, as we are having a late Winter storm pass through.  
On my return home and before the weather changed, I made a stop to see if there were any Wood Ducks at a favorite place for them. 
 There were a few pairs and then one single male that just kept strutting his stuff, how gorgeous they all were.
Happy Week to each of you, happy to still be on here...huge deep breath~ 

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared
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  1. Awesome shots of the wood ducks, Mary!! I hope the storm is not too bad, we are having a light snow now.. I hope you father is well. Enjoy your week ahead!

  2. The wood ducks are quite handsome, and apparently the guy strutting his stuff already knows this.

  3. What handsome ducks you have in your area! Love his Lordship strutting his stuff and lower down, with a top-knot as he quacks.
    So sorry about your computer problems Mary.
    A Single click enlarges the pictures, much easier.

  4. Mary! You are having computer problems and still your photo collages (and each individual photo) are as beautiful as they could possibly be. Fabulous photography. I am in awe. Also I am envious because I've never seen a wood duck.

  5. I have always love the Wood Ducks. The males are just gorgeous. I would love to get close enough to get the kind of photos you pictured here. Well done!!

  6. Beautiful images for the Wood Ducks, male and female. Or Carolina Duck, I love them. Brilliant photography Mary.

  7. Good morning Mary. Boy is that Google giving you a really hard time at the moment? I think my computer may have been through the window by now If I'd had youre problems for so long.

    Your photos of the Wood Ducks are just fabulous. They are a beautiful species, as all ducks are if we care to look closer. And it's clear what is on that male's mind too so I guess he knows it's nearly family time again.

    I cut the grass in the garden for the first time this year just this afternoon - no going back now.

    Have a great week despite Mr Google.

  8. Gorgeous shots! Both sexes are beautiful! I have yet to see any Woodies in this area.

  9. oh these wood-ducks are so adorable!
    I hope you get over your computer problems - such a pain when things won't work, or you have to go the long way round.
    Anyways, have a wonderful week. I think spring is on it's way for you, whilst here autumn approaches.

  10. Great photos of those very handsome Wood Ducks - the male strutting his stuff is fantastic! A great series!

  11. Gotta love the brilliance of the male along with the subtle beauty of the female. Nice captures.

  12. When you've got it, you've got it, and these ducks definitely have it: looks, charm and confidence! Strutting their stuff, they ooze a certain strength in themselves, and beam even brighter for it! Gorgeous photos, Mary, thanks so much for sharing the brilliance of these birds!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week and that your computer issues have been sorted!


  13. Wow, our wood ducks would not tolerate the attention. Well done.

  14. Love that strutting duck! Such wonderful pictures.

  15. Wow, what a sight! Hope you're doing good.

  16. Great pictures. I saw a pair of these on my trip - but they were a bit distant. If they are closer I would have taken as many pictures as you did!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: thanks for the comments about the email. Maybe use "Tinsgrove, KY"?

  17. I so wish I could see one of these beauties here. I've read they do show up now and then, but rare. Maybe someday!! [your collages, as always are superb Mary!]

    And as for reading your comment...that is neat you heard of your two half brothers!!!

  18. Great captures of these gorgeous creatures!

  19. Great photography, they look a little our Mandarin Ducks. I am glad for you, Mary, and the pics have come back at least

  20. I wish we could spot some of these beauties in OUR area! Trust me, I so enjoyed your wood duck collages Mary.

  21. such a joy to see these beautiful ducks; you got some wonderful photos Mary

  22. Beautiful birds.....lovely images....thanks for sharing......

    Happy weekend!

  23. Wonderful shots of the wood ducks, Mary. I am looking forward to their return to north of Toronto.


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