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Sunday, March 23, 2014

They Just Make for Such Pretty Pictures~

Still working on getting my Winter images uploaded to Google Blogger. 
What a shame, that I all that I have to say...others have complained to, and we get no answers!
Anyway, these would have been presented a few weeks ago, but trying now to get my Winter  images shared as best I can.  
Spring has arrived, and yes, we have had some sunny days.
The husby and I have labored hard at logging out the 6 very large trees downed by the ice that you see in these now nearly 5 week old images.
It really is a whole big mess, but we remain very thankful that the house was safe and that we are healthy enough to do the work.
Snow returns tomorrow into Wednesday a bit and it really does always make for some pretty pictures.
The White-throated Sparrows and the Dark-eyed Juncos are still visiting, but their numbers to the feeders has begun to thin out.  
I shall look forward to their return in the Autumn.
The final image in this set was taken at sunrise.  
I was driving into town when from pretty far away I spotted a rather large bird in a tree from the distance.  
My plan was was  to take sunrise photos, when suddenly the bird took wing, and flew in my direction...
Sweet ;)  
Happy Monday, Happy Week~

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared
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  1. Good morning Mary! LOVED your mosaics this morning. The one of the pine cones in the snow/ice is a fabulous. Well done! Liked seeing all your birdies too.

  2. adorable little winter birds. they're all so cute.

  3. Nice blog, Mary, just found it..... Love the pine cone images and the White Throated Sparrow

    Regards from England

  4. Amazing images of the birds and ice!! I just filled feeders again as it is so cold here...

  5. Oh my, the icicles on the branches make the bird photos look so nice.

  6. Lovely variety of birds and images. The Goldie is one of my favorites, very sweet shots. Enjoy your week ahead!

  7. More beautiful images caught by your camera. I like the pine cone set. We have a blizzard coming on Wednesday. Hopefully the last for this season!

  8. oh Mary, your images are always so gorgeous and a beautiful start to my week. I love the framing of the twigs and water-drops around those beautiful little birds. It must be sad to see trees come down in the winter in your yard. Take care moving them.
    Happy spring days ahead Mary and have a wonderful week.

  9. Beautiful winter shots! I really like the Juncos. We've only seen them briefly here.

  10. How pretty! The snow and ice make a pretty background for your sweet birds! Happy Monday my friend! Sweet hugs!

  11. They are gorgeous birds. The icicles background makes the shots so awesome.

  12. Such sweet winter visitors you have! Beautiful mosaics!

  13. You always enthrall me with your wonderful birds Mary!
    These ones are all so special - I love the little one in the first shot.
    I'm sure they all think of you as their special friend too!
    Hugs for a happy week!

  14. adorable birds in your mosaics, I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  15. Lovely photos as usual Mary. Are your chickadees singing? It still looks so cold there. Ours are the first birds to start the spring chorus. Hope your week is a lovely, (and warm), one. :)

  16. oh my goodness...I love all your little birds

  17. Beautiful photos and mosaics! Enjoy Spring...

    ~Rainey @ The Project Table~

  18. Beautiful shots. I especially love the pine cones collage. Very rustic.

    Maria @ The Good Life

  19. Beautiful images of tiny lovely birds.

  20. Hi Mary,

    Better late than never and in this case, thank goodness we still get to admire your beautiful photos of these sweet creatures that inhabit your picturesque surroundings! Love the branches wrapped in ice and the delicate birdies perched so daintily on them. The last mosaic with the pastel skies and the birds floating in them makes my own heart soar and my soul sigh.

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  21. Lovely birds and pretty icy branches.

  22. HI Mary Love all the collage with the little birds and I see spring has not come to you yet. it will soon.

  23. Hi Mary, the snow makes for some very beautiful photos but it must be very messy when it is going. The bird flying against the sunrise is very beautiful.

  24. It may be that your pictures are late, but the weather hasn't changed much so they fit perfectly into the scheme of things. Your pictures are always beautiful and like you our Juncos are starting to disappear. Little things like that tell me that Spring may be near ... on the other hand we have migrating birds coming home to still frozen lakes and snow drifts ... It breaks my heart. I am so sorry you lost so many trees and I certainly don't envy your for having to clean them up. It is good that you still can, but it would be nice if you didn't have to. Hope you get everything under control and can find time to enjoy Spring when it comes ... and it will come, right? Thanks again Mary for all that you put into making my day more enjoyable.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  25. It may not always be popular with us or the birds, but it does make a great backdrop for pictures.

    Great post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS; Hope the link thing works better next week. SM

  26. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  27. Hi Mary, and No, this one did not come through to me last Sunday as I would surely have left a message.
    Lovely images of birds in the ever present snow. I especially like the goldfinches and also the juncos and can only admire how your local birds have survived such an awful winter. You and husby too, in having to sort out those fallen trees in the depths of winter and so much snowfall.

    I have your latest post to look at and I'm hoping that Google and Blogger is now sorted for you. All of this makes me reluctant to change anything on my own blog on the principle of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"


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