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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Here is Hoping the Icing Days of Winter Are Past~

Well, maybe I should just whisper these words, less I jinx myself and everyone else.  
I am thinking that with a few more weeks of a few scattered sunny days, we will most assuredly work ourselves into Spring.  
After all we have sprung our clocks forward this morning and that is supposed to happen in yes... Spring, so here is to a few more days and hoping Winter, at least the freezing icy stuff is past...a light snow...OK, but no more ice.  
As you can see though, it did make for some lovely images.  
Hoping everyone enjoys their week and that warmth has come to your home a bit from the bitter cold as well~

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Funny looking, awesome and amazing Pileated Woodpeckers.  
We had 3 out on the grove the other day. 
They must still find enough to eat.  
Our neighbors says they partake of their suet...hmm...I have suet feeders too, but they must not care for my brand, and I thought I got them the best...
Sigh ;)~

Little Downy Woodpeckers are always around the feeders and they have enjoyed my brand of suet ;) and they even say thank you, by coming close enough to give a quick glance my way~

One afternoon, I happened to peek out into the side garden window, and saw a bird all but hugging the ground.  
It was the first time, in all of these many long years, that I ever saw a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker digging for seeds, and whatever else in the same spot for quite a long while, before taking off up into the trees to poke around~

Those highly intelligent, always entertaining American Crows, or causing a ruckus.  
This particular day they were behaving, at least while I observed them.
Now you all be good too!
Take care, always~


  1. i'd like to think our freezing days are over for the season, but this winter, i'm not so certain.

    love the pileateds!

  2. I hope your weather is improving there Mary. Spring should soon be making an appearance in your area I think. We have a lot of snow here still but the days have been sunny all week, although very cold until the last few days. There is a snowstorm warning for Wednesday now. We always have a couple of big storms around St. Patrick's Day then spring slowly moves in. Great bird photos this week. Have a wonderful week. Pamela

  3. Hi Mary. Starlings don't get a good press and hardly a mention from birders on their blogs - guilty!

    Your pictures show us what a very attractive and entertaining bird it really is. Shame - who'd be a Starling!

    "Funny looking, awesome and amazing", Pileated peckers. I prefer the awesome and I so regret never connecting with one in 2 visits to your continent, but I hasten to add, not Kentucky.

    Have a wonderful week, and yes Spring is definitely coming as I had my first warbler and Spring nest today.

  4. Some nice shots. It hasn't snowed here yet in England! Lots of rain though!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. Wonderful post on the Starlings, Woodpeckers and the Crows. My favorite will always be the woodpeckers. Great photos, Mary! Have a happy week!

  6. After our warmish day today these pictures make me feel chilly! It's hard to know if winter is really over down here in the south, but we certainly had a spring day today. We have a pretty woodpecker in our yard to can be so loud it sounds like someone is drilling cement. I think he works on the gutter at times to try and shake out some insects.

  7. Good morning Mary, although it is probably evening there. I think I can see the snow and ice starting to drip in your images - so I am hoping for you that spring is definitely on its way. Although I must say I have been loving your winter images. We are still stuck in a dry summer here - over 80 days without rain now, although it has started to feel a little cooler in the evening, and I have started to pull up the blanket at night. A new friend from Finland the other day said they hadn't had much snow this year. What an odd season it has been.
    We have beautiful blue sunny sky today, so I am wishing sunny blue skys for you too.
    It must be so lovely to have all these birds come to your garden. Like my visits, it is always a pleasure to stop by. Have a lovely week Mary.

  8. Love your Starling and other collages!

  9. It sure has been a cold winter for your part of the country! Wonderful photos my friend! Hugs!

  10. You know, I love starlings. Say what you will, they have the most brilliant feathers and I love their mixed up song. That palliated woodpecker was a wonderful spotting; I have them at the cabin but not here int he city...although I sometimes see them at a near by park. They really can take chunks out of the tree, can't they? Love all the photos of your feathered friends. :)

  11. Oh! Beautiful bird collages as alwayls.. It still looks pretty darn cold to me there. But I'm a weathr wimp.

  12. Hi Mary,

    Spectacular photos of all your recent visitors enjoying their surroundings, albeit, icy and cold. The cluster of all the ice covered branches looks like a massive cage, at times, doesn't it? The photos of the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker perched on the wrought iron swirls would make beautiful Christmas greeting cards! Thanks for sharing all the latest goings on over at Tingsgrove and Beyond!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!


  13. Those starling shots are superb Mary and such sweet woodpeckers. Spring always comes in it's own good time and it will . . . soon.

  14. Winter always seems to be so harsh for our lovely birds...but they seem to thrive and sometimes they act like they enjoy the change of seasons.

    Lovely photos, as always Mary...your collages are treasured by us all in blogland [and I know it must take a lot of time to get them done!]

  15. The birds and the ice are very pretty. It has felt like spring here all week, but we might get a lot of snow during the weekend.

  16. Rather exciting birds in your backyard. Those Starling shots are so beautiful. Lots of great birds there......spring has arrived I know it's just a matter of days for you:) I love your Pileated Woodpecker!

  17. Very nice shots of the pileated!!

  18. There is a real feel of early autumn here today - so that must mean spring is on its way for you!

    The hummers left me speachless - and for much better reasons than the tour guide!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  19. Love the pileated woodpecker! We get them once in a while.
    Happy spring!


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