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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Rare Visitor to Tingsgrove, Stayed all Winter~

Happy almost April to everyone!
I am hoping that this will be the last, or nearly the last of any snow bird images for the season.  
One of the birds that has shown up in my garden for the Winter has only been noted a few times and then they were gone.  
This past Winter we were fortunate to have 2 Fox Sparrows stay around the entire season.  
They are such beautiful birds and I am happy that whatever it was they found and liked, that they decided to stay.  
Every day, I would peek out the windows to see if they were near, and now that the tease of Spring weather is approaching, they have moved on. 
The image just below this summary is our rehab and release of wildlife house that I used for 8 years, from housing Screech Owls for the government to raising 63 Gray Squirrels and 6 Red Fox Squirrels, and many an Opossum.  
It was a snowy morning and the sun was about to rise from behind and the lamp light was shinning from below and these were the colours that I saw. 
I hope that you will enjoy these image shares, as well as your week ahead.  

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared
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We lost yet another tree 2 weeks ago, the one on the far right in the image below, fell really close to our home~

The little country lane that runs our 2 acres leading home~


  1. The photo of the yard and your out building in the early morning light is beautiful. I find that so many birds look alike and to me are classed as sparrows. There are so many varieties of them!! We have had a pair of purple finches here this past week and their song is lovely to hear. We are still blanketed in over 3 feet of snow with another big storm coming tomorrow. I'm taking delight in today's sunshine and above freezing temperature though. Have a wonderful weekend Mary.

  2. Those Fox Sparrows are really pretty. I've never seen one. Your snowy images are gorgeous!

  3. i just love the carolinas. adorable little pips! i've admired the fox sparrows on eileen's blog in maryland. would love to see them in person. :)

  4. I found this one too. I can't believe how much snow you had even up to a few weeks ago although I must admit that driveway looks very picturesque. The Fox Sparrows are just beautiful with the red and browns of their plumage just shouting against the snowy backgrounds.

    Amazing how tiny wrens manage to survive against all the seeming odds. Ours are just as hardy.

    Have a great weekend Mary. I hope all your Google troubles are small ones or better still, non-existant.

  5. Beautiful birds, all of them, just wanted to be fed. Was that a Creeper in there?

  6. Hello Mary ! Wow ! Beautiful photos ! You have a very nice place as I see in your superb photos of you little country lane and your wildlife house ! A lot of you rehab at full time ? Thank you for your comments !! I will share on Wild Bird Wednesday.
    I'm not on the blog for 3 months !...because I work on my new Birds Beauty DVD, you can see preview at

  7. Nice photos of the sparrows! We didn't have any of that species. The wrens are nice, too!

  8. Mary, lovely images from your place. The Fox Sparrow and cute Wren are some of my favorites.. Enjoy your new week!

  9. I've not seen fox sparrows around these parts, but often trying to decide which species is in the backyard, I have my photos out for comparison.
    Your country lane looks pretty lined with snowy trees.

  10. beautiful images and a joy to visit on Monday morning as always. You must surely live in a wonderland! The moon in your first pic looks like it has been wrapped around with twigs! You will be looking forward to the warm spring days ahead. We had our first proper rain here in the months over the weekend. How lovely it was.
    Have a wonderful week Mary.

  11. Hi, great shots today as always.
    I had a hard time finding yoru blog today as your link takes me to GOOGLE+ and I don´t use it.

    I did see your thinking about GOOGLE:s snowing images. Those iamges is created as to show they made a backup on your files. And they are for your knowledge only. I usually delete them as it annoyes me. Maybe you can try to copy them ans save them elsewhere. They are copies of a file of youes.

  12. Oh Mary
    what an incredible environment to live in - especially when you love photography!
    I'm always enthralled - do I say that every time I comment?
    Sorry to repeat myself but your images always make me wish I lived in a part of my country where there is more bird life apart from sparrows, thrush and blackbirds!
    Interesting that you have a little house in the forest for rehabilitation and release of wildlife.
    Does that include the Opossum - I loathe telling you but it is considered a pest in New Zealand.....
    Wishing you a happy week as you're moving into Spring and warmer climes!

  13. Hi Mary What a wonderful post with superb collages of birds amid gorgeous snow.

  14. Beautiful! I love the snow on the branches. Such a pretty winter wonderland.

  15. Great photos of all the little birds. Too bad about another tree coming down - I am wondering if you have to replant sometime or if you have enough without doing that.

  16. Mary, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful environment! Love those Fox Sparrows! They look even more impressive with the snowy backdrop.


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