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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seeing Red~

Seeing red...
When I first began this post, it was to share the beauty of these beautiful birds, the Cardinals.  We have a great abundance of them in Kentucky.  
They are our state bird as well. 
Then something happened to make me really see frustrating still, and I truly have no answers.  
Google help is just not getting to the bottom of this and at times I feel that I am hanging on by a thread.
When I got all of my images ready to upload, not only would they not do so, even the adding one at a time, like I had been doing in recent weeks.  
I had to end up e-mailing them to myself and then opened them into my laptop program and got them to upload from here.  
Now I have not changed any settings on my desktop, and yet, could that be my culprit?  
I have no idea...but it took a lot of time to get this post up and on, so I am grateful, yet I do have a ruddy complexion, and I am thinking it was redder than normal...
Breathe deep, one day, it will all work in good order, I keep telling myself ;)
There is also the issue with my g-mail, in that it says would I like to begin an account...goodness ...I already have one and for 3 months now, I cannot open it and I am not opening a new one, because I want all of my 5 years of comments and messages back on...
Can you imagine why I might be seeing red?  
Frustrating, but back to the Cardinals, are they not just beautiful, enough to make you happy...yes, I am.
I fret on here, hoping someone will see this and know how I might fix it...
All images were taken in past 2 weeks on our property that we fondly call Tingsgrove~

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared
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I added in a few of the Tufted Titmouse below. 
They just seemed to want to join the Cardinals on this post and I think they look like them a little bit. 


  1. I love the seeing the Cardinal in the snow. The red really pops.. Lovely images and mosaics, Mary!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  2. Your mosaics and your photo's are beautiful . The red cardinal is my favorite bird, that color I love.
    So sorry to hear that google and blogger and who else are not very nice to you. I don't think there is much to do about it. Sometimes it just goes away. Have a nice week

  3. i like your spots of red in the snow (and the titmice, too). i don't know how to help you with loading photos or the gmail issue, unfortunately. i load photos from my pc to my blog posts.

  4. What a stunning bird. The colour of the cardinal is beautiful and not a bird that is seen here in the UK. My frustrations with posting reached a climax last year and then I changed to Google Chrome which has made it easier for me. Why I don't know!

  5. The Cardinals are special, lovely photographed.

  6. Mary,

    So sorry about all your Google frustration; it can definitely make you see red, make your blood boil and taint your skin, but those beautiful and radiant cardinals and titmice are so calming to observe, cute and entertaining in their little routines, that soon enough, all is forgotten, while you fly away from the screen, less frazzled and more serene!

    LOVE the shots with the snow, softly floating around them, as they go about their daily duties!

    Thanks so much for filling MY screen with these gentle lovelies.

    Wishing you a happy week!


  7. We've had more cardinals than usual this winter. Nice shots! The males really stand out against the snow!

  8. LOVE the snowy Cardinal photos. I have trouble with Blogger too - not with uploading photos, because I usually hold it to just 1 or 2 photos - but with them saying I'm currently not following any blogs...Helloooooo....I'm following about 50. I can NEVER get my reading list to show up without about 6 tries at it. VERY frustrating.

  9. The Cardinals visit every evening for dinner. Hope you fixed your computer problems.

  10. Wonderful photos of the cardinals and titmice! :)

  11. Awesome photos of the male and female cardinals, as well as the titmouse.
    Sometimes there seems to be glitches with Google that last a day or two and then disappear. Hopefully you'll be back to normal soon and not seeing red.

  12. Beautiful shots of the bird against the snow background.

  13. Your photos are always outstanding! Thank you for sharing them with us, despite the frustration you have with posting them.

  14. The Cardinals are so very photogenic. Really great shots.

  15. I love cardinal pictures ... they are so beautiful and isn't it wonderful that they are common. I mean everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Cardinal, both to look at and to listen to. I am so thrilled that our Cardinals have started to sing which tells me that Spring is in the offing. In truth, Mary, I favor the female Cardinal and her beautiful subtle coloring with just touches of red. What a work of art. I so enjoy your collages and look forward to them every week.

    I too am having problems with Google. I can't upload if I go through AOL, only if I go through Chrome. But also, when I publish my blog most of my pictures are blocked out ... others who come to see my blog can see them, but I can't. I have written several e-mails to them about it and have yet to get a response. I think Google is getting to big and can't control it's functions. Sorry, I wish I could help ... if you have Chrome on your computer, you can probably upload by going to it.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  16. Gorgeous birds! I've only had temporary problems with Chrome and Blogger. They usually disappear as quickly as they appear.

  17. Goodness Mary, you do have a lot of snow of snow on display and fortunately lots of lovely red Cardinals in the snowy scenes. They are such beautiful birds.

    So sorry your Google woes continue and even more sorry that I can not help. I'm sure if I were a few thousand miles closer I'd happily come and help you out where I could. As someone else suggested, it might be worth trying a different browser like Google's own Chrome or perhaps Firefox.

    Best of luck, and try and keep your cool with Blogger, we don't wat to lose you altogether.

  18. Your property looks amazing! And what beautiful birds. I miss seeing cardinals in the snow.
    Have you tried turning everything off and on? Sometimes works for me. I would be very frustrated.
    Lovely pictures!

  19. Cardinals are very pretty....but in winter landscapes, there is something very special about them!!!

  20. Ps....I've had heartaches and headaches with blogger and google also. Uploading images. Sometimes I get an error message that states only video and jpg can be used. And my images are ALL jpg! What I do is open my paintshop program and select all, copy and paste it into a new empty image and save them with a new name...upload them and it works. It's frustrating as all get out.

  21. Those cardinals are so beautiful. I was starting to say that my Googl troubles seem to be behind me when your comment box froze and I had to exit and start the comment all over. You don't think google was listening?

  22. Beautiful photos - just like in a picture book and not quite real to someone living in the sub-tropics! The cardinals make a lovely splash of color. Sorry about your computer/google problems and I hope you can find a solution soon.

  23. I feel so bad for you having all those computer issues and hope you get the help you need. It is so frustrating. The cardinals are so beautiful -- I think of my Kentucky-born mother and how she must have missed them after she moved out west. She talked about them often. I love the one mosaic where he has his head tipped. So sweet.


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