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Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Visits to the Barred Owl Tree and Snow Birds~

 Well if it is there, and it was not too far to go, you would want to go visit the Barred Owl again too ;)
A total of 5 visits and 3 times it was right on it's favorite tree.
While visiting last Monday, out of seemingly nowhere came around the top of the tree a Gray Squirrel and oh my, did it frighten the Barred Owl. 
The Owl turned it's head back and forth so fast, calmed down and went back to sleep.
Sigh ;) 

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The land and the walk to the favored tree of the Barred Owl is really beautiful. 
For now, being Winter, one does not have to be concerned about ticks and so I like to walk off the main path~

A Northern Mockingbird will take up a certain size of territory for the Winter, that has an abundance of desired food sources and pretty much lives off that plot the entire season~

Yikes, I was surprisingly shocked that a Belted Kingfisher came and landed not far from where I was standing. 
I had heard it coming, and froze when it landed ;)

Please forgive me if I ID these wrong, but I am thinking that these are once again the Green-winged Teals~

The sunlight was so bright on the lake that it looked liked tiny gems glisteing on the water~

The husby says he is not walking all that way to see the Barred Owl, he will just enjoy the image shares. 
It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to arrive at the site. 
I decided to take some images from a ways away...can you see it?

The sky was a glorious blue last Monday~

After the Barred Owl saw the Gray Squirrel, it kept looking down, trying to figure out where it had gone...
I knew ;)

It had gone into a lower hole and had picked up a Walnut along the way~

We have had such a long stretch of COLD weather and a nice bit of snow as well. 
The children around here have already used up 7 snow days...
We drove over to Long Run Park one morning and the snow was falling.
There were several groups of Mallard Ducks~

 Oh My Goodness another Belted Kingfisher, this one dashing about and making all kinds of noise...;)

I asked the husby to pull over, when I spotted several Eastern Bluebirds. 
I had just begun to take photographs when along comes a car. 
The person drives right down the lane where I was standing and gets out and says
"It always takes another photographer to ruin a photo shoot." 
Ha ha it was Jim Johnson and his wife...also known as Grampy, who manages the blog: that I had met several evenings before. 
They have since gone back to their home in Western Kentucky, but of all things to meet up once again and truly no one else was in that park and it is large too.
And quite honestly, I got some pretty fair images, before they ever arrived, they had not ruined a thing ;)

I saw these birds flying over from a distance as we were driving home. 
Not sure what they were, but had to use them too.


  1. your wintry trees are beautiful, and the bluebirds add a great spot of color to the landscape. the barreds are so cute. :)

  2. What a handsome owl! Wonderful shots! Love the bluebird on the fence! And that big tree at the end is fantastic!

  3. The little bluebirds look so sweet. And to think some of them will migrate to my neighbourhood in a few months. Beautiful photos as always, Mary. Blessings. Pamela

  4. Wow! What a fabulous set of photos and collages! I would LOVE to see a Barred Owl sometime.

  5. Don't you just love the bluebirds in the snow. Brings spring to my mind as a pair have nested on our front porch for the past four years. Last year they nested twice the second time in a wire spool beside the back porch. The owl shots are wonderful as well as the shot of the tree in the last image.

  6. Oh, I love your shots of the barred owl. Lately, I haven't seen the one that's usually around here. Hmmm. I wonder where it's hiding.

  7. Wow what amazing captures!!! I love the bluebirds on the fence post :)

  8. What beautiful eastern bluebird images --well they are all beautiful!

  9. Such a handsome owl!!! "Now I'm awake. Hi there!!" Have a grand week! Cathy

  10. Mary, what a wonderful collection of birds. I love the Barred owl, kingfisher and all the ducks.. Great sightings. Have a happy week!

  11. Your land of Winter is exciting! Who would have known so much activity was happening in the midst of sleep-I am intrigued with your Barrel Owl, such a treat to see such a magnificent and beautiful bird!

  12. I certainly would go back to that owl tree if it were that close! Wonderful shots of him and your lovely winter landscape ... and the other birds. The Kingfisher is such a favorite of mine ... I see them quite often both here and in Oregon (I guess different species but still Kingfishers) and I can never get a picture. I'm envious of your talent!

  13. Awesome photo Mary. The bluebirds were nice to see, I have seen any in years. Have a wonderful week:)

  14. wow what brilliant images. I would walk that long to see the barred owl. He is splendid! And a very crafty squirrel too.

  15. Mary,

    I am so lucky that I am able to accompany you on your seasonal adventures even though I am on another continent and an entire ocean away. How exciting to have come across the Barred Owl in its natural habitat. I wonder, does it instinctively know to choose trees with bark that camouflage its presence? I find this so extraordinary!

    Indeed, the sun shining on the water does make it appear that the latter is filled with floating treasures, simply stunning! The mosaic of the frozen coastline really caught my eye; what an interesting positioning of images! And lastly, my sweet trees, so strong and silent and tolerant of the snow and cold, patiently waiting for spring to arrive so that their bare branches may be warmed and coloured by fruit and foliage, under a nurturing sun.

    Thank you for today's walk; I am so grateful you decided to go off the main path.


  16. So much beauty here. The owl looks as if he is carved from part of the tree / amazing : )

  17. Wonderful images. I like that owl.

  18. Wow! Your photography is beautiful, especially the photographs of the barred owl which are amazing! The squirrel one is cute too!

  19. Your Barred Owl is a beautiful bird. How nice to be able to see if often. Valerie

  20. That owl is great - love the way its wedged in to the tree.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  21. I'm a great owl fan Mary, so quite naturally I love this posting. Pictures and the story line are as well conceived as usual. Beautiful.
    Peter xx

  22. Beautiful Barred Owl, it fitted in the hollow of the tree, fantastic Mary.

  23. Wonderful shots, that owl is exquisite!

  24. The bluebirds are beautiful, also now I have seen a Mockingbird - I love the book "To Kill a Mockingbird". Beautiful images - and a delight to visit always.
    Hugs from me to you.

  25. Wonderful shots all of them! I love the owl.

  26. Looks like a beautiful day out with snow, owls and lot of great birds. But mostly....what a great to spend the day with the husby:) Those are my favorite birding moments.

  27. The owl shots are my favourites. He looks so comfy in that tree.

  28. Loved seeing the owl. Great bluebird captures, too!

  29. Mary, what a treat to see that owl! Wonderful photos!


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