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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cedar Waxwings Arrive and Autumnal Colours at Home~

Since I spent the past several weeks sharing our journey to the Northwest, I failed to share Autumnal colours on Tingsgrove. 
In this post, I will try and play a bit of catch up.
The above images placed into a mosaic, are of my home here on Tingsgrove.
It is a simple home with a little over 2 acres of wooded acreage.

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared
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A Brown Creeper examines all of the crevices in the trees on the land to look for tiny insects~

Some think that having Hedge Apples under their furniture will keep the spiders at bay, and some states even sell them for that very reason. 
I not believe in that~

Yellow-rumped Warblers move around so quickly, it is often times difficult to keep up with them, but I tried my best to capture a few~

These beautiful Oak and Sycamore trees are just outside the back of our home and I always look forward to their Autumn foliage~

And another Yellow-rumped Warbler~

And another...well they were taken at different times, for all I know it is the same bird~

Red-bellied Woodpeckers are very beautiful, and they are very naughty to our all natural wood home. 
They have caused more damage over the years than anything else, including Gray Squirrels~

We made it home in time to meet up with some of my most favored birds...the Cedar Waxwings came to eat mixed berries upon our land, and I was so pleased too~

A Yellow-shafted Flicker also partakes of the berries.

This tree was photographed at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville~

This mighty Oak tree was at the front entrance to Cave Hill~

Cave Hill Cemetery is not only a well known grave yard, it is also a gorgeous botanical gardens and one of the high spots when you visit the city.
Many of the trees and shrubs are labeled by name. 
The image below is a Smoke Tree.
Some plants that grow here, do not grow anywhere else in the surrounding state area.

The little maintenance shack was all decked out for the holidays~

When I hear the large groups of American Robins arriving for the eating of berries, I know that the Cedar Waxwings are on their way also~

Entrance to one of the 3 local farms that I photographed for this entry, taken in Oldham County on Covered Bridge Road~

Farm entrance 2~

Farm entrance 3 and those colours are the real deal! 
Those are Bradford Pear trees and they will be the last showing of Autumn colours

A foggy sunrise at the Icelandic Horse Farm on Covered Bridge Road in Oldham County~

My big old Sycamore tree looking very pretty with  what remains of the autumn backdrop~

A couple of varieties of the Burning Bushes that grow wild on Tingsgrove. 
The berries are taken even before those of the Honeysuckle vines~

Sunrise pastels over a dairy farm on Covered Bridge Road ~

I took these on an early Sunday foggy morning of a Great Blue Heron rising in flight as it heard the clicking of my camera shutter~

I really liked the form of the image below of a Cedar Waxwing, but the image was slightly blurred. 
Deciding not to delete it , but to get creative with my Picasa editing tools and this was what was accomplished~



  1. What gorgeous photos and mosaics again! I love seeing the birds like robins and cedar waxwings. The autumn colours are spectacular! I always enjoy your posts and the beauty you capture. Blessings, Pam

  2. A superb series of photo of the Autum colors along with th ephotos of the birds you have taken, I see birds I never see in the UK

  3. Oh my - I'm in sensory overload! I'm still trying to absorb all your wonderful photos/collages. I so enjoyed seeing where you live, the fall foliage, the birds, everything! Very beautifully done!

  4. Beautiful pictures of the Waxwings. We haven't had even seen any. They may not come here, which is disappointing.

  5. you got some beautiful foliage color there! and wonderful feathered visitors, too.

  6. A great variety of birds.Wonderful collection of images, Mary! Have a great weekend!

  7. I do love the little bird photos especially the waxwings. So peaceful and cute. I guess nature is the one thing we can count on. cheers Nora.

  8. Gorgeous colors! Love the warbler photos!

  9. Wow! Lots of very creative nature photos for SWF ~ Love the montage ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  10. So many amazing and gorgeous shots.

  11. Very beautiful set of photos for SWF!Have a nice sweekend.

  12. Oh wow, what a spectacular series! You do have a special talent for capturing the beauties of your part of the world!

  13. What beautiful images!
    I missed your trip to tour part of the world, so will have to go back and read about where you've been.

  14. This is one of the most beautiful blogs I have seen! How do you get pictures into a mosaic style? Lovely, indeed. All the pictures are super; animals and nature. I hope you have some of these framed and hanging on your wall...stunners!!

    1. Thank you so much Misty! I have been making the mosaics for years using Picasa which is a free download very safe photo program. I was really happy when a blogging friend told me about a meme called Mosaic Monday and I enjoy sharing these kinds of creations very much. I appreciate your comment~ Mary

  15. What beautiful scenery! I think I'd be in heaven if I had all of this to look at daily. The cedar waxwings --- lucky you!!!!!

  16. These pictures look so different to everything I see each day - it really is a very different part of the world. I hope that I get to see it one day.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  17. Oh Mary, your beautiful images brightened up my day, (actually, it's just past 10pm here). Woodpeckers and robins are so adorable, even though the former is being quite naughty to your house! The fall foliage photos are absolutely spectacular; I don't have words to describe them. I will now take another closer look just before I turn in for the night, hoping that the sheer beauty and tranquility of their presence will act like therapy for a good night's rest.

    You are immensely talented!


  18. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful place you live in. I just love all the pictures.

  19. We have had snow here on at least 4 occasions already and our fall was so late, and muted and downright boring, for the most part, that even though I always love your photos I can say that I love AND appreciate them very much this year for certain! :) AND I have no clue why, but those hedge apples are called Monkey Balls here in Western PA.....never heard them referred to as hedge apples here :) The spiders story yes. I have heard that some people use them for that around here.

  20. Thanks for the beautiful scenery. Fall hasn't been gone that long; its nice to see glimpses of it. Hope you are on to a good week!

  21. The gorgeous colours of autumn are like a distant memory but brought back to savour with your photos Mary. I have yet to capture the pretty colours of a waxwing from the back, awesome captures.

  22. Beautiful shots from nature. Love those birds.

  23. You live in a lovely setting with woodland all around. How beautiful autumn is in your corner of the world. Such wonderful bird photos, too - I love the cedar waxwings. Have a good week, Mary.

  24. Oh I love seeing your photos of all the beautiful birds you encounter day to day Mary.
    I can see how important it is to grow trees and shrubs with berries - so the birds can store them to eat during the cold lean days of winter in those parts.
    I love that beautiful 'Covered Bridge Road' in Oldham - such majestic trees - we are so lucky that our forebears had the vision to plant such trees for future generations to enjoy.
    As always a joy to see your photographs and thank you for sharing with us.

  25. oh my! these autumn colours are gorgeous, amazing, so beautiful - a true gift from you to us today. So different to our autumn here in Australia. Thankyou Mary. Have a wonderful week.


  26. Always so many wonderful things in your posts I never know where to start commenting. So glad you got home on time to witness the migration, especially the cedar waxwings which are one of my all-time favorite birds to see. Beautiful Fall colors. Your place is is Cave Hill of course. Also must add, I think I'd put one of the apple things under my outdoor furniture just in case ....I wouldn't believe it, but what if it did work (I do not like spiders in my lap).

  27. Hi Mary. Afraid I've been out of action but catching up now. So pleased I did to see your magnificent autumn colours with all those beautiful birds, and so close to your home. Those Red-bellied Woodpeckers are just so red that I would for sure allow them to make a few holes in the trees.I never could understand why they aren't called Red-headed Woodpecker?

    Your 2 acres look absolutely marvellous, a wonderful place to see and learn about the natural world.

  28. Magnificent autumn colors and the birds are beautiful too.

  29. beautiful Autumn colours and a wonderful variety of birds too Mary

  30. Wonderful photos! I love the threes and all the beautiful birds!! :)

  31. Hi Great selections of birds in this post. Love the Waxwings and hope they come here this year.


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