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Friday, December 13, 2013

A Perfect Day for Photography, Well Almost~

Sometimes you just have to sit back and SIGHand take in a deep breath...
Casserole ready, oven catches fire!
Watching a movie on Netflix...motherboard on my personal computer crashes.
Purchase new computer, still in box, take to my computer person, he swiches my old stuff to new computer. 
 I bring computer is NOT the ONE I chose.
I am learning with great difficulty how to work this piece of machinery...
First thing is I cannot find how to save my URL, Name and stuff, so I do not have to keep filling in the blanks. 
If anyone could help me, remind me how, I would be most appreciative~

An Eastern Red-tailed Hawk begins this post. 
It was flying over horse country in our county a few weeks ago.
Just after I had stopped to catch some images, I watched as this work horse walked down the hill and then bit at it's pasture mate, before it got a quick contact by either was made.
Ha ha those are not the horses teeth you see at the tail, but the white of the tail showing through...whew ;)

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The beautiful Autumnal colour of a Balsam Fir tree shimmers in the reflection of the pool where a Mute Swan begins it's morning at Cave Hill Cemetery.
Mallard Ducks are thinking I cannot see them...wrong.
I had never seen a Belted Kingfisher along this body of water before, but was happy to see it on this visit~

As the Red-tailed Hawk soared above, it met up with a small flock of European Starlings, but the Hawk was not hunting...not for the moment.
Owners of work horses do not always keep them groomed...this beauty had all kinds of hitch-hikers wound up in her forelock and mane~

Not sure if this is a pony, or a miniature horse, but it sure was adorable!

Canada Geese and assorted ducks had to get in on the water reflections~

After leaving Cave Hill, I drove about 10 miles to Draut Park in St. Matthews and
Yet another Belted Kingfisher making fly byes as I was photographing the Great Blue Heron.
It was a great birding day~


  1. Wow! What a fabulous bunch of photos and collages! Love that you saw a Kingfisher. I don't see one around here very often. Love the horses too.

  2. beautiful watery reflections! love the horses, of course. :)

  3. Another great series of photos Mary. So pretty and a great variety of birds and even horses. I hope you can learn your new computer. That would be so disappointing getting the wrong one. Could you have taken it back? All the best for the Christmas season. Pamela

    1. Thank you Pamela. I live way out from where I purchased the computer and then the man who works on my computer lives even further away. He transferred all of my data onto this new one and for me to have to do it all over again, plus repay would be more of a nightmare than what it would be worth, so as I type this on my new laptop...I must simply get used to it and it is a very nice computer too...just not what I had in mind. Hugs~

  4. Wonderful to see so many belted kingfishers as well as all the other birds.You have captured the sheen on the such so eel as well as the light from below on the hawks. A great day out indeed.
    I had to buy a new computer as well, my apple Macbook Air refused to connect to the internet. I was not best pleased since it was just out of warranty.
    How did you manage to set fire to the oven? I always have a tray under anything I cook in the oven to catch any drips. Hope you did not have to replace the oven as well as the computer.

    1. I appreciate your kind words Arija! My new computer is a HP Notebook, with Windows 8. So far I have searched and typed in every way possible how to set my controls so I do not have to type my whole name, url and email whenever I want to visit a blog and leave a comment. The computer that I had wanted was not this Notebook style, but the exact same price. As for the oven...I have a tray as well. I had preheated the oven...thank goodness I had not walked away. My casserole was ready to go into oven and when I turned to open the door, the coil on the bottom was shooting flames up. I grabbed the salt shaker and the husby and I had to keep using the salt, as the coil would burn a section out and drop off, another part would start up. We had turned the oven off and then it finally stopped. The stove and oven were not damaged, had to get a new coil and after that all is well once again... You have to just give life a good giggle some times and keep moving forward. Hugs my friend~

  5. Gorgeous horses! Really nice shots! Love the Kingfisher, too. And the flight shots! Sorry about the computer issues.

  6. Great set of photos! I love the metallic looking water reflections. But all of these are great.

  7. Oh Mary your mosaics are such beautiful works of art. While I always admire your talent and the beauty of your area, the Kingfisher is my absolute favorite and the photo I most envy! Thank you for everything -- hope you get your oven and computer problems solved. That would be a terrible pain to have to type in all that stuff every time. (I wouldn't even try to comment probably if I were you until I got it fixed.)

  8. Good luck with the new PC Mary. Seems like you don't need too much help as your new post is pretty much seamless and to the usual high standard. Fortunately most technology seems fairly user friendly these days, so keep pluggin away or try online help. Sue got a new phone and it's taken 24 hours to get to grips with it and still stuff to learn.

    The Belted Kingfisher pics are just great with that last ones so unusual and such bad luck when you were concentrating so much on the heron as the kingfisher sailed on by. Anyway you retrieved it with a fine shot of the bird on the pipes.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend - it's Saturday evening here.

    1. Hi Phil. Oh I do hope Sue has her phone down better than I am doing with the new PC... I was on with live tech support at 4:00 the morning and they THOUGHT they has my question answered...WRONG...
      I wanted to say...I upload my images to a blog post sometimes a week in advance of when I shall use it most times. I try to only post one, or maybe 2 a week much work. I upload from my so far dependable desk top...where all of my images are stored on external hard drive...I cheat that way. You all have a happy week~

  9. A beautiful array of wildlife you have photographed.

  10. Ovens, computers, fridges, lawnmowers - really, they all defy me!
    Your photos today are lovely - I especially love the horses.

  11. Hi Mary,

    What a joy today to be able to watch and study all your amazingly photographed images of the wildlife in your beautiful landscape! You had such brilliant light! I love the orange glittering in the water, is that a reflection of the foliage on the lake? I'm partial to ducks, swans, and geese; I guess it has to do with water! But, the Kingfisher today, looks SO bad boy cool, almost gangster-like!;-D

    I hope you get all those things taken care; they do seem to have come to you in a bunch!

    Thanks for the stunning shots and crystal clear close ups!

    Have a lovely week!


    1. Hi Poppy, you may be sleeping by now. There was a lovely Balsam Fir tree across the pond from where the Mute Swan was. The trees lose their fronds in late Autumn, but turn a beautiful bronze before letting go of them, and that was what you saw in the water reflections ;) Have a Happy week~

  12. Gorgeous shots of the birds, especially the hawk in flight. The Mallards are wonderful, all the green heads are beautiful. And I love the horses. Great post, Mary! Have a happy week!

  13. I especially love the mute Swan photos -- just stunning, but all yours are wonderful. I'm sorry about all the troubles, and to have a new computer that is puzzling is so frustrating, I hope you get some help soon. Wish I could help! Have a good week ...

  14. I loved the photo of the swan with the reflection of fall leaves. It was beautiful. Valerie

  15. Beautiful photos, Mary! I'm jealous of your blue skies. ;)

  16. Mary ... how gorgeous! The swans, ducks, heron and the horses -- what is it about girls and horses? I smile every time! You live in such a beautiful place with this all around you. Lucky girl!

  17. I've always believed things happen in threes, hopefully you're on the road to new beginnings. It's hard to learn a new computer, without the lessons at the Apple store, I would have pulled my hair out when I switched to a Mac.
    Kingfishers are an interesting bird, my first sight of one was it diving in our backyard pond for fish.

  18. I sure hope this coming week will be better for you. What a lot to deal with! Love that black and white horse. We watched a good movie, Cowgirls and Angels and it had a horse that looked so much like this one. Happy holidays my friend!

  19. Beautiful, beautiful photos Mary...I just loved seeing each and every one. The kingfisher especially. Kingfishers are always so elusive for me; but now is the best time to see them around the Thames because the branches are bare. I love seeing that vivid streak of blue. :)

  20. Beautiful assortment of images today! (I use LastPass to remember all my passwords and login information-- works very well.)

  21. another lovely post full of colour and settings, love it

  22. Wonderful photos, they're so beautiful.

  23. I really like the Autumn colours in the water behind the Swan. From Findlay

  24. Oh Mary, such gorgeous photos and collages! So many beautiful critters to look at!
    I hope your luck changes this week!

  25. I feel like I have just taken a wonderfully refreshing walk and pondered all of the beauty one can absorb in a short time. What a delight ... then I remembered what kind of day you were having and am hoping all is well ... Could you not take the computer back to where you got it and get the one you want (and know how to use) and, they should be able to transfer your contents from one to the other. I don't think you should have to pay for their mistakes ... just sayin'! Anyway, I hope things work our for you and that you will be able to go out and enjoy more beautiful sites and share them with us.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  26. Great photos and the in-flight hawks are especially beautiful. The texture and color of the water in the photographs is also very beautiful. Good luck with the new computer - I am not looking forward go using a new operating system.

  27. Amazing collages Mary!!!

    I'm not sure if this is what you want to know, but I'm thinking you're talking about auto complete?

    Here's a link for ALL browsers

  28. Hi. This is a delightful post with wonderfully shot birds and animals.


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