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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flathead, Swan River and Lolo...WHAT?

Finally, at last, this and the adjoining post, will be the last two from our journey West last month...and I am happy to move forward and play catch up with other things I have wanted to share. 
In this post, we are at
Flathead National Forest in Montana.
After you view this post, I would very much appreciate your taking a look-see at the final post for this series...titled:

East from Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Home
I wish each of your celebrating the holiday,
a very blessed and safe

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Entrance into Flathead and the husby walking the pup-cubs. 
This was a very quiet place and as the sign above shows, lots of ask me...what of any of them did we get to view...

We then drove to Swan River National Forest and yea...saw 2 Mallard Ducks...not exactly exciting, but something...

And then there was this really nice horse all alone out in it's pasture...
it looked kind of pretty standing there~

The snow covered mountains are always just so stunning to me...
I really love seeing them and wondering what kind of wildlife is right in front of me and I cannot see...
Do you see anything, that I may be missing?  :)

The Northwest is heavily loaded with lots of Western Red-tailed Hawks and this one was really animated, peeking up and over at me, trying to figure out why I was making a clicking noise in its direction...noisy shutter~

We also visited Lolo State Park on this day. 
We actually were making a very large loop to get back to where we had planned to stay and this was one of the many scenic routes in Montana.
Yea, a new bird for my very long wish list.
Hooded Mergansers ~
And a darling little Pine Squirrel.
These little chaps are always quite chatty, but this one was pretty much just watchful of me~

What you see below, could have been a disaster. 
If it had not been for us being ahead of a very fast moving 18 wheeler, these White tailed Deer may have easily been hit. 
It was only a matter of seconds and even we had to brake a bit, to keep from hitting them...and no, they failed to say thank you. 
I guess these images are thank you enough~ 
A few images of a Western Red-tailed Hawk soaring, very high above where we stopped to take a rest~
Salmon Lake

Seeley Lake

The husby decided he wanted to take a few images of me with our two girls. 
Meaka on my right will turn 6 next week and Silveit to my left is 10 months old...both registered Long Coat German Shepherds. 
They traveled beautifully together~

An adult female Turkey with her 2 young ones. 
She was gently coaxing them away from us~


  1. such beautiful color in the terrain at that time of year for you to enjoy. :)

  2. Beautiful photos! What a lovely place to get to hike through. And your German Shepherds are gorgeous! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Mary, lovely post and photos. Great captures of the ducks and hawks! The scenery and mountains are just beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Oh, those snow covered mountains-- just beautiful! And the colors on swan lake-- breathtaking!

  5. Mary, I can't tell you how inspiring your photos are today, and always! Even though I am surrounded by snowy peaked mountains in the winter, I never tire of seeing them in different places across the world, especially when the landscape below is still in autumn mode, the golden grasses giving way to the wind's influence. The image with the horse is dream like, and the squirrel's determination was documented with precision! Both Salmon Lake and Seeley Lake are reflections in ultimate beauty and serenity. And, your husband's spontaneous snaps of you are absolutely lovely; you are in your element!

    Thank you so much for sharing your exciting trip with us; this passenger's seat was the best in the house!


  6. Amazing!!! Mom lives in Billings and we do so enjoy our drive every summer to visit!!! The landscape there is incredible...Wyoming too as we travel to visit family in Colorado!!! You have some very wonderful pictures here!!!

  7. This trip is just breathtaking...that photo of Salmon Lake is almost unreal; it is so beautiful.

    AND your husby was right..wonderful pictures of you and your girls ! :)

  8. I can see why you enjoyed your stay there!

  9. It would be so nice to live in a location with a snowy mountain in the background. Your dogs are awesome and it looks like the young pup may end up bigger than the older dog. Hubby took some nice photos of you to share.

  10. Those are such good photos of you my friend and fantastic photos that you took. I had to go back to the beginning and make sure I saw where they were taken. We hiked here in FL today and met a man on the trail with 2 dogs...that looked just like the photo you took. Amazing coincidence! WOW!

  11. Hi Mary. I love the photos you're showing this week. I've been in love with Montana since I was about 9yrs old and had to do a school report on a state and got Montana. I've visited several times and it always leaves me with the best impression. Can't wait to go visit again. Hope you have an awesome week. :)

  12. Oh Mary this is a wonderful post.
    The second photo of the mallards has such beautiful light - the colour of the grass is quite magical.
    I love the mountains - what an amazing country you live in.
    So nice to see the lovely photos of you and your dogs!

  13. So nice to see photos of you in the post. Your husband had a great idea. Love the reflections in the lake photos and the beautiful light. The mergansers live around here, too. I love their coloring.

  14. Oh Mary, I have so much enjoyed your tour. Congratulations for taking us through it and getting to the end. I must get back to sharing my recent trip - so different to yours. I have taken a couple of weeks break, but will get back to it. I loved your opening view with the road through the trees, and those reflections - so gorgeous! And it was also lovely to see "you".
    Thanks Mary for sharing with us. I have really enjoyed it. Perhaps one day I will travel there.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Awe, thank you Jill and I was just writing a comment on your lovely fun that is~ I appreciate your kind words at all times, very encouraging~

  15. This is a seriously stunning place. You captured the near and far landscapes incredibly well. Good to see you in your post too......

  16. Magnificent scenery and you have had a wonderful trip!

  17. Beautiful photos of the beautiful landscapes.

  18. Stunning scenery! There could be herds of whatever in front of me and I'd not see it due to the exquisite surroundings! Simply breathtaking!

  19. I loved your journey -- much of it , maybe all, places we've been on various trips, but your pictures are like looking at a coffee table travel book of places we've been -- a more beautiful version of the actual trip! Thanks for the memories.

  20. I Mary. What wonderful scenery you have surrounding you. lovely walk throughout the area and great bird fins so wonderfully shot.

  21. Stunning landscapes and beautiful narrative. Surely a trip to remember!


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