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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Post 999 and 1 to Go to Make 1000 Post Entries~

Number 999 post
1 more
to go
1000 post entries~

The entries began with only one image per post and then slowly transformed to have many more.
Then about 2 years ago, I began doing mosaics as well, a nice way to sneak in more images, that I just could not decide on otherwise.
Some of my earlier posts, were deleted, just because, and so I do not know if Google blogger still counts them, or not, but it is kind of fun to see that big number every time a post is published ;)
On Sunday mornings, on my way into church, I stop most often at a local cemetery and drive to the rear and watch the sun come up. 
The sunrise above was taken there 2 weeks ago.

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared ~
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American Black Vultures...
while some would think...not so attractive,
I happen to really like them a lot.
 I love this old barn~

One day not too long ago, I spotted a young American Black Vulture stretching it's wings, practicing all kinds of bends and moves. 
It was a juvie and still had a bit of fluffy down remaining on it's rich dark feathers. 
I quite enjoyed taking these shares~

And then away it flew~

Just a pretty scene to insert here along the scenic route from Oldham into Jefferson County in KY, USA~

The Turkey Vulture above was posturing and making quite a display, and yet a whole crew of American Black Vultures had arrived as well, and they are much more aggressive and so this lone Turkey Vulture had to wait a long time, or may have even given up before it's turn ever came~

These 2 horse just beckoned me to place them on my blog, and so I complied ;)~

Many of you have seen me speak of my favorite drive...
Covered Bridge Road.
Many years ago, a book was written and then a made for TV movie was done as well, about what happened at this beautiful estate that resides on Covered Bridge Road.
It is a tragic story...
One of murder, intrigue and it took a very long time for the crime to be solved.
The book and movie title is "Bitter Blood" 
I know many of the characters in the story from real life, and it still haunts me, when we drive past this lovely home.
Some of my birding images have been taken right here, just beyond the Icelandic Horse Farm~

These American Black Vultures were quite the sight...with wings spread, taking in the warmth of the sun, as well as drying off the bad bacteria that are picked up, as they eat their claim of road kill~


  1. i love vultures, too. their wing spreads are impressive, and when they sit and watch, they're just cool. :)

    love your beautiful horse country and the horses that live there.

    congrats on 999!

  2. What a beautiful sunrise, lovely start to your day! Cool photos of the vultures! Wonderful post, Mary! Enjoy your week ahead!

  3. Wonderful photos and mosaics, Mary. The vulture pictures are really interesting to see. Congrats on almost 1000 posts. I guess next week will be the big one! Have a great first week of fall. Blessings, Pam

  4. Love the first photo, thanks for sharing the beauty of it.
    Wow, 1000 post entries on the horizon, I don't even know how many I have under my belt.

  5. These are wonderful. Love the horses. Congratulations on all the posts.

  6. Fantastic images and collages! The Black Vulture shots are just amazing.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS Mary 999 posts!
    We are so lucky to have you in our blog world to provide us with a peep into the world of birds in particular and the fact that you are such a deft hand with your camera!!!

    These photos today are awesome - the birds and I particularly enjoyed your scenes on the water at Oldham - being a boatie too.

    The old barn is such a lovely reference to the past and makes one think of the hard work done over the years on that farm.

    Wishing you a happy week.

  8. great shots of the vulture and all other creatures. :)

  9. Well, now I am looking forward to #1000 ... do you have anything planned?

    I am a vulture lover, as you may know because I posted a Turkey Vulture story recently. The Turkey Vultures have a greater sense of smell than the Black Vultures so we often see them following the TV around in an effort to find food. The down side of that is that the TV is more timid and the Black Vulture often bullies him off his food. One can only hope there is enough left so both can get their fill. I love your posts. I love that you add in barns and horses and beautiful country. It is such a joy to come visit you. Congratulations on 999 and I look forward to another 999 in years to come.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  10. Nothing like your vultures over here... a fascinating post.

  11. Wow... 1000 posts.... wonder when I will reach there.
    Like those pictures of the vulture.

  12. I've never thought of loving vultures but you've made them look beautiful, Mary. I saw a lot of them in Africa especially when an animal was killed either by mistake or for sacrifice or for food. I too like that barn and your photos of it a lot. And congratulations on your 1000th coming up!

  13. I especially enjoyed your relaxed and informative narrative today Mary. I don't know why many people don't like vultures because i think they are majestic in flight, hardly flapping, just circling seemingly for ever and using their powers of sight and smell to locate the next meal. They are nature's Hoovers performing a unique service in cleaning almost every last piece of detritus from the landscape. A clever way to make a living. Congrats on 999, no doubt you will make the 1000 - I hope so.

  14. Such a variety of beautiful and magical mosaics today!

    Would like to wish you a Happy 1000th in advance! That's QUITE an accomplishment here in blog land!

    Thank you for sharing all your gorgeous photos which are always so inspiring1


  15. Your Vultures, barns, horses and more, they are splendid Mary.

  16. Congrats on almost 1000 posts! I love the horses.

  17. Congrats on your bloggy milestone! Your pictures really tell great stories!

  18. I stopped along the road to take a picture of a black vulture today...all alone up in a tree. I like them. Yours are better (of course). The watery photos of our area are lovely.

  19. A really well done, interesting post! The vultures are awesome!

  20. The old farm is really very beautiful;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  21. Well done on the almost 1000!

    Great birds and I like the barn as well.

    The number of us who actually know what film was (is?) is not great!!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  22. I'm very partial to vultures as well although we don't have any here at all. Great shadow shots Mary.

  23. Wonderful assortment of photos of the vultures. They are really cool characters. Lovely horses too - I see why you had to photograph them.

  24. The line of vultures is very cool. I've never seen that! I especially love the red barns. Barns are a favorite of mine.

  25. thanks so much for your comments on my blog.I am catching up with your blog so will be reading down the page till I get caught up. I love turkey vultures also. The Horses are special to me also. I hope all is going well now.

  26. A wonderful series of shots!
    A beautiful pastel sky!

  27. I love the sunrise photos. I frequently sit in a chair that looks through the window toward the east and watch the sunrise as I read from a favorite book. The Vultures are interesting looking birds and you captured great poses.

  28. Hi, Mary!
    Beautiful collages, and what a beautiful sunrise, lovely start to your day!
    Greetings Irma

  29. Stunning pictures of the vultures and what beautiful horses! :) There is a horse farm close by and I pass it often but signs are posted all along the property "NO PARKING" so we can only appreciate from a distance and not park and take photos or anything ::(

  30. Your photos are breath taking. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week.


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