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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, August 11, 2013

On and Around My Home... Tingsgrove~

Eastern Bluebirds are one of the tickets into Spring all the way through Summer. 
They have as many as 3 and 4 clutches of young ones and by this time of the season, there are Bluebirds galore. 
They visit our property, only to hunt for insects, but that is fine, they are near by.
The Bluebirds shared in this post, live right across the lane from me.
One day, while caring for the neighbors home, while they vacationed, I came upon a young Bluebird hunting for Mosquitos along the rim of the birdbath. 
Awe and the know me, I am not good at naming the flowers that I share, but they add colour and a bit of mystery to my otherwise drab posts, and so here they are. 
If some of you would like to help me with ID's that would be great, yet I cannot promise you that I will remember them, the next time that I share.
Huge Sigh ;)

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared ~

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 My neighbor across the lane said that the red and yellow flowers are called Gardilla blanket flowers.
I am guessing that the flowers between them are some kind of Thistle plant, though, I am not certain...sigh~

Below, a Red Maple leaf seed pod dangles in the afternoon sun~

Above is a male Common Whitetail  Dragonfly. 

Below is my soon to be 90 year old Father-in-law.
  Dr. William Cromer taught at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for 43 years.  Now he is suffering from Dementia, and while that makes us all very sad, he and I share a very close bond and when I care for him, we always have something to talk about with the wildlife. 
His backyard is a haven for birds and Eastern Cottontails.

Tahdah...the pink and white flower above is a Tall Phlox. 
 I only know that, because it is in my garden;)

We have so many American Robins nesting during Spring and Summer, it would be very difficult to know for sure how many there are.
Come  Autumn, the yard will be filled with anxious Robins taking in earthworms and berries to get the Winter months started~

Only one other time, ever since living here for nearly 32 years, have I seen a Great Crested Flycatcher. 
Week before last, as I was coming home from a walk, I heard some chatter high up in a tree, that I did not recognize. 
I took a couple of images when all of a sudden a second bird appeared, and so I am guessing this was a pair. 
Both the last time, that I saw one and this time, the birds remained very high up in the trees. 
They are quite striking and I hope to see them again~


Below a common Pearl Crescent Butterfly is among one of the favored visitors to our yard and wildflowers~

OK... the Butterfly below... I have checked in my book and the closest that I can come to ID on this beauty, may be a Hairstreak...any help accepted and appreciated~

Magnolia Blossoms begin to show in mid to late Spring and dazzle until early to mid Summer, depending on the species~

I had to change the pathway down my little garden when we got the new pup-cub...and this is the way it looks for now~

Every once in a great while we have a Coyote come around and this one was not too far away~ 

Of all of the 63 Gray Squirrels and the 6 Red Fox Squirrels that several years ago I hand raised and released over an 8 year period...the Red Fox Squirrels were by far my favorite...with the exception of an adult,that bit me on the hand the day that she was being released back into the wild.   
That was the thanks she gave me after I cared for her for 6 weeks...they are not very grateful~
Many of you have seen my 2 acres before, but they are always changing.
We have lived in this home, this woods for 32 years the 22 of this month.
This is HOME! 
It takes me 5 hours to mow. 
I use a self-propelled push mower. 
There are so many trees, and I like to keep some of the areas wild and so I prefer this method.
I hope that if you are viewing for the first time, or once again, that you will enjoy the does not always look so pretty. 
This year, we have had plenty of rain and so everything is in lovely shades of green~

Not very often, but once in a great while, I get to see the Brown Thrashers that visit the acreage. 
They are quite secretive, and one must all but freeze and hopefully not be wearing a bright colour the day, they decide to appear. 
I had 2 such days, all within a week and was able to get a few nice captures~

The tall wharf green structure in the woods, is our home. 
A 3 story contemporary home, that my husby designed over 33 years ago. 
 On this land, so full of trees and hills, we could not build a sprawling ranch design, we could only go up, and so that we did~



  1. The Bluebirds and Brown Thrasher are my favorites. And the butterflies and flowers are lovely. Mary, what a beautiful post! Enjoy your week ahead!

  2. beautiful mosaics, I love nature studies

  3. Wow! All very fantastic photography of the beauty of nature ~ thanks, carol, xo

  4. i love the thrashers. don't see them here. but we do get bluebirds and great-crested flycatchers. yes, definitely a graystreak of some variety. very pretty.

  5. You shared so many amazing photos! I love the baby birds and the beautiful foxes. I love the photos you got looking through the white picket fence. What a neat effect! Enjoy the week ahead my friend. I hope you are doing well. It's not easy taking care of others. Sweet hugs!

  6. The Thrashers and Fly Catchers are so pretty - I love that flash of yellow! You must be very patient, as you get such great photos.

  7. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, naughty squirrel!
    You sure would get your exercise pushing a mower for 5 hours but I understand your reason why.
    All the birds and wildlife on your property are always a pleasure to see in your photos. I had to look up a bird I was hearing one day and finally spied up in a tree, it was a brown thrasher.

  8. Your photos are always amazing and I think of how long it must take to prepare them, make the mosaics and load them into a post! But thank you because it enriches our lives to see your photography of such beautiful scenes from nature. How nice your father in law and you have something in common to enjoy togther!

  9. Wonderful bird shots! You are so good with your camera Mary. I always enjoy seeing what at the end of your lens. Have a wonderful week. Pamela

  10. beautiful images - always a delight Mary.
    I grieve for your father-in-law, but I am glad you can find happiness in the bond and love of wildlife that you seem to share. My mother-in-law has dementia too, and I have a special bond with her that wasn't there when I was younger. We talk about the old days - as that is where she is now.
    Blessings, hugs, and have a wonderful week Mary.

  11. Oh yes, the Brown Thrasher is far out. But, all of yours is great.

  12. What a beautiful post and I love your mosaics .

  13. "Bluebirds galore" - now who is jealous? I can't imagine spending five hours with a push mower so it must indeed be a labour of love as is clear from your wonderful pictures. All of the mosaics are as beautiful as ever. I'm even more jealous that you should have a wild coyote in your garden - what a thrilling sighting. Have a great week and go easy on that mowing.

  14. Hi Mary,

    What a beautiful landscape, so full of life's many miracles! Your photos are so incredibly striking! I'm partial to flowers and tend to stare a little longer at those images, but the birds and the butterflies are equally as amazing! The coyote, not so are very brave to be living so close to these creatures. Thanks for sharing all the wonder!


  15. Incredibly beautiful photos and you do the best job of putting them together; your mosaics are works of art.

    Lovely tribute to the special friendship and love you share with your dear father-in-law.

    I had to go back twice to make sure I read correctly that you mow your lawn with a hand mower. I am in absolute awe!

  16. I love your Bluebirds. You have such a wonderful haven for birds and wildlife! Yours shots thru that picket fence are pretty neat! Loved all your photos and collages. You have a good eye for what makes a great photo.

  17. There are so many beautiful things in your photos but the bluebirds are especially beautiful!

  18. As always, a very interesting post, with heaps of fantastic photos!

  19. Your photos really demonstrate how much you love nature. Can't believe we live so close to each other and all that you see that I miss. I need to open my eyes! So glad you have someone with whom to enjoy nature and photography. Makes the caregiving more meaningful, I'm sure.

  20. Beautiful post! I enjoyed everything very much.

  21. Another stunning series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  22. Hi Birds, animals and insects all fantastic So many wonderful photographs.

  23. Your photos are all so gorgeous! Such beautiful butterflies and wild flowers!

  24. Hi Mary. Another amazing roundup of nature on your doorstep.
    The vibrant colours of the Gaillardia's are fabulous .. I have a friend in the UK who has spent many years propagating new varieties. I'm fairly certain the butterfly is a Grey Hairstreak.

  25. I am overwhelmed by all of these beautiful pictures ... I think I am most taken by the twinkle in the eye of your Father-in-law. The rest are wonderful as well. The Butterfly is one I have never seen and as for remembering names ... I don't even try anymore. I just enjoy their natural beauty and hope others will too. Thank you for this beautiful post.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  26. Your place is so beautiful, Mary, and your hard work making it so is obvious.
    Your father-in-law looks like a wonderful man, and is blessed to have you!

  27. Greats set of pictures. I have no experience of dealing with people who have dementia - but it does seem like a gut wrenching experience. Good that the birds can help.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  28. Good to see you got online Mary. Sometimes these computer just like to take charge of our lives but i know before now I have sat trying to log in then remembered that my passowrd is case sensitive - doh.....
    Enjoy the rest of the weel, what's left that is. How time flies.


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