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Friday, August 23, 2013

Farewell to an Old Friend and Hello to a New Friend~

~ Farewell to My Precious Spencer Ivy ~

This is the day, that I have put off for 45 days.

I wanted to give you one more day, I wanted to give us one more day together.

Nearly 17 years ago, I was given 3 tiny kittens, that all fit together in the palm of my hand.

As you grew, I found homes, and when we got to you, I could not let you go.

Our dog Muschka, helped raise you and you would make biscuits on her back, until she passed away 5 years ago.

Every day, other than when we have traveled, you have been my bed pillow buddy.

You would make biscuits in my hair, or in the cradle of my arm, and fall asleep.

Often throughout the night, I would awaken to hear your soft never seemed to cease, even while you slept.

The years, before retirement, I would arrive home and there you were, always so excited to greet me.

You gave kisses, just like a dog might chin, or cheek, would always get a quick swipe from that little tongue of yours.

You snuggled on my lap, when I knitted, watched the tellie, when I worked at the computer, or read a book.

You were always right along side me, no matter what room I may have been in, you had to check in on me, see what I was doing.

Your favorite game was to hide behind the shower curtain, or draperies and then jump out and surprise me...I will miss that.

For sixteen years, you never had to go to the doctor, never even went outside.

You were content to be an inside cat, and one of the best friends I have ever had.

Several weeks ago, something about your behavior suddenly changed.

I had to take you to see the Vet, I just knew you would be afraid, but instead, you purred from within the crate all the way there, and back.

You trusted me completely.

You had developed a heart murmur and also some teeth problems, that the doctor said was causing you some pain.

You had also begun to show your age, by having other issues as well.

We worked together tough, you and I, to make sure that you were comfortable, that you were OK, that I too was OK.

Then today, August 23, 2013, I just knew, and I think that you did as well, that the time had come to say farewell.

I have no words to adequatedly say how very much I am going to miss you my friend.

A small 9 pound cat, that lost 4 1/2 pounds in the past 6 weeks, with the biggest heart imagineable and one that loved me unconditionally, as I have you.

It may not be in scripture, and yet, it has always been a hope of mine...

that one day, once we pass through heaven's gate, that not only will we be reunited with our loved ones, but also our favorites as well.

You my friend...Spencer Ivy, my favorite, have been such a sweet blessing to me and your daddy and we will always love and miss you.

We are forever thankful that you came into our lives~

Several weeks ago, my friend Sandy and I drove down to the little historical town of Westport, along the banks of the Ohio River.
We ate a delicious lunch and then drove to a park along the shoreline. 
I had heard that the area had some good birding and so when I spotted a few Barn Swallows flying near the water's edge, I got know I adore Swallows ;)
Anyway, I pulled into a vacant driveway and we walked down closer to the water, where we got our first glimpse of the Great Blue Heron that I shared in my post last week.
The Barn Swallows seemed to be swooping and diving from the home next to the vacant lot. 
 I edged my way closer and closer and then thought...I just need to find out if it is OK to walk on this property.
We drove to the home and I rang the door bell and that is when we met Vicki Banks. 
What a charming lady she was, and she also loves not only birds, but all wildlife and domestic animals. 
She helps with animal rescues and takes in many strays along the way as well.
As it turned out, our individual lives got busy, I missed 2 clutches of Barn Swallows that were raised right under her deck...ahh, yet there shall be next year though;)
Vicki said that in the Summer months she would have dozens of Hummingbirds come to her upper deck and take in her daily homemade nectar.
Last week, we made plans to meet at her lovely home. 
It was absolutely amazing!
I have never seen that many Hummingbirds all at the same time. 
It was like drawing Honey Bees to sugar, there were so many.

FYI, Mary with Mosiac Monday is off for 2 weeks and so I may share some of this post again when she returns.
This is only Friday evening, but I wanted to go ahead and post this, as we have a very busy week coming up. 
Until then, I hope that those of you who visit will enjoy.
I appreciate each of you so very much~

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared ~

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Since this post was about spending time with my new friend Vicki Banks, and the beautiful Hummingbirds, I decided to add in some rescent images of the Hummingbird Moths that I have seen this season also~

Vicki Bangs
Freaky Frogs at Paradise Point

Vicki has been creating her whimsical critters for about 10 years.

She is  self taught and still learning.

She is blessed to have collectors from as far away as Germany.

When you enter her whimsical Froggy world you'll see a mix of garden
critters, a praying mantis here and there, and a smattering of snakes, but
most of all you'll see frogs.

Big frogs, funny frogs.

The frogs are born at the recycling center and coaxing them out into their distinctive
personalities requires hours of hard work.

After cutting, heating, pounding,
texturing, soldering and a quick acid bath to get that beautiful green
patina stylish frogs are known for, they are ready to go out into the world
on their own.

Her copper characters become more than acquisitions or

They charm their way into their owner’s hearts and become
companions and confidants.

Although they can withstand the elements,
their owners often let them winter inside so they can be enjoyed year

Perhaps Kermit was wrong.

Maybe it is easy being green !!!

Vickie's dog pals are Benzer and Moon Doggie...too cute, they were!

Vicki's Cat Rocky, was quite the character, followed us everywhere that we walked ;)

 My neighbor Mona across the lane from me has her own kind of garden whimsey going on. 
One of my favorites is the old porcelain sink, filled to overflowing with flowers. 



  1. i am so sorry you lost your sweet spencer, but i am glad you had him for so long. :)

    the hummingbirds are wonderful! your new friend must have a wonderful spirit - and an animal lover for sure. :)

  2. Hi Mary. I'm very sorry about the passing of your dear cat. I'm sure you will miss her presence for a while. The photos of the hummingbirds are amazing. There are so many! I wonder what she uses for food. I have never seen more than 2 sitting at the feeder at a once. The hummingbird moth photos are so good and clear. They move so fast don't they. Beautiful photos. Love the metal frogs. Have wonderful weekend. Pam

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your old friend. It sounds like she had a wonderful life as your sweet friend. You did the right thing, it is hard I have had to several times. Thinking of you at this time. take care.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Spencer Ivy. What a beautiful kitty. He looks like our Max who we had for 17 years. Spencer Ivy was lucky to be loved by you.

  5. Sorry about Spencer! No matter how many family pets you have, it's never easy to lose one.

    Glad you made a new friend! I'm jealous of all her hummingbirds. We're lucky to have two show up at the same time. Normally, they take turns coming in one at a time. Those are great shots! It's cool seeing so many at once!

  6. A sad and wonderful post!

    I think we get closer to having a cat every day!


    Stewart M

  7. It's so sad when we lose a beloved pet. I feel your pain. The Hummer photos are amazing - so many of them!

  8. Sand and wonderful all at the same time Mary. Such a shame about your precious pal, you obviously loved each other very much. Out of sadness can come joy and how incredible that you found a new friend who seems to be of the same artistic bent as yourself. Those sculptures are amazing - so whimsical and funny. Loved your pictures today and now I think we'll be seeing many more hummingbirds in your posts - bring them on.

  9. Sorry you lost Spencer,i lost our Cat two years ago.
    We just bought Gibbs a British Short Haired which we love to bits.
    We replaced the sad with new,just like this post.
    Love the Hummingbirds,fantastic little chaps.

  10. Sorry for your great lose,pets are some times more loving than Humans,which makes it harder to say goodbye.
    Lovely tribute,so, this post made me sad and happy all in one day.

  11. I feel for Spencer, I really do Mary.

  12. That is so touching a farewell!! I still miss Boom. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. I'm sorry for the loss of your lovely cat.
    The hummingbirds are so beautiful! Great photos.

  14. A sad but beautiful post, thanks for sharing.

  15. Mary, I am so sorry about Spencer. I know you loved him, a sad day for sure. Your hummingbird shots are wonderful and I love all the metal sculptures. Very cute! Great post!

  16. a lovely tribute, beautiful collages and post - I loved the hummers

  17. I'm so sorry about Spencer. I love the hummingbirds.

  18. Beautiful tribute to your friend and to the love of a pet! I am so sorry, but what lovely memories you have.

    Your mosaics as always are wonderful -- I would love to see that many hummingbirds at once.

  19. Hi Mary Always the loss of an animal is difficult so I am sorry about your loss of Spencer.
    All the Hummingbird shots are fantastic.

  20. What a loving tribute to Spencer Ivy. He had a wonderful life with you for seventeen years.
    I love your friend's whimsical frogs!

  21. Awwwwww, to have a fur baby leave us behind is always a tragic day for us. My heart goes out to you. I had a Siamese that graced our lives for 25 years and I was with her when her heart gave out. But, oh the wonderful, loving memories.

    Your new friend sounds awesome to me. And such creative art work, and loving pets. Of course I favor "Rocky" the cat.

    Great photos, beautiful day you shared.

    RIP Spencer


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