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Sunday, August 18, 2013

As Seen From Along a Stream and the River~

Here is in hoping that you shall not tire of my visits to this pond/stream in the bigger city;)
I may have already shared with you, that the pond that I usually take lots of Dragonfly and Damselfly images at, was mowed to the ground and the only thing that remained was pond water and fish. 
We have to travel further to get to the pond and stream I am sharing in this post, but I also came upon a whole family of 3 Green Herons there, and to my friend Phil Slade...a huge sigh...this is were I saw the Kingfisher and missed the shot...I will not give up though!
The husby and I have returned to this place twice now, and have not seen that beautiful Kingfisher again, but here is for hoping!
Next time, many more Dragonfly and Damsefly shares, along with to love those birds!

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared ~

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Last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a new friend who lives along the Ohio River. 
Vicki Bangs is a very talented woman, and I will be sharing more on that my next post. 
One of the creatures that frequents her big back yard is this Great Blue Heron. 
These images were taken at a greater distance than my 70/300 lens was comfortable with, yet I still liked the artsy look of these and thought that I would share them as well this post~

And one Green Frog ;) closes my post.
Happy wWek, Happy Blessings, and Always Stay Safe~



  1. i love green herons. really nice amber-colored wings on that dragon! wow! sweet frog made me smile.

  2. The Green heron shots are wonderful, one of my favorite herons. And I love the dragonfly shots, beautiful. Wonderful post, Mary!

  3. Quite a few folks have been getting Green Heron shots lately. These are fantastic! They're one of my favorites. Great dragonfly photos, too!

  4. Your nature photos are the best and you really know how to put together dramatic mosaics! I'm always in awe! Love your green herons today! Hugs!

  5. Awesome shots, love the golden wings on the dragonfly.

  6. Your damsel/dragon fly photos are really stunning. They look like jewels. Beautiful place to take photos.

  7. No I don't tire of your posts at all! They make me wish for more time and a life in the country.
    Thanks Mary. Have a wonderful week.

  8. Your captures are beautiful as usual. Have a great week. Valerie

  9. So jealous! lol. I would love to see a Green Heron someday. Your photos and collages are amazing as always.

  10. Another delicious series of wildlife images Mary. Stay well and have a good week.

  11. Nobody could ever tire of your beautiful pond pictures.....those dragon flies are like golden gossamer!

    Don't think I've ever seen a picture of a green heron with its beak open like that one picture. Wonderful.. I can almost hear it!

    Every photo and every collage is perfect. Loved it all.

  12. Bad luck with the kingfisher Mary,I hope you get close to one soon. Of course your Green Heron pics more than make up for a kingfisher. Your dragonfly pictures quite brilliant too.

  13. Love the insects, and of course the frog!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  14. Those green herons are so elusive and so pretty!!

  15. Great series and an interesting variety of creatures.

  16. Brilliant photos of Dragonflies and Herons, superb.

  17. I can tell you get such joy from your nature photography, Mary. That's wonderful--and to think all this wonder is right around us here in the Ohio Valley! Especially admire the photos of the dragonflies on green flat leaves.

  18. Amazing. That is all I can say. Did not know there was a Damselfly. Always happy to learn. Don't see many herons around here either. Did see one a few years back when our daughter's property had a huge lake.
    Happy shooting Mary.

  19. Hi Mary,

    What a delightful photo essay! The leaf images are what struck me first, I had to look closely, as the textures are truly magical. Then, when the dragonfly came appeared, its wings almost translucent, I had to stop and study your details! I have never seen a dragonfly in action from such a distance!! Gorgeous images, Mary, thanks for making me smile!


  20. Incredible captures. The dragon fly is so unique with its bright color.

  21. Wonderful shots! I love the dragonfly.

  22. Hello Mary,
    Wonderful shots!!
    Great with the dragonflies and the special hungry herons. Well done!!

    Many greetings,

  23. What a nice, colorful series!
    I love how the herons can be so patient.
    The dragonflies are beautiful! I've been challenged trying to identify our local varieties.

    Thank you for sharing your world!

  24. Wonderful set of images of birds an dragonfly.

  25. Fabulous shots of nature, and I love that orange dragonfly!

  26. Beautiful images from the wetlands!


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