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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Recovered from 15,583 Deleted Files~

The cute little Chipmunk above reminded me a little of the old expression, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, or however that went...

I think that I began using Photoshop Elements, and, or Picasa in 2005 ish...
A few weeks ago, I began to delete more items. 
I can usually do 10,000 easy. 
The other day, we had storms and the husby was away for the day. 
What then should I do with my time...delete, delete, delete, and by the time my recycle bin was ready to empty, I had deleted 15, 583 more files...whew and yeah!
While viewing every single one that I deleted...goodness grief, I found some that I did not remember using before, and if they were used, they could be again, and maybe no one would be the wiser, hopefully.  
These were my leftovers, that for whatever reason, I happened to like and wanted to share. 
They are at least Spring images and so not too way off from mid-Summer heat. 
So here goes...what are these, I shall explain, and in the meantime... 
Have a great week, be happy and stay safe~

Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared ~
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I have lived in Borowick Farms for 32 years. 
Never in all of this time, have I seen Red-headed Woodpeckers. 
There are some about 9 miles from here, but never in our neighborhood. 
A couple was out walking one day, that live around the large block from us and I had my camera in hand. 
They asked me what I was photographing and I told them birds. 
They said that they had a pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers nesting in a tree in their back yard.  
 I could not walk there fast enough ;)~

Spring above in Cave Hill Cemetery, also known for their Botanical Gardens, and below a different Chipmunk trying to stay frozen, so that I will not notice it...shush, don't say a word ;)~


In the Spring, I see fields of these flowers and pretend that they are fields of Lavender in Provence, or Tuscany, or even Washington state. 
 I do not know what they are, yet they always look so pretty. 
These same fields now have 6' tall Corn stalks growing.
I have asked others before and have been told, they are just weeds...but they must have a name~

An Eastern Bluebird checking out it's territory just before the first clutch of young arrived.  They ended up rearing 3 clutches this season...busy, busy.
They thrive right across the lane from me, but only come across to catch insects and a quick visit~

There are always nests of American Robins, like the newly fledged below, on my 2 acres though. 
Usually the pairs will raise two clutches a season. 
Many of these sadly are taken early on by feral cats and hawks~

I have to smile at the mosaic below, for that little bench is now on the burn pile...huge sigh!
When our neighbor moved in down the corner from us, it was going to be placed in the rubbish and I adopted it and carried it home. 
I placed it out where my wildflowers grow, and I so enjoyed it. 
The weather was not at all kind to it and it fell apart, and now all that remains are these images~

An adult American Robin taking a bath in the birdbath~

Another piece of one person's junk, became a treasure to me below. 
That picnic table is huge and it has served many a picnics over the years, as well as a tray that serves up bird seed and other nibbles for wildlife. 
It has grown a coat of moss now, and we no longer use it, but until it rots apart, it stays where it was hauled off to many moons ago~

Many of you, as well as myself describe lanes that we travel on, when we go out looking for photography opportunities. 
This is one of the country lanes, that I often drive along in search of the big one...ha, and I am still searching~

This has served as a bird feeder, plant holder, frozen berries in Winter holder for many years in my English garden. 
This past Spring, it was for flowers~

The White-throated Sparrows arrive in the Autumn and leave the start of Spring. 
This one remained a little longer than the others~

Below...not my favorite bird, at all, but still a beauty. 
The Northern Mockingbird makes beautiful music, and looks quite attractive, but they absolutely take over an entire acre, or more all Winter into Spring, when it comes to keeping the other songbirds away. 
They are quite brave and even will go after a hawk,  dog, or human, if they feel threatened~

My oldest daughter lives at Crystal Lake, about 3 miles away. 
One day, when going to visit her, I came across this beautiful Common Grackle.
 It heard me, saw me and quickly dashed away into the wood, but I did manage a few quick images to share~

A pair of American Crows acting silly high up in a tree, creating all kinds of noise, for any one passing by~

One morning while taking photographs in my side garden, I happened to be viewing my gazing ball, and decided to get some fun images of our home and in the process, ended up also catching a few selfies. 
Oh well, they are creative and that is always fun too~



  1. Mary, your leftovers are wonderful. One of my favorites is the redheaded woodpecker. And the flowers are lovely. Beautiful post, have a happy week!

  2. sweet little robins, but that chippy takes the cake! adorable little varmint! don't get them here.

  3. Beautiful!! What kind of bird has the spots on it's chest? The gazing ball is very interesting!! Lynda

  4. what wonderful leftovers! I love the spring and wild life photos you saved from "the bin"

  5. Wow! So many creative photo mosaic ~ the squirrel looks like he/she is posing for you and the last mosaic is so creative ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

  6. Lovely images Mary. It is so easy to forget treasured images from the past, so it is lovely to go back and look at them again. I hope in the deleting you were only deleting on the program and you still have them on a hard drive! I must back up my hard drive again soon!
    I love the great effect of the images through the gazing ball -
    Have a wonderful week.

  7. So many! I really like the chipmunk who thinks he's invisible and the white-throated sparrow. Amazing that you cleaned
    up that many files!

  8. I too am cleaning out photos from my computer. I hesitate as I never know when I'll want to use one or be creative with it but I need to do this housecleaning. I enjoyed seeing what you share with us today! Have a good week.

  9. Wow, fantastische Fotoimpressionen...

    Liebe Grüsse Dir


  10. Beautiful mosaics -- I'm so happy you shared these!

  11. These are so wonderful! I'm so glad you posted instead of tossing. Your leftovers would be some of my best shots! And PS when you get through deleting, if you're bored you can come do mine :)))... It's always on my list!

  12. It's amazing how much time we can take when we get into our photo files! I enjoyed this - especially the pair of blackbirds near the end. The field of weeds - well I thought it was a field of lavender too, until I read your narrative!

  13. Another great series, especially the chipmunk. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  14. Those grackles...such a blue head!! We don't see that in our neck of the woods.

  15. Wonderful images of all your beautiful wildlife...

  16. A great series of photos. The chipmunk is so cute!

  17. I loved your melancholy story this morning Mary and also your beautiful pictures. I can just imagine you hurrying to get the woodpecker pictures - we photographers are all the same, never waste a possible opportunity. I know you described how the mockingbird can be troublesome but it looks such an innocent, lovely creature it's hard to imagine. He's just doing his job in life? Ejoy the rest of the week.

  18. Sorry for being an absentee friend so often Mary. I am putting all my energy to regenerate my garden thet has been totally neglected for the last 6 years while I looked after my husband. Today I pruned 5 and a bit roses and weeded around them. That took me 7 hrs straight and now I am totally bushed!
    Love your chipmunk. My father in law had one that used to run up his trouser led to fetch the peanuts in his pocket.
    The grackle is a fantastic catch and you have captured the iridescent feathers so well.
    Do drop me a line if you have the time, to let me know how you and your family are getting on.
    Love . . . Arija

  19. Oh, those Chipmunks are the the most beautiful, you are a lucky one.

  20. Ah, so glad that chipmunk didn't hit the trash! How darling!

  21. The photos of chipmunk is so cute !!!


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