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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Look What I Found While Searching For Birds~

Like many of you, I will set out to locate one thing and end up finding many other things of interest as well. 
A bit ago, I was on the look-out for American Goldfinches who like to gather in the fields this time of year for many types of seeds, including Thistle Seed. 
One such morning recently, as we drove out into the countryside, we came upon a gorgeous Great Pyrenees who was in charge of a nice herd of goats, including some with very small ears, called LaManchas. 
They were incredibly friendly, curious, and stood nicely for me, while I photographed them.
The next field over from them, I found my Goldfinches, but oh drads, they were quite far away from me and yet, I just had to try my best to snag a few nice images...that had been my goal anyway.
Quite a few of the wildflowers that bloom in the fields right now, draw in many small songbirds, that gather in the seeds, many of them adults, showing the young ones how to manage.
On my way home, I passed by a sweet pair of Mourning Doves nearly hidden from me.
The next morning, I headed back out. 
There is just something that calls my name early in the morning, before the heat of the Summer days take over.
This particular morning I stopped at a field that we often visit, and there as the morning sky began to show, I could see the natural colours of sepia in nature, that I often miss at dawns early light. 
I could see strands of magic glimmering from the sun, like diamonds, and as I approached the field to get a better look, there were spider webs everywhere. 
 If I had not arrived when I did, I may have missed them sparkling as they were.
As the sun came up, the sky changed and the field became more clear in it's colours for the day. 
On this day, it was an early return home to Tingsgrove, as many chores had been delayed with all of my journeys back and forth to the big city, to care for my sister, my father-in-law and taking my ailing kit-cat to the
Many of our wonderful neighbors travel this time of year, and I take up the job of caring for their pets, feeding them, walking them, watering their gardens and such and so I feel like I neglect so much along the way, but I try my best.
Once home, I took a quick peek at the Carolina Wren nest at my front door. 
The Wrens stay in the nest box to the left in image of door, all Winter and many times over the past 32 years, have raised many young along the way.
This year, we began with 6 eggs in the red metal basket to right of door, and I am thinking that one was lost, as I only saw 5 little ones with the adults after missing them fledge.
The front door has a protected roof over it and so it is a safe haven for these little ones~
I hope that you have enjoyed your weekend and that this coming week will bring you nothing but joy and happiness.
I am doing well, busy, yet doing what I must do at this time~
Remember to double click on the image, to view a larger slide show of the images shared ~

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  1. Mary, what a wonderful post! I love the goats, the cute dog, goldfinches and the pretty flowers. Gorgeous images, have a happy week!

  2. adorable wrens! love the goldfinch in the thistles and the blooms and grasses against the wire fence. sweet great pyrenees - such good herd guarders. the goats w/o ears look rather odd, poor things! :)

  3. Thank you Theresa of:
    TexWis Girl...I felt that I had my dog breeds mixed up.
    I appreciate the correction~

  4. Wow Mary, this a fabulous collection of photos.

  5. Oh, great pictures. The goats are by far the best pictures. But, I love Goldfinches and wildflowers.

  6. Your photos are stunning and the cobweb ones are out of this world - so, so pretty and delicate. I love the goats - they always make me smile, they are so full of character.
    Hope you have a good week.

  7. Such amazing images, your mosaics are quite stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your world in this way.
    Happy MM.

  8. Such beautiful photos and I loved reading about nature going on around you. Lynda

  9. The shots at dawn are just beautiful Mary. So impressive capturing the tones and colours the way you did. The goat pictures just made me smile, rather comical and innocent looking creatures in many ways although I know they are probably not.The goldfinches really stand out against the flower filled field today. All in all a very wonderful collection of indidvidual pictures and collages. How I envy your creativity.

  10. Hello Mary. What beautiful images this week. Love them all but the goats are quite funny looking without ears aren't they? It's such a beautiful time of the year and I am enjoying the great summer weather of the past 12 days, finally. Blessings to you. Pamela

  11. What a fantastic post with such a variety og photos. Adorable god and goats. Gorgeous flowers. All is nice! Have a lovely week.

  12. Goats are such funny creatures - very entertaining to watch. The spiderweb photos are wonderful. You've captured their delicacy so well.

  13. Excellent post Mary. I love the morning foggy pictures and the spider webs..

  14. Hi Mary. Despite being so busy looking after family and friends you still put together another fabulous array of images.

    Stay well and continue to enjoy your early mornings.

  15. I actually really liked the ladybird. From Findlay

  16. wonderful variety of imagery, my favs ..... the morning dew on the spiders webs, magical

  17. such a lovely selection of photographs here Mary; I also loved seeing the misty morns. and the wild-flowers

  18. This is a most delightful post, Mary! I oohed and ahhed while scrolling through all of your lovely photographs. The dew speckled spider web images really took my breath away. So many sweet critters in this post. All beautiful!

  19. You have so many beautiful photos to feast the eyes. I love the water-web! They are stunning..

  20. Just gorgeous, Mary! The spider web photos are lovely - and the lady bug too. The thought of all those wee goats with their gentle protector was very sweet!

  21. Wow,- so many beautiful photos in your post! I like them all, very much!

  22. LOVE this post. Your many photos and collages are just wonderful! Loved those diamond spider webs!

  23. Mary I enjoyed your glorious post, reading about your morning and the wonderful images that went with it.
    Always wonderful to travel along with you.
    Have a great weekend ahead and thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  24. Beautiful photos, mary. Love those doves and the baby wrens all snuggled up in the flowerpot!

  25. What a relaxing post to browse through!
    Of course, my favorite is the bright Goldfinch among the purple thistles! Here in Florida, we seldom see them in their breeding plumage as they only pass through during migration.

    Thank you for sharing it all!

  26. You are still taking such beautiful pictures and writing great posts. I am back and will be enjoying your posts.


  27. Seems like you found a good lot of things!

    When we were in Turkey we were woken from an afternoon nap by the sound of bells cariied on a herd of goats - its a favourite memory.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  28. You have found and shared such a wonderful array of beauty that surrounds us each and every day. You have a good eye for finding it all!

  29. yes, you did find a lot. And great stuff too. :)

  30. Such nice photografies, a very colourful yellow bird (we have nothing like it over here) and some peculiar goats (it looks like some are without ears and horns).


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