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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Young Great-horned Owlet and Cottontails~

Five months is a very long time to deal with the things that were totally out of my control, and had a huge impact on me emotionally and physically. In plain and simple words, it was horrific, and I think that I am finally feeling a bit more confident and hopeful that things are beginning to return to normal for me and for the problems that I have been dealing with. These months have taken me to the depths of despair and depression and yet, I have learned slowly to rise above it. The darkest of days, I hope and pray are now behind me and I so appreciate all of the wonderful kindnesses afforded me from so many of you along the way.

One friend shared this with me, and it is just one of so many encouragements shared, but meant so much to me, I felt that, I needed to pass it forward.


"They say that the shadows couldn't be present unless there was light from above!
Walking this out in the shadow times, no matter how dark it may have seemed, was only made possible because His light was present to fill the empty void. "
So true to me, so beautiful an exchange!

A little over a week ago, I was able to go with Master Falconer Beau Solley once again to visit the Great horned Owl nest.

It was my third visit since February 27 th, and I am still hoping to see the Owlet one more I would so love to see this young one branching out before it flies off to freedom and to parts unknown.
With my Nikon D-90 camera in hand and using my 70/300 lens, the first image is what you can see, as we first approach the nest.
It is a huge nest and I love that big Sycamore tree.
In fact the woods where the nest tree is, has many of them.
The landscape of this site is wild, and really beautiful, so I will share of bit of that as well.
The main diet of the Great-horned Owl is rabbits and so I will place them in this post also. No, none of these are in the same area as the nest, so not to worry about them, at least where this nest is concerned.
Once again, as I have said, this is nature and while we can wince a bit, we must also accept.

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Beau and his wife June enjoyed sitting in the quiet at the base of this massive Sycamore tree on our second visit to the site. 
It is very near the nest site and a quite stream runs along the side of it. 
It is really very tranquil and a wonderful place for the Great horned Owls to nest and raise their young. 
Beau said that these Owls have nested here for several years and prior to that it was originally built by Red-tailed Hawks.

What you cannot see, but trust me, it is all over the place...Poison Ivy was beginning to sprout up all over. 
The other bad thing are ticks.
Wood and Deer ticks...ugh...and soon the Mosquitos will be about the area and I will not venture there until the next nesting season.

I really loved the looks of the many trees with moss growing up them, they remind me of the trees along the coast of Oregon and Washington states.

I took the Cottontail images in my father-in-laws back yard. 
Two of them were frolicking and having the best time. 
The first image...I thought that was one of the sweetest faces on a wild Cottontail that I had ever seen, such expression on that face, and such a shaggy fur all over.
Too Cute!




  1. beautiful trees. love that cute owlet face! and sweet bunnies. :) glad you're doing better... :)

  2. I love how the owlet is just peeking out over the nest! Your rabbit photos are great! It's not easy to catch them in motion!

  3. Beautiful images of the owlets, rabbit and green that lives about trunck of trees, superb.

  4. Wow! What a gift to see the owlets and to get such wonderful photographs ~ also love the bunny rabbit ~ precious ~ thanks for sharing this and lots of healing energy hugs to you and yes quote is so true ~ ^_^

  5. oh that sweet little owlet!!!

    And the dear little bunny...these are just fantastic shots!

    I am thankful for your patience and talent ! :)

  6. Oh wow, I love the cute owlet. And the bunny is adorable. Awesome photos, Mary!

  7. I'm glad you got back to see the owl before the bugs get too bad in the woods. Sweet photos of it and the bunnies too. I'm so happy to hear that you are doing much better emotionally. God bless you. Hugs, Pam

  8. The photos you take of owlets are my favorite. We drove over to a wildlife park today and saw some beautiful owls. When we were driving home and discussing what our favorite things we saw...I said something about owls and the photos you take of owlets. Wish you had been with us today! Hugs!

  9. Wonderful post with such interesting shots.

  10. It must have been exciting to capture these photos!!! Well done!!! Thank you!!!!!! Cathy

  11. Such wonderful great shots.. The Owlets are so sweet in their nest and the rabbit running shot are fantastic. Hugs Judy

  12. Nice photos! LOVE that Owlet. They are just the cutest things. Glad things are looking up for you.

  13. What a treat to see the owlets!

  14. Wow this is A tree! Incredible, sorry to be so enthusiastic about the tree and not the bird, but wow that's a big one! Nicely done on this nice birdy too and nice post Mary!

  15. Lovely serie of photos. Cute owl!

  16. Incredible scenes. And wonderful wildlife. Loved watchin' the bunny rabbits.

  17. a lovely bounty of photos to enjoy here, those little owlets must be very cute up close

  18. wonderful images as always Mary - I love stopping by.
    I am glad you have your camera and nature to enjoy being out and about and taking time for yourself.
    I hope the shadows become less and light becomes brighter as the days go on. Sometimes it is hard to fathom the path we are given.
    Sending thoughts your way from across the oceans.

  19. Cute little owlet face peeking from the nest!

  20. I was lucky to get a shot of our little owlet just hours before it flew out of the nest. They have great timing, as the rabbits are having young just as the owlets are hungriest!

  21. you have shown many great images Mary great owlet.


  22. Love those rabbits!! What a great place. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  23. So glad you are better and 'getting there' Mary. Lovely owlets and what a good day out for you. The food source is rather cute but what has to be, has to be . . .

  24. Oh, that little face peeking over the nest. Lovely.

  25. Beautiful shots of these cuties.

  26. Apart from the birds and rabbits, the thing that amazes me is how green the woodlands are. Our forests never have that fresh colour - most gum tree have leaves that have a blue/green colour and they keep their leaves all year, so we dont get a spring flush in our native forests.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  27. Trees - large, upright, provide shelter and offer us a reminder that Nature is constant.

    Rabbits - they are cute, lovable and show us what energy really is.

    Baby owls - Life is renewed as Hope merges into reality.

    Thank you for continuing to share your images with us.

    -- Wishing you a blessed weekend. Wally

  28. Thought I would just say Hi, as I have been so busy lately that I am catching up on visiting my favourite blogs! This is a wonderful post and I'm glad you are beginning to feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. That is a beautiful quote and I hope your days continue to get lighter. Beautiful photos, once again - how wonderful to see those little owlets.
    Warm wishes and positive thoughts from across the ocean
    Diana xx

  29. I am glad things are looking up. No one ever explains about how many "out of my own control" things we'd have to deal with as we get older!

    I hope you see the owlet again before the ticks and skeeters get too bad. POison ivy at least you have a chance to see and avoid, but nothing you can do about the other two except stay away.

    I love rabbits!


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