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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

As Pretty as a Peacock~

The watercolour of the Peacock, was completed 7 years ago. 
I was a beginner, and still am, for I have not much free time to dabble in this art form~

These images were taken both in my small shade gardens on Tingsgrove, as well as at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY , USA.
  Since I was a a small child, our family has visited Cave Hill.  
A peaceful place to walk, feed the ducks, geese and Mute Swans.  
It is also home to many Raptors, such as Great Horned Owls, Red-tailed Hawks, Red-Shouldered Hawks, Coopers Hawks, and Sharp-Shinned Hawks.
There is also this handsome Peacock, also known as Common Peafowl, that has open range on these hallowed grounds.
If I have not labled a blossom, it is because I took the images at Cave Hill and while some of the trees have ID tags attached, many others do not.
One day, many moons from now, I hope, my husby and I shall be buried above the military section, but for now, we enjoy the time that we can visit and enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds this place called Cave Hill. 

 I was going to link up this post with Mosaic Monday and then noticed they are away for another week, but had put this post ready and so will share it anyway.

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What I learned...did you know?
Some of the gorgeous colours of the Peacock plumage are due to an optical interference phenomenon found in the barbules of the feathers.   
Tail feathers (also known as the plumage or trains) are colored green, blue, and orange. 
However, the plumage isn't really a tail but is really made of long upper tail coverts.

Below a Dandelion does not look so bad for a weed~

Blue Bells and mixed Wood Hyacinths scatter about our 2 acres~

Display and swishing of feather plumage, attracts multiple Peahens to court and mate with~

Cherry and Pear blossoms across and down the lane from me~

My mother-in-law passed away 10 years ago this past month.  
I was given a packet of Forget-Me-Not seeds at the service and I panted them in a low valley that we can view from our side patio door.  
Below are some of the beautiful blossoms of these wee tiny flowers~

We have quite a lot of Wild Phlox that grow on our 2 acres of woodlands~

One of our neighbors is growing Blueberries for the first time.  
The blossoms were gorgeous~

Above and below the Peacock image here, is a species of Hyacinth before and after it's blossoms open~

In the image below, I was playing off of the long plumage of feathers of the Peacock and turned the images upside down.  
These are a species of Buckeyes~


  1. Wow! Mary, these photos are gorgeous. The peacock's tail feathers are so beautiful and some of my favourite colours too. They make stunning photos along with the beautiful flowers. I wish you a beautiful week. Hugs, Pamela

  2. what great collages! bursts of color. i like your painting, too. very fluid and wispy.

    as for spam - if you set your 'who can comment' setting to 'registered users-including open i.d.' that will eliminate anonymous comments and should eliminate the majority of spam altogether!

  3. Incredibly beautiful image, Mary!
    When i first visited St. Marx cemetery, dating back to Victorian times, there was still a caretaker living on the grounds. She told me that not so long ago, Peacocks used to roam the cemetery! They had to move them away because some neighbors complained about the ruckus they were making (something I cannot really understand because what's really loud it the traffic on the highway that overpasses the cemetery). I now wonder if there's some symbolic reason for keeping these birds on cemeteries.

  4. Well, I just learned something new about the peacock's train! My grandmother had a peacock and it would display. She said all she had to do to make it put its tail down is to say "My, you have ugly feet!" I was very small and I either saw her do this or I imagined it happening. Have to try it some day!

  5. I always love your photos but I didn't realize you were so artistic, too! The peacock is gorgeous! I posted an unusual siting for us today when you get a chance to visit! Hugs!

  6. Love the painting Mary and complimented by so many wonderful collages.

  7. Stunning sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. A wonderful post... so much colour.

  9. Lovely photos of the Peacock!
    Well done!

  10. a delightful post to look over; so much to see. I especially admired your artwork even though you don't find time for it now, that's a shame but I understand. Maybe one day you will fall back into it again because you do it very well; don't let it get away from you. It could fill in some idle hours one day. Loved your birds and flora too Mary

  11. Gorgeous photos! The peacock and the flowers are both beautiful! I didn't know that about the feathers.

  12. Magnificent post Mary and your drawing as well as the pictures of the peacock are wonderful....
    As a biologist, pictures of peacock will remind me of the book of Zahavi called the "handicap principle"... Although the peacock tail is fantastic and helps him to attract mates, it has a cost ;-) It does not see the predators coming from behind when it is displaying for the female ;-)

  13. A great series of photos. The Peacock is so very beautiful.

  14. The peacock is beautiful. A very colorful post. Great series!

  15. Lovely collages!Forget-me-nots are my favourite flower.

  16. Hi Mary....Your post is just heavenly, so well put together!!

    The colors of the flower, and the peacock in you photo's are just magnificent !!
    Yummy looking really : )!!
    Loved your painting!!

  17. What a breathtaking series of photo's!!

  18. What a beautiful collage, brilliant the way you did it Mary.

  19. So many wonderful shots, not only of the peacock which makes me quite sentimental as we still miss our Claud who shared the farm with us for 15 years, but for the sheer beauty of the bird.
    Your spring flowers send me over the moon, forget-me-nots, English bluebells, cherry and pear blossom as well as horse chestnuts and Paulownias we also have but blueberries make me feel quite envious.
    You need to paint more.

  20. A super post again Mary where your artistic talent rather leaves me and I'm sure many others trailing in your wake and just wishing...

    Your peacock painting is really lovely but such a waste of your talent if as you say you don't have time to pursue it. I think some of the other birds and flowers you show us could benefit by such an inspired interpretation.

  21. So many fantastic photos! The peacock is sooo beautiful! Well done, Mary! The painting was also very fine!

  22. This post is so beautiful Mary. Just incredible collages; the painting is lovely, you brought out the beautiful true peacock blue so well.

    Have I already told you that I have many ancestors buried at Cave Hill? My mother was from an old Louisville family; she went to Washington State for a job at the age of 28 and met my dad....

    We (my husband and I) visited Cave Hill when we were full-time RVing. It truly is a beautiful, peaceful place (and poignant for me).

  23. I meant to also say that I think giving packets of forget-me-not seeds at a funeral service is one of the loveliest things I've ever heard of.

  24. it is a very beautiful bird and your painting is great too. Really lovely.

    I had a lot of spam a couple of months ago and had to change the settings to avoid it. The problem was to change it without using word verification. But now it works fine.

  25. They are exceptionally beautiful.

  26. Lovely peacocks and the flower collages also!! That is a lot of work and wonderful for us to see.

    It depends on how you have your settings for the comments. I eliminate anonymous comments now. Just check out your settings for comments.

  27. Very artistic photos and colorful flowers series !! I particularly love the violet one.

  28. Glorious! I love this wonderful collection of photos - the peacock photos are just stunning - I do have a soft spot for those birds - and I particularly like the ones of the peacock behinds! A lovely colour scheme that I don't think I've ever seen before from that angle! A lovely colourful blog post!

  29. Such beautiful images!! I love the peacocks color. Shall put up a post with a peacock image soon!! :)


  30. This is all so beautiful, Mary! The bluebells and phlox are my favorites.
    TexWis Girl's recommendation did the trick for me, too.


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