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Sunday, April 14, 2013

What You Say...Great Horned Owls and Tulips...Oh Yes~

Nearly 4 years ago when I first began this blog, I was posting at least 5 times a week and running myself ragged trying to keep up. 
These days, I try to post 1 to 3 times a week and still find myself running ragged...sigh...
I do love this whole blogging concept though, to be able to share with friends and fellow bloggers the world over...magnificent arena to do life!
Another nice thing is one can post things together, that might not otherwise go together and that is exactly what I decided to do today...why...just because I wanted to.
This past week, I caught up with Master Falconer Beau Solley and his wife June to go out and see what kind of action was taking place on the Great Horned Owl nest, that we last visited on February 27.
We found a single, very large, possibly female Owlet and she was way too cute!
We stayed near the nest site for well over an hour and never saw either parent, though a meal was definitely stashed up in the nest, as we observed the young one eating from it.
 We will try and go back again this coming week, in hopes of spotting one of the adults bringing in a meal, and, or the young one beginning to branch out a bit.
This is tick season and I came home with only one on me and I guess that is a good thing. Things will become wilder in coming days, as Spring rains green up shrubs and trees and make observing a bit more difficult, less the whole getting to the site without picking up any bugs along the way.
The nest tree is an enormous Sycamore tree, which makes for a beautiful setting for the nest, and photographs.
It was amazing how perfectly the young Owlet blended into it's surroundings.

As for the Tulips...I wish that I could say that they flourish in my garden...NOT!
I have hardly any flowers in my garden any longer, for the wildlife have pretty much plucked out anything with any colour...
The husby took me into Louisville yesterday and when I saw the beds of beautifully coloured Tulips, I had him stop, so that I could gather in a few images to share and thought that they might be something to perk up the more subdued tones of the nest site images.
I hope that you enjoy your Monday and your week.
Take care and be blessed, as well as being a blessing to others.
You already know that you bless me, whenever I hear from you...

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  1. So funny that you show pictures of owls, I like owls they are so great.
    Very beautiful tulip pictures taken too.
    Have a great week :-)

  2. Love the owl photos and the tulips are magnificent ~ Great photography for Mosaic Monday ~ ^_^

  3. I see tulips everywhere on lots of blogs. Beautiful. Your photo,s are beautiful as always. Have a nice week.

  4. you can't help but smile when you look at that owlet! so cute!

    lovely tulips - even if they aren't growing in your yard. :)

  5. Wow, the owl ate a rabbit? I love that baby in the tree, it looks like a stuffed toy.
    The tulips are pretty, guess you'll just have to enjoy those of others. But, think of the amazing wildlife you get to see and we don't. :-)

  6. Two of my favorite things ... owls and tulips! You've brought a smile to my face! YeeHaw!

  7. Oh how cute, I love the owlet! Great sighting. And your tulips are beautiful. Wonderful photos, have a happy week ahead!

  8. The last time I saw an owlet, I was ten or eleven. Thank you for sharing your photos, they are fabulous.

  9. The little owls are just too cool! Those tulips are gorgeous! Fantastic photos!

  10. Oh my heart be still! That is the cutest that I've ever seen! Your heart must have been pounding as you clicked away taking these precious pics of baby owl!!!
    Lovely tulips but the owl shots...very lucky indeed!
    Mother Nature just knows!

  11. Lovely images of the baby owls Mary. Your garden must be a haven for wildlife if they pluck all your colour.
    Gorgeous tulip images. I have just started growing a few tulips the last few years. I have to put the bulbs in the refrigerator for a few months to get them cold enough!
    What glorious flowers they are to photography. We have a huge tulip garden a couple of hours from here we can visit during spring. Amazing colour.
    Have a wonderful week Mary. I hope you are doing well. I haven't dropped by for a few weeks - life is so busy!

  12. You take such beautiful photos of clear and brightly colored but the owlets are always my favorite photos! They are just so sweet and fragile looking. I am amazed when I see you photos of them. Enjoy the week ahead! Sweet hugs my friend!

  13. Such wonderful photos of the baby owl ... and the tulips quite a contrast in color and gorgeous!

  14. Lovely photos and collages. The Tulips are gorgeous, and that GHOwl is so sweet!

  15. What a great contrast in the monochromatic owl photos and the brilliant tulip images. When the tree leafs out it will be more colourful, but also more difficult to see the owls. What a sweet and soft little owlet.

  16. What an absolute treat to see all of these pictures of that little owlet / she is so cute !!!! :)

  17. Oh, that little owlet is so cute! Great pictures of it. The tulips are beautiful. So nice to see colour! Have a blessed week. Hugs, Pamela

  18. How wonderful to see the little owlet. Your tulips look great. Valerie

  19. Wonderful shots, Mary!.....and enjoying tulips in another's garden is just as good as having them in your own - without the bother of planting and dead-heading and being left with the yellowing foliage.

  20. What an adorable little owlet - and what a wonderful view you had of him (or her!). The tulips are glorious and by far my favourite flower at this time of year - you've really captured the beauty of them.
    Wishing you a week full of Spring and sunshine!

  21. You know I could look at the subdued color pictures of that adorable owlet all day and not miss color....but on the other hand, I also loved the tulips, another spring flower that we never see here. (Nothing grows in my yard, but tulips don't grow anywhere at all around here.) Thanks for the baby owl, which I've never seen and for the tulips which bring back great memories.

  22. Nice and interesting serie of photos!

  23. Beautiful photos of both the sweet owl and the lovely tulips. Greetings Susanne :)

  24. A great series of photos - both the owls and the tulips!

  25. Couldn't be a more perfect Springtime owls and beautiful tulips. Life it good.

  26. A great post. Cute little owl and beautiflly vivid tulips!

  27. The owlets and tulips are a great mixture, Mary - they both say 'new life'. Definitely hard work keeping this blogging going!

  28. I guarantee the parents are still taking care of their little one. It's not uncommon for them to fall from the nest before they can fly.

    Beautiful tulips.

  29. Hi Mary...Oh my I can relate about the blogging , I have so much to blog , but just hard to get to it!
    One thing about doing the WBW it was nice because it was an incentive, but this week I just didn't do it!! Grrr
    Your photo's are just awesome!! What a adorable little chick in the nest, how special to see!! I'm still waiting to see an Owl and not just hear them from the woods in back!!
    Tulips, not quite ready here yet, but I sure enjoyed seeing these beauties you posted!!
    PS I hate ticks...wish I could get a shot like the dog's and cat's can for them ; )

  30. Beautiful tulips and gorgeous baby bird!

  31. Hi Mary, oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh! I love that little owlet! Those are some spectacular photos. How lucky you are to see him. :)

  32. What an adorable little owlet!

  33. Beautifully done, the Owlet and Tulip, bind it all together, cheers Mary.

  34. That's one heck of a big tree Mary. I guess the owls have no trouble with wind dislodging the nest from that huge fork. The young owl blends in so well with the white blotches of the trunk - those owls are pretty clever. Shame about losing your flowers to the wildlife and while some spring colour would be nice I know you wouldn't want to lose your animals or birds.

  35. Lovely owl photos. Tulips are a lovely sign of spring ... ours are just poking through the ground.

  36. Lucky you to see this little fluffy owlet. It goes so well with the bright tulips.
    Lots of hugs . . . Arija

  37. Whether they go together or not, the photos are lovely and I enjoyed them immensely! Love that little baby in the nest. I adore tulips. Don't have many, the deer pluck them right out of the ground.

  38. Beautiful tulips!
    I guess only a birder could call the owlet "beautiful", but that's what I think of it!
    Thank you for a nice post.

  39. How sweet the little owlet was! And I never seen that tree before! The tulips were also very beautiful and your photos of them too!
    Have a nice weekend! Greetings Pia

  40. I love this serie of photos ! The baby Great Horned Owl is so cute !!!

  41. What a treat your post seeing the various birds you capture and share with your camera! The tulips are gorgeous, too. Yikes...I think the possibility of attracting ticks would keep me on the cleared path and avoiding brush. Hopefully there is no Lyme disease? Be careful. Have a great weekend :)

  42. Hiya Mary! I missed this somehow last week, and it's a great combination--that little owl that tugs at the heartstrings, and gorgeous tulips to delight the eye. Thanks for all the beauty!


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