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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walking Across the Ohio River...Almost~

For my entire life on Sunday mornings, you will find me most often in Bible study and church, but one Sunday a few weeks ago, I decided to take a day off from my norm and took a journey down to the Ohio River. 
I was on a mission of sorts, to see if the Peregrine Falcons were nesting on one of the bridges in downtown Louisville, as well as take a walk on the newly created walking bridge, that crosses the river...well almost, for it is not quite complete.
I never saw the Peregrines, much to my dismay, for that would have certainly perked up my personal sadness that has followed me now for over 3  1/2 months...ugh.
There was however a number of  Ring-billed Gulls and one really cute duck that was hanging out with them.

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Happy Monday, Happy Week, Happy Mosaic Monday~

I was told by my friend Kate with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department in Frankfort, that the Peregrines may either be nesting on the JFK Bridge, shown below, which I saw no signs of
The Big Four Railroad Bridge, that had recently been turned into a walking bridge,
no signs there either.

The first image in the top left hand corner of mosaic  below, was kind of amusing, for it looked like the duck was taking flight, but that is it's head with Gull wings in front of it...
When the Gulls took flight, the Duck seemed confused~

The walk out on the bridge was really wonderful, but the wind was extremely cold that morning.
Temperatures were well below freezing and then walking out over water with all of that cold framing...not such a great idea, but I am glad that I went and will do so again, when the warmer weather arrives~


  1. sorry you didn't spot any peregrines, but the gulls make lovely subjects, just the same. the bridge is pretty, too, with its arches.

  2. Wonderful photos and mosaic on the Gulls. And the bridge shots are great. Sorry you missed out on the Peregrine sighting. Mary, wishing you a happy week ahead!

  3. I love the photos of the gulls. Beautiful. The walking bridge is very similar to the old train bridge turned walking bridge in the city here. I love the rusty iron framework, similar to ours. Wishing you a really good week. Blessings. Pamela

  4. Gorgeous! Love that most unusual mosaic of the perspective from both sides of the bridge. Of course, the gull in flight is wonderful, too.

  5. You were busy looking for those birds but you did capture some good bridge photos. Valerie

  6. Well, Gulls are cool in their own right! I think any bird looks majestic in flight. Beautiful photos!

  7. Lovely shots, the bridge looks fantastic. I hope your mood improves with the coming of spring. Enjoy the week:)

  8. Mary you got some wonderful flight pictures and the mosaics are great. and you will see the peregrines on your next trip (an excuse to go back). The bridge is very interesting and but it does look cold.

  9. That is quite some bridge and too bad the rumours about the falcon nests didn't pan out.
    Seeing your shots of the gulls though gave the illusion of flying in the air along with them. Imagine the view they have!
    Have a good week Mary.

  10. Really nice set of Gull photos. I like your shots of the bridge too! Maybe you'll see the Peregrines next time.

  11. Your shots of the birds in flight are stunning - I don't know how you do it! Such a shame the Peregrines aren't there, they are spectacular birds - last summer we had some nesting on the top of a local Cathedral - they are incredible to watch, but we didn't have a powerful enough camera to capture them - our photos showed tiny black dots in the sky, which could have been anything!

  12. Marvelous and so interesting photos. Lovely mosaic too.

  13. Sorry you didn't catch the peregrines, but you made up with it with an outstanding collection of wonderful images of the gulls soaring on the breeze - lovely.
    I hope you catch them next time you're there!
    Mary, your photos never disappoint.
    Shane ♥

  14. Glorious images of the birds in flight!Great images of the bridge!Worth framing a few! Have a great week!

  15. Sorry that you ( and US ) missed the peregrines but all of these images are so lovely that I am quite glad that you missed church that day and we got to enjoy this walk with you :)

  16. Wonderful flight shots! I haven't seen many gulls this winter. We had lots of them around last year. The railroad bridge is so cool! I like those arches.

  17. That cute duck is really strange ;-) Nice pictures of the ring-billed gull... We have some staying during the winter over here and I've seen this species this year in Iceland.


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