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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our New Pup-Cub Silvie Aleit Has Arrived Home~

In 1996, we lost our second standard coat German Shepherd and purchased our first Long Coat German Shepherd.
Her name was Muschka, and she lived along side us as extended family until her untimely death in 2008.
Yes, she was older, but very healthy!  I say untimely for a reason.
She had received an injury and was treated for a few days with Previcox. 
The bad thing was that the Veterinarian failed to test her liver enzymes before having me administer the medication, and she could not handle it and died just days later.
Her death truly was a heartache that was difficult to explain to anyone that did not hold dogs as valued and cherished.
That we could still weep over the loss nearly 5 years later.... some may not comprehend.
After her death, we went on a search to locate not a replacement, but another LCGS to fill in the void.
I made 129 contacts by e-mail, and, or phone to breeders around the country.
There was one breeder in particular, that I was drawn to over, and over again in Iowa, but we were unable at that time to move forward.
We made contact with a different breeder in Tennessee and shared our Muschka story with her.
She had a puppy already named Meaka that was six months old, and after hearing our story, decided to allow us to purchase Meaka and bring her home to cherish as part of the family!
The husby and I had mentioned from time to time that it certainly would have been wonderful if Muschka and Meaka could have known each other, lived here with us at the same time.
With that thought, and when Meaka was 4, I began to pursue that same thought with her and a possibly a second dog for our home.
I made new contact with:
Theresa Vom Haus Dettmer Long Coat German Shepherds in Missouri Valley, Iowa.
When I saw that she was about to breed her Barossa and Ieeda, my heart swelled with hope, and we finally began to move forward with this hope of bringing home a
Dettmer Long Coat German Shepherd.
In the image below is the Vom Haus Dettmer Ieeda on the left
Vom Haus Dettmer Barossa on the right... 
Parents to our brand new pup-cub
Vom Haus Dettmer Silvie Aleit~

Our new pup-cub was first known as "No Collar Girl"
and then
Theresa gave her the name of:

The husby and I named her Silvie Aleit, after doing a very extensive name search.
Once I came up with the name, I thought of something kind of interesting later...
My parents had their first German Shepherd when I was a small child in Portland, Oregon.
When they decided to move from Oregon to Kentucky, they sold Silver to the Post Master.
Silver had been our families very first German Shepherd all of those years ago.

Then in 1972, I got my husband and I, our first German Shepherd as a young married couple and her name was Be'lit.

When I came up with the name Silvie Aleit, I punched in several spellings of the name Silvie on Google and it kept wanting to correct the spelling to Silver.
When I said Silvie Aleit's name out loud for the first time, Aleit, sounded very close to Be'lit and so, the name just seemed to be a perfect combination for our new forever friend~

Theresa is really such a wonderful breeder, very caring, kind and such a professional. 
I cannot say enough good things about her and the dogs from her haus. 
She takes great care also to post weekly images of the pups, as the selection process draws near and then leading up to her final farewell, before shipping is done. 
The mosaic below is one that I put together, using some of the wonderful images that she shared of our girl, during her first 8 weeks~ 

I am linking up with Mary for:

"Mosaic Monday"


Below is one of the Vom Haus Dettmer dogs affectionately known as Auntie Cuvee.
As the mommas, begin the weaning process, Cuvee takes over as auntie to the litters getting them use to life without their momma dogs. 
That is our Silvie right in the middle, nearly in a standing position with her Auntie Cuvie and five litter mates. 
There were 4 females and 2 males in this fine litter~

In the image below is our friend Theresa Dettmer, breeder and forever Mommy T to all of her dogs and puppies, both near and far. 
Our Silvie is under her left arm.
This image was taken this past Wednesday, as the pup-cubs were en route to the airport.

We were patiently awaiting the time for arrival and then got a call that Silvie had arrived early, she had made an earlier connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia and was waiting for us. 
We were so happy and excited that our new pup-cub was on Kentucky soil and we were about to finally hold her in our arms...yeah.
I have to say, with what this past 3 months has brought my way, this was just the kind of sweet blessing, that I needed!
We arrived at the airport bay area and as soon as we got out of the car, we could hear Silvie yelping. 
I do not know who was happier, me, or her to finally be out of her shipping crate. 
Once home, Bill and I introduced Meaka to her new forever friend and they seem to be getting along very well~

At first we allowed the two dogs to play in the snow with the puppies lead on and once, we felt it safe, we took the lead off, and let them play for a few minutes~

We have begun the socializing process as well, meeting our friends and neighbors. 
In this mosaic, she is with Jenna, Sue and Megan, Linda, and Sandy and Dave...
Silvie thinks it is great fun getting to be hugged by so many loving people~ 

On the evening before Silvie's arrival, we had snow, huge beautiful snowflakes and our land for a while, just before dusk seemed magical~

A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker taking in sap from one of our trees, the day of the big snow, haha, well all 4 inches of the fluffy white stuff~

A pair of Pileated Woodpeckers came to a special tree that many birds like to come to~

See, now the Red-bellied Woodpeckers on same tree, wonder what they like there~

Above Silvie meets her new Veterinarian~

Silvie says to have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week~

You can read Muschka's story here, if interested~


  1. Mary, I just love your adorable Silvie. Both Meaka and Silvie look so sweet together. Wonderful photos and post.Have a happy week and enjoy your new PUP!

  2. I so enjoyed reading all about your new puppy and about your other dogs too. Puppy is so cute. I understand completely how hard it is to lose a dog that way as we also did in a similar way.We are looking to replace out dog as it has been five or six years now. I will research this breed to see what health concerns they have.

  3. Both dogs are so cute and they both look so happy. Love seeing the puppy in the snow.

  4. silvie is adorable! especially that last photo! i'm glad meaka is adjusting to her new, bouncy sister!

  5. Great set of photos and collages! That little Silvie is just so cute and precious. She'll be great medicine for you.

  6. Awww...there's nothing cuter than a sweet puppy. Hope that both of the dogs become fast friends. I think dogs like canine companionship, too.

  7. This is such a happy post! What a sweet new puppy you have. The photos are wonderful. Have fun!

  8. AAAahhhh...looks like you have a lot of happy times ahead! I'm so glad she is home with you now. Enjoy the week ahead and give her some puppy hugs for me!

  9. Oh, what an amazing journey you've been on. So glad that Silvie made it to you healthy and vibrant. Perfect little family! Congrats!!

  10. Silvia is beautiful, well worth the wait. Enjoy your training days and I look forward to more baby pictures.

  11. I'll just bet you could hear the oohs, the aahs and the sighs from over there mary. An absolutely beautiful liitle pup. She's going to have a wonderful life i know.

  12. Silvie has stolen my heart, Mary. Hope she brings you a great deal of joy.

  13. What a sweet story, the puppy is just gorgeous! I can so relate to the heart ache of losing a dog that isn't of an age where you expect it to die just yet, but sometimes things happen beyond your own control.
    I suppose there will be lots of adorable puppy photos from here on then!

  14. The puppies are so adorable! The little one eating the snow reminds me of my daughter's dog enjoying his first winter. He loved to shove his head in the snow and come out just coated in it! He had great fun with all of it!

  15. Welcome home to Silvie. She is so sweet looking. I'm sure she will adjust and love living with you. I also enjoyed the photos of her and her brother dog and the 'love doves' (that's what I call them).

  16. Oh she is so sweet Mary! What a joy-filled post!! Congratulations to the whole family!

  17. I have fallen in love with your little pup - such a beautiful name and such a cute little girl. That last photo is stunning - she looks like she has settled in beautifully - what a lucky girl she is to have found such a loving family.

  18. I personally think German Shepherds are one of the best [if not THE best] dog breeds around. That's always such a devastating blow to our system to lose a beloved pet. And having administered meds to her without having the liver checked, would just tear me apart!!
    She was beautiful.

    I think I'm in love...with Silvie!!
    I want one. But my cats would not like the idea.

    Oh, and your bird photos are stupendous.

  19. Your dogs are gorgeous! I never knew there were long furred German Shepherds. So very beautiful! Thank you for sharing this heart-warming story. We used to keep Alaskan Malamutes and one time saw a dog that may have been a long furred German Shepherd/Malamute mix. We were in the midst of wanting to purchase it but the owner declined and the poor dog was hit the next week by a truck. If the owner had only had a change of heart we may have saved the dog's life. You just never know.
    Teresa in California


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