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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oldham County Horse Country...My Home~

Just having fun with these images of the Eastern Meadowlark, perched upon the black fencing at the nearby horse farms. 
I was in my car, pulled off along side the country lane and some of the images came out crooked and I decided to leave them that way, and, or to pitch them over even a little bit more, including turning one completely on it's end...
Something to do on a cold Winter's day ;')

I am linking up with Mary for:

"Mosaic Monday"



I am blessed to live near some amazing horse country. 
Many of the landowners first purchased the land, when Lasma Arabian Horse Farms was formed back in the mid 1980's .
  Many of those farms have changed hands since~

A bit of Eastern European Starling murmuration over the horse fields~

Many of the horse barns are quite unique...this is one of my faves~

A couple of the farms have wonderful workout tracks for their horses. 
I always like this one the best, but hardly ever get to see it being used. 
Only one time, have I ever been fortunate to be near, when the track was in use, and guess what? 
I missed the image, and then the rider and horse retreated back to the farm...they had finished their routine a moment too soon, for me to get a capture~

This was the original sales center built to sell and purchase Arabian horses back in the mid 1980s,
 and it is for sale...
Does anyone want to place a bid?

A flock of Canada Geese fly over, as I make my way back home. 
It was a beautiful sun soaked Winter day. 
Later, I will share some of the Raptor images that I took on this morning outing. 
On one country lane, within 2 miles, I captured an American Kestrel, a pair of Red-tailed Hawks and a Red-Shouldered Hawk. 
It is also the place, where I first saw a true Red-headed Woodpecker 2 years ago...
I love the place, how about you?

Happy week!


  1. no doubt, you live in a gorgeous area. love the black panel fence rows and the horse barns. but that one rounded barn - now THAT would go with my house quite nicely! :)

  2. Oh Wow! Really nice post! I love the photos with the fences in them. Very nicely done.

  3. Gorgeous, Mary! There's not much prettier than Kentucky horse country. I'm right in the middle of it, too. Love these shots!

  4. Lovely photos, and some lovely scenery and buildings! Loved the mosaic with the starlings and I would have liked to have that round barn too, if I only had somewhere to put it!

  5. Looks good...

    Its my longtime dream to visit Horse farm, you are lucky :)

  6. Lovely images, Mary! The horses and the meadowlark are my favorites. The round barn is cool! Lovely farms and countryside. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  7. You do live in beautiful country. The roll of the land and the fences and architecture and wildlife and equine beauty everywhere...delightful!

  8. I like what you have done to the meadowlark photo, cool idea. I hope you enjoy the week:)

  9. Such lovely photos! Kind of fun to view some scenery without snow :)

  10. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful area, thanks for sharing it.
    I like the crooked photos of the meadowlark.

  11. Such a nice collection of photos. You really live in a beautiful area of the country.

  12. Oh, so good. You live in expensive area, beautiful horses to live in, the Starlings doing their things. Mary, you're wizard at photography.

  13. Hi Mary,

    Great pictures this week!!! I love the sky in your pics, and my favorite barn is the yellow with the green trim. I love the traditional style.

    I have a second cousin who lives in Lexington, KY, and I really wish I could visit there. She has issued an invitation of course, but our schedule just never seems to allow the time.

    I LOVE horse farms. My parents have visited Lexington and toured Churchill Downs; they said it was quite interesting.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. How great that your in-laws have been to Stratford-on-Avon! I was actually over there in 1999 with my husband, who was there on business. We just took a sidetrip to Stratford on the Sunday, and that's when I took those photos. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting England.

    Have a great day!


  14. I think you made some great inventive shots there Mary. Those fences against the blue sky really work so well especially with the undulating land. You surely do live in a lovely place with all those horses close by.

  15. Beautiful pictures and live in such beautiful country! I love the term "starling murmuration". Just had to go back and read that line over and over...wonderfully perfect.

  16. wonderful wonderful images. I enjoyed every one of them. Thank you for taking us there. I always love coming to your blog Mary.
    Have a wonderful week.

  17. I love the snowgirl and the towhee. You live in such a lovely area!


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