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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just a Few American Black Vultures~

 A couple of weeks ago, my middle daughter rang me up and needed me to watch the grandchildren for a couple of hours.  
It is about 9 miles further into the country and I can always count on seeing something.  
A small group of American Black Vultures were in the trees, taking turns with a road killed White-tailed Deer.
The groupings of trees were taken in my recent walks through our woods and beyond.  
I had wanted to visit a Great horned Owl nest tomorrow, but the forecast is for mixed snow and freezing rain...yikes, that will not be fun.  
My hope is for sunny days ahead for many reasons!

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  1. i like the black vultures, too. :)

  2. I love that shot of the three vultures, just waiting I guess until their time comes. I can't imagine living in such wide open spaces that vultures are a part of your everyday experience Mary. There are over 60 million of us on these overcrowded island that are the UK.

  3. Nice photos of the vultures in silhouette.

  4. I like seeing them too..we have a good share down here! Love the trees .

  5. Wow, that's amazing pictures, I don't think we have vultures in Britain, not sure really, but I think not! Plenty of other wildlife to scavenge the dead but not vultures, except for in the zoo.

  6. Love these! I've never photographed Black Vultures. I really like the trio sitting on the branch! Very ominous!

  7. Great shots. I like the three in a row on the branch.

  8. Very cool - I like the details you captured. I've always wondered what these guys looked like up close.
    I also like the silhouettes.
    Have a great evening!

  9. I like the shot with the 3 vultures on the branch - it reminds me a of a Gary Larson (?) cartoon where one of the vultures is saying "Patients my ass, I'm going to kill something!"

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Great pictures / collages showing. Wish you a good day :)

  11. I think the Black Vultures are cool. Great photos, Mary. Have a happy day!

  12. Great bird photos. This bird is new for me!

  13. Like the one especially, showing its wing span and wing colors as it lands in the branches. Great action image.

  14. You got some good close ups!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  15. The vultures have interesting faces. Sometimes I find that they are not so polite about waiting their turn and can get into some good food fights. With the deer there is plenty to go around.

  16. Love the Vultures. We get the Turkey Vultures here. Very nice set of images.

  17. Such interesting creatures, aren't they? My husband calls them "the cleanup crew". I love your shots with the three lined up on a branch.
    By the way, I can't wait to see pictures of the puppy.

  18. Oh, wow, you got some great shots of the vulture! I like the single portraits and the ones with three together. Very nice!

  19. Great shots, Mary! I like the one with the wings spread out and the three of them on one branch.
    Honestly I think they are a bit scary! We don't have them here in Sweden what I know at least.
    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment, it made me happy!
    Have a nice weekend! Hugs Pia


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