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Sunday, December 16, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things~

These are a few of my favorite posts from this past year~ 

I wanted to share them in one full swoop and loaded them all in neat and tidy.  
When I sat down and began to write, I saw that the entirety of the first half of images loaded up, was no long here.  
Thus said, I shall go from the middle of the year forward and then tag in those missing the last of the month.
It has been a long and difficult two weeks for this family, but I can say that Brittany's health has begun to take a turn for the better this past 24 hours.  
She had to have another surgical procedure done Friday afternoon, and that seems to have brought her fever down to normal for the first time in 2 weeks of hospital stay.  
We are hoping that she can return home mid-week, to her sweet family and us.  
Thank you so very much for the kind comments over the past 2 weeks.
Your words have really be so very much appreciated, and brought much encouragement. 

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  How does one choose their favorite images out of the thousands shared in a year...
For me this season, I decided to share some of my "just because" favorites along with some that had special meaning, that many followers of this blog may remember when they were first shared.

The selection above was my entry for the Derby season and below a pair of Mute Swans.  Later, one would be taken by a Coyote.
 I like taking photographs and holding on to those sweet moments when everything seemed perfect~

Remembering the 3 little Screech Owls,
 that my twin sister found in tree by her front stoop~

I always enjoy seeing the many dragonflies during the warmer seasons~

Missing our spring posies, but somewhere in the world, others are being able to enjoy their season with these beauties~

Oh and this darling little fawn, who spent the entire day with me back in late August.  Whenever I see a young deer near our acreage...I have to wonder;')~

For as long as I can remember, I had wanted to photograph a Zebra Swallowtail and late in the summer, I finally had my chance, taken at Foxhollow Farm~

Fresh Peaches, oh yum!

My great surprise toward mid-summer, was in learning that we have our very own natural Italian Honey Bee Colony on our 2 acres.  
As far as I know, it is doing fine~

Then there was my neat find one day, while photographing and I spied this Green Heron hunting from the center of this tree, overlooking the water's edge~

I adore Sphinx Moths, and seek them out all summer~

Last, but not least, was this late Monarch Butterfly...still fresh in my memory, of this past season in nature~


  1. i am SO glad your daughter is finally doing better! i hope her health and strength continues to return!

    these are great photos, mary. those baby owls are so adorable. :)

  2. A beautiful post of your favorite things. The owlets are my favorite. Great shots, have a wonderful week!

  3. Gorgeous post! The fawn is so sweet.

  4. I loved looking over your past year; many of the subjects are dear to me as well. So sad to loose a beautiful swan to a coyote - a grim reaper that is forming packs in our rural area and making the farmers uneasy.
    A real joy to see you capture a sought after butterfly and pretty flowers that remind me of my summer garden.
    Good news that the new mother is getting well.

  5. You've taken some amazing photos this year and seen some beautiful sights. My favorite has to be the baby owl! Just precious! I hope things go well in the week ahead! Holiday hugs!

  6. Beautiful gifts through the year...I remember a number of them. I was so sorry to read about all the difficulty that your daughter has had since her baby's birth. I am glad to know that she has had a turn for the better and is making a good recovery. I will certainly pray for her to be restored to full health and with no ill effects on the relationship and bonding between herself and her little one.

  7. I had to go back to read your past few posts, Mary, to understand what you have faced over the past weeks. I am so sorry that your daughter has had such a difficult time but I'm glad to hear that she seems to have turned a corner toward recovery. May she continue to gather strength and soon go home to her little family!

  8. indeed a lovely set of images and memories from the last year Mary. The swans are so beautiful!
    I hope that Brittany returns to the comfort of her family soon and that she will be well.
    Wishing you and yours a safe and joyous Christmas and all good things in 2013.
    I have so much enjoyed linking up to you through Mosaic Monday this year, and seeing your corner of the world.

  9. A lovely summary of some of your favorite images. I wonder where the ones you were looking for went? I'm grateful Brittany is doing better.

  10. Mary, I'm so glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend. What a frightening time it must have been for all of your family! Thank you for this beautiful retrospective in images -- to wander through the natural beauty you've captured throughout the year is balm to the soul. xoxo

  11. An absolutely fabulous set of photos! You have a great eye for what makes a truly remarkable photo.

  12. Your photos are stunning, as always, Mary. The swans are what took my breath away this morning. Such grace and beauty.
    It must be hard to choose your favourite things!

  13. I hope your daughter will be back with her family soon. I loved the memory photos you put in as I rememeber reading the blogs on each one. Hoping things go well for your daughter.

  14. Your photos and mosaic are just full of beauty in nature! Just fantastic..

  15. Thank you for sharing your favorite things! Love those young owls!!

    --Still praying here.

  16. First of all it is good to hear that your daughter is getting better. I loved watching at all your photo,s .
    I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas..

  17. I hope your daughter will get better very soon. The pictures are unique, the Owlets, they are my favourites.

  18. Good to hear that Brittany is doing well Mary. It must be a great relief to see her mending so well after that trauma. You had a good and varied year with the camera and your experiences with a variety of natural phenomenon, long may it continue into the New Year.

  19. I hope your daughter continues to make good progress.

    Normally I'm a deeply serious person (!) - but the owls made me laugh!


    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. So many lovely photos. The owlet is so cute!

  21. Saying prayers right now for your daughter & your family.
    I love all of the pictures you took the time to share with us,gives us hope for the returning seasons,phyllis

  22. Your favorite things are lovely, Mary.. and your images are simply stunning.

    I pray your daughter will return home healthy an happy as ever.

  23. Mary -- I fell behind on blogging and reading while we were relocating for the season...reading backwards and scrolling back ..what a time you have gone through; I am so glad that the latest post is good news about your lovely daughter..and I hope she will continue to improve to her full health and get back to normal with that precious baby and the rest of her family and you.

    That is of course more important than anything else, but I must add that your mosaic review of your beautiful nature year is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing these remarkable pictures.

  24. What an incredible collection of photos! Your photography is amazing!

  25. I just went and read your previous posts about your daughter. What a hard time she has had - you must all be so relieved that she is finally improving.

  26. Mary, your photos are wonderful and although I couldn't possibly choose a favourite, those little owls are about the cutest bundles of fluff I've ever seen!
    I hope your daughter is soon home safe and well.
    Warm Christmas wishes to you, and thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog - they are very much appreciated!

  27. Very nice pictures, Mary, the little owls were soo cute!
    Hope for the best for your daughter!
    Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Greetings Pia

  28. Such beautiful images Mary. Love the fawn.

  29. Your images are so beautiful! I enjoyed each one of them.

    Thank you for your visit and comment on my Cooper's Hawk.

    May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.



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