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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

They Just Looked Good Together~

For those in the United States. 
I hope that your Thanksgiving Day was exceptional, held with family and friends alike~

We had a marvelous, very busy Thanksgiving season. 
Our grand-daughter Maci was born on Monday a week ago. 
My youngest daughter Ashleigh, and I prepared food all day on Wednesday. 
Thursday, our oldest daughter Hillary came with her husband Andrew and their 3 year old twin boys. 
We then drove out to Brittany's home to take food to she and her family, as they got to bring Maci home on Wedesday late afternoon. 
After that, we still were not done, as we drove into Louisville, and took my 88 year old father-in-law his Thanksgiving Day feast...
The Christmas tree was also decorated the weekend before, however, I did manage to take some time to gather in a few images as well...of course I did!

The Red-Shouldered Hawk was on the hunt across the lane from the hospital, where I had to go for some MRI tests~

I am linking up with Stewart at:
Wild Bird Wednesday


We do not have House Sparrows on our acreage, not even close, but they are all around where my father-in-law lives. 
Here is a male, thinking that it is hiding from me in a Dogwood tree~

I grabbed a couple of quick on the wire images of a Kestrel when driving home one afternoon last week~

Our oldest daughter Hillary, her husby Andrew and 3 year old twin boys Cullen and Kerrick, at our home for Thanksgiving dinner~


Yesterday our grand-daughter Maci turned a week old, and I could not help myself. 
I had to go get a few snuggles and a few photographs to mark the big day~

Have a happy balance to your week, take care and stay safe always~


  1. Nice post for WBW!
    A lot of interestin photos!

  2. sweet baby and 3 yr olds! :)

    your hawk shots are just gorgeous in that golden light. glad you made it thru your busy week!

  3. Lots of wonderful photos! I love the little guy who thinks he's hiding in the dogwood! The granddaughter is adorable, too. I know you're proud!

  4. What a wonderful range of photos Mary, and your granddaughter is just adorable!
    Love the dogwood and sparrow shots and kestrel in flight.
    Hope you have got your breath back after all your Thanksgiving activities.

  5. gorgeous shots. great family photo. that would be cute for the Christmas card. as always i just can't pick a fav. great post.

    hey, please stop by my blog i am having a Christmas giveaway. hope you have a great week. take care. big hugs. ( :

  6. A great series of photos and it sounds like you had a very busy time at Thanksgiving. My favorite bird pic would be the little one thinking it is hiding among those red leaves.

  7. Lots going on in your world. What a cutie. Now putting hawks and babies together in the same post is rather funny:) Love all the shots!

  8. You get some wonderful shots of birds and hawks Mary! There sure seem to be a lot in your area. Your grandsons and baby granddaughter are so sweet. How blessed you are to have them visit for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the rest of the week. Pamela

  9. What great photos of your daughter and her family! Your granddaughter is so cute! The hawk is fantastic and that's a great perch! You're welcome to some of our House Sparrows. We have too many of them!

  10. Hi there - I do like the sparrow in the tree, but the hawks in the red light are great.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. What a wonderful collection of images, Mary!
    I am surprised that there are no House Sparrows around your acreage. On the other hand, I have heard from a friend that their numbers are fewer every year.

    Your granddaughter Maci looks so sweet and happy!

    Best wishes,

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time with the family on Thanksgiving. Your hawk photos are awesome. And the lil baby is adorable. Great post, Mary!

  13. Just a week old and a little beauty with a name to remember - Maci Gray, a favourite singer of mine. It's not fair Mary - your American Kestrel is just so neat and full of colour.

  14. Great post full of wonderful photography! That baby girl is precious!!

  15. Very lovely images of the birds and kid is very cute.

  16. Lots of nice photos, both of birds, plants and dear family and a new grandchildren!! :)
    Greetings Pia

  17. Hi Mary,

    I am so excited that you stopped by to visit me. Your blog is gorgeous with your photography. Stunning nature photos. Those hawks are wonderful. You have really captured them. I'm your newest follower.

  18. It sounds like you were having a grand time with your two daughters and their little ones, and, their husbands too. Lots of camera work as well.

  19. Congratulations, Grandma!

    Terrific mature Red-shouldered Hawk and (in my opinion) ANY shot of a Kestrel is wonderful!

    Glad your Thanksgiving was so special.


  20. The imported house sparrow is in such plague proportions in some areas downunder I tend to forget how pretty they are!

    But the RED birds win hands down!!

  21. Very interesting photos and some very colorful !! I'm not very present on the web because i'm always in the woods but it's always a pleasure to go on your blog.

  22. Happy first week to Miss Precious and family. A Mothers/Grandmothers work is endless but well worth the effort.
    Love your beautiful birds too, Mary.

  23. You have a beautiful family, and that newest one is as priceless as the rest. Lovely photos; they do look great together. I especially love those seeds.

  24. Lovely combination of nature and family photos, Mary. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  25. It is nice to see your lovely family Mary. It looks like you had a busy but wonderful Thanksgiving. Your shots of the Red-shouldered Hawk in that beautiful light are gorgeous!

  26. Maci is so very cute. Congratulations! I have only seen a kestrel at a distance. I hope I get a better view next year. Love your shots of it and the red-shouldered hawk too.

  27. wow, you surely did have a busy week Mary. Maci is a wonder to behold and such a precious gift. your photographs are exquisite but I'm very curious about the seeds with the feathery pods on raspberry-colored branches. What is that plant? It's spectacular. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. That can do wonders for filling the heart, no? Happy week to you Mary. Take good care now.


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