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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Much To Be Grateful For~

For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving Day
I want to wish you each a...  
Very Beautiful and Blessed day and week~

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In our home the Christmas tree has been decorated and Christmas gifts are beginning to be hidden out of sight, for when our grandchildren arrive Wednesday. 


Unless something changes between now and Thursday morning, our first grand-daughter Maci shall be born 2 weeks early and arrive on Thanksgiving Day.

I told our daughter Brittany how fun...they had named the baby months ago, but if she is born Thursday...many shall celebrate her it Thanksgiving, or the annual Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade~

All 3 daughters and the family will be in our home to celebrate for the first time in several years.  
I have found, that as many of you have, that once they get married, the family dynamics change.  
This is my husby's favorite holiday, ever since he served our country in Viet Nam, and he is really looking forward to gathering in our home once again.  
Back in the years prior, we always celebrated Thanksgiving in our home with as many as 18 to 24 guests.  
I do not do it fancy, but I do it with love and much as possible...for it can get pretty hectic.
What would be your favorite dish of the it Thanksgiving Day celebration, or Christmas?  

Would it be traditional, or something else...

Even when the entire family could not gather, I would prepare the same traditional meal, making everything from scratch.

~Our Menu~

Roasted Turkey
with Herbs Provence 
Store we do not hunt.

Fresh Cranberry & Orange  Sauce

Yam, Pineapple and Marshmallow Casserole
I sprinkle toasted pecans over mine.
Whipped Potatoes
With no lumps thank you;') 
Hint...I use a ricer.

Waldorf Salad 
An apple salad with raisins, celery, and walnuts, and a sweetened mayonnaise sauce.
Sage Stuffing

Corn Pudding

Green Bean Casserole
I use Cream of Chicken Soup, 
but my daughter Ashleigh is preparing it this year, 
using Cream of Mushroom Soup;')
Yeast Rolls

 Pumpkin Pie

Mixed Berry, Apple and Pear Pie 

Sugar Cookies 
Assorted beverages ~

This year, as I have become more worn down...ha, getting older does shake a few things up;'). 
We are sticking with the traditional meal, but I have not roasted my pumpkin, for it is still resting out on our deck.
I also purchased Parker House Rolls from the freezer section at the market.

It will be a wonderful gathering, and I cannot say enough, how much family means to me!
We pray for our children, we receive them, we love them, the best that we can, cherish them beyond all measure.  
We do it right, we make mistakes, we love, love, love a million zillion times around the world and back and more.

My health this past 15 months has changed how I might like to have shared more time with each of them,
making even sweeter the memories,
and yet they are forever in my heart,
and I am so proud of each of them and I am so thankful for:

Bill, my husband of 43 years.
Hillary, her husband Andrew, & their 3 year old twins, Cullen and Kerrick. 

Brittany, her husband Dale, and 9 year old Thomas, 4 year old Braden, 
and Maci on the way.


Our youngest daughter Ashleigh~
I am thankful for our home, where we have lived for 31 years, and we affectionately call Tingsgrove.

For our extended family, and friends, marvelous neighbors and my home away from home family at church, as well as our pet faves...Meaka is going to turn 5 in a couple of weeks, Spencer Ivy the black cat is 15  1/2 and Survhee Pipka is 1  1/2.
I am thankful for His beautiful Blessings, 
each and every day, 
and I try to find joy in this journey we call life~

It is yet another blessing for me, to be doing life together with each of you. 
In many ways, it feels like I can just walk across the room
share a cup of coffee, or tea, and converse, 
as though, 
we had known each other for all of our lives~

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, or not, we can all be thankful, for every day~

Have a wonderful week.  
Mine is about to become even more busy, but happy busy.  
We will be caring for our new Grand-pup-cub Lexi, while Brittany is in the hospital.  

Meaka pup-cub and me wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving~


  1. Lovely Thanksgiving post, Mary! I wish you, your family and Meaka a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Your dog looks great:) You look great together:))

  3. A wonderful post... many thanks for sharing it.

  4. Wonderful family photos! Enjoy your time with your family!

  5. What wonderful days ahead for you! Such a sweet family. I have said this before but must repeat what gorgeous photos you share.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  6. I love seeing your family photos and I know you'll enjoy a week with family. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

  7. Thank you for sharing your family with us Mary, I enjoy finding out more about fellow bloggers.
    Our Canadian thanksgiving back on October 7 had many of the same dishes as your home and a favourite is the yams with melted marshmallows on top.
    It is difficult for us to gather for holidays with our two daughters and family due to shift work at the hospital and on the police force. We take any opportunity to be together for celebrations.

  8. i know you will enjoy it all - every exhausting minute of it. good luck to your daughter with the birth of her 3rd!


  9. What a beautiful post, Mary, sharing your family and giving of thanks with us. Your menu reminded me of waldorf salad which I made onee recently. That might be a nice salad. We used to always have my mom's fruit jello salad. I hope the birth goes well --my sister was a "turkey baby" and this year her birthday falls on Thanksgiving, as it was when she was born!

  10. What a wonderful Thanksgiving post, Mary. I loved being introduced to your family. What darling grandchildren you have - and soon, another sweet baby to cuddle. Being all together is so special - hectic at times, but wonderful.
    We Canadians celebrated in October, but thankfulness is something to be cultivated year round.
    Blessings on you and your family! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Well, don't your daughters look so much like you, I hope that they are as good with the countryside and birds like you.

  12. Bob just took the words right out of my mouth. Each of your lovely daughters their own a unique look of you Mary with Ashleigh perhaps the nearest. You have such love and pride in your family it just bursts out from the words and photographs. Have a wonderful holiday, all of you.

  13. I forgot to say - great menu. Send me a doggy bag.

  14. Wish you a happy Thanksgiving day.
    Lovely post to day.
    Greetings from Hilda

  15. What a lovely post and gorgeous photos - that Christmas tree is glorious. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family around you, and a safe arrival to your granddaughter Maci.

  16. Mary you have a beautiful family and Thanksgiving is going to be so wonderful with everyone gathered around. It will extra exciting if the new baby arrives for the occasion. We have to cherish every moment we are given and I know that you will do just that. Happy Thanksgiving. Valerie

  17. Lovely post, and beautiful family! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think we get to check my Dad out of the Nursing Home and bring him out to the farm for Thanksgiving.


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