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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Like Rising Castles~

Yeah...after this share, I only have 2 more National parks left to share images from, well and then one mix of hodge podgy later;')  
Hoping you are enjoying your week. 

Some of you have asked about my illness that has been lingering off and on for 15 months now, and I will be sharing with you soon, but so far all is fine.  
I just have to learn to breathe through it and don't we all.  
Hugs for your day and the remainder of your week~

With heavy fog cover, the massive rock formations, looked like castles rising up.
On this journey, there were 3  national parks, that we had not planned on visiting. 
Arches National Park in Utah, was one of them. 
I had visited Sedona, Arizona several years ago, and for me the reds of these formations was just not drawing me in. 
We so enjoy conifer trees, any kind of trees, and there just were none at Arches, or very few. 
In fact, there was hardly any green, anywhere.  I
 love green!
Once we arrived on a fog filled late morning, we were glad that we had stopped, for these formations were really awesome, and now we can say, that we have visited this wonderful park~

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I was quite happy to see a Red-tailed Hawk as we were entering the park area...there really was life out in this area...nice~

With all of the earth tones, I was always pleased to see splashes of colour from the desert flowers~

I do not know if I frightened the Red-tailed Hawk, or if it spotted a meal, but off it went...really beautiful too~

Those are very large RV's traveling the winding road thru the park. 
That shows those who have never been here before, just how massive these formations are~

The formations above and below, are petrified mounds. 
I really liked this part of the park...see the splashes of green;')~

Grown adults looked like tiny insects walking around~

We had driven a very long way and when we first came to this scene, we thought that we would have to turn around and go back. 
Whew, it was just the creek before us, not crossing the road~

This truly is a remarkable place and a US treasure~


  1. That is the most priceless photography I've ever seen, cheers Mary.

  2. The scale of that place is just phenomenal Mary. I should have expected too that the colours in your pictures would complement each other so well - all that oranger, red and ochre. Wonderful. Great shots of the hawk flying too - I'm sure it saw a meal so don't chastise yourself. Hope you cast your vote, we are watching intently over here on Sky TV. Our turm in two or three years - can't wait to have a say.

  3. spectacular rock formations. love the lichen on the rocks, too. very colorful!

  4. These photos are so amazing and beautiful. I appreciate you sharing a lot of them to give us the 'feel' of the area. The photo of the road 'ending' at the lake is so cool. I am amazed!

  5. That scenery is breathtaking! I must get there some day. I do hope your health is improving, and wish you the best.

  6. What an amazing place Mary... many thanks for sharing your fantastic images.

  7. Great photographs Mary.
    I cant decide which one I like more.

  8. We loved that park and I love your great pictures -- The rock formations are spectacular and, as you say, a national treasure. But like you I was amazed to see the signs of life -- the brave mosses and occasional flowers that flourish where it seems impossible that they would ...and the wonderful hawks (and of course you would see them!)...

  9. Beautiful photos! The rock formations and cliffs are fantastic! That is truly some spectacular scenery!

  10. Fantastic photos, Mary! Those massive rocks are so striking, and the ones coming out of the mist look like something right out of a fairy tale.

  11. Great photos of the rocks and mountains and of course the hawk is a very nice catch.

  12. What terrific textures, colors, formations, moods. And a gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk for icing on your cake!

  13. What great views! Thanks for the virtual tour.

  14. You have an eye, a talent and a gift for photography that makes visiting with you a joy each time!

  15. Beautiful place with such interesting landscape and lovely flowers and birds.

  16. Absolutely fabulous photography! That is such a beautiful place - and you're right, the rock formations are massive. Thought you were going to drive right into the water in that one photo!

  17. this is one place I really wanted to visit. But there are so many great places in the states. And expencive trips if you want to see them. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Wow Mary.... completly overwhelmed with this post, its brilliant

    The effort that you have put into this is second to non, however the real beauty is the place, the flora and the fauna....

    Big kudos to you

  19. I love those desert rock formations!

  20. How nice of the Red-Shouldered Hawks to welcome you.
    You captured the magnificence of the Arches park beautifully, Mary.

  21. Ah! what a beautiful place! Truly a treasure. I have visited many national parks and always Arches was a bit far I thought! Some day I will ... Thanks for sharing those amazing photographs.

  22. My, one for sure will feel like in a very big planet when staying there and watching these enormous rocks and fantastic landscape. Your pictures really cpature the essence of these strong large rocks.... Wonderful post Mary!

  23. these are huge formations...what a wonderful series of photos, you should work for the tourism department for the park. It amazes me how big they are and the color of them. Such a truly unusual scene.

  24. These are wonderful and take me away from a place where there is snow to somewhere sunny..if you are ever interested in a nature meme, I host a small meme on Tuesdays called Nature Notes which is anything on nature that you want to share... Michelle

  25. I absolutely love your blog! It looks like we enjoy a lot of the same places and scenery. We visited Arches NP last year. Viewing your images gave me a quick return visit. :-D

    Nice captures of the hawks. I really like your image of where it looks as if the water is covering the road.

    I love your Million Dollar Road post, too. Amazing sights!

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my Wild Bird Wednesday post.

  26. Very nice image series showing.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    Hanne Bente

  27. Stunning!! How impressive!! I would love to walk around these ancientlooking (and I guess they are) and beautiful rocks! =)

  28. Great series love the one with the road and the water.

  29. Wow! i am speechless! Lots of amazing images here!


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