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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Resident Gray Catbird Upon Tingsgrove~

I took these Gray Catbird images the end of May and then proceeded to bury them deep within my photo editing program...oops...
The  bit of rusty colour under the tail represents that it was in courship display mode.  I remember the first time that I heard the voice of a Catbird, it most certainly sounded just like a kit-cat meowing.
They usually make their nest in shrubs, and very deep thickets along the outer borders of the property here on Tingsgrove.

I am linking up with Stewart at:
Wild Bird Wednesday


Candy stripe tall pink Phlox~

Meaka joined me in the garden, as I drug the hoses around to water during the hottest part of this summer~

Below is the house that Bill designed for us 32 years ago.  We had it framed and then he finished the inside, as well as built the 2 car garage by himself. 
We moved in 31 years ago last week, and have been so blessed to call it home~

With the fruit of the Bradford Pears and Crabapples, beginning to come in, many of the songbirds will begin to flock upon them, as they begin to ripen now~

Below are a few more image shares of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird~

Below, one of our White tailed Deer runs for cover from me and my mean camera;')~

The little fawn below was trying to locate it's momma ( not the doe from above...) and got stuck out in the middle of a 2 lane, very busy road.  I pulled off and allowed it to find it's way back into the woods, to safety~

The Monarch Butterfly is the only Monarch that we have seen all season...very disturbing find across this area...

I shared the story of this Box Turtle back when the Red-Shouldered Hawks had fledged from the nest and had begun hunting on their own, but had no images at the time.   I saw this turtle the week before one of the juvie hawks had found it. 
David who was one of the landowners that allowed me access to his land during nest season, said that one afternoon, he got the biggest laugh, as one of the hawks would swoop down, land on the turtle's back and peck on it's shell.  The hawk would tire, go back up, perch and then do it all over again, several times, before giving up on any turtle meat for din din;')
Of course the hawk was never of any threat to this large turtle, but look, it did make a dent in the shell. 
That poor turtle...wonder what it must have been thinking...they do think right;")~

 Autumn has arrived on Tingsgrove, and the first trees to turn every year, are the Buckeyes. 
Farewell Summer, it was nice~



  1. you've got such a gorgeous, wooded acreage. the box turtle is really cute. i've never seen a catbird, and i'd love to. we get lots of mockingbirds here, but no catbirds.

  2. I haven't seen a catbird in a long time. Beautiful shots of the flowers, turtle, and deer! You've got a lot of wildlife around there.

  3. Oh my gosh Mary -- your yard is a little bit of heaven~ Just gorgeous. I do remember when I heard my first catbird (in Texas I think, there aren't any here in Oregon)...I couldn't believe my ears~

  4. Wonderful shots. Your property looks like a beautiful wildlife haven!

  5. All great photos of the birds and flowers and your house looks to be in a perfect place.

  6. Hi there - great set of pictures of the wildlife around your home!

    The house looks great - but there seem to be a few trees in the way!!

    thanks for the linking on WBW

    Stewart M

  7. Wow...enjoyed your variety of photos. Those candy striped Phlox look quite delicious ;)

  8. Very NICE place where you live! Loved your collages, and that last photo is my favorite.

  9. Your post is so lovely - I can't decide which photo I like the most!

  10. Such a beautiful yard, so secluded. I does bring you close to nature.

  11. Gorgeous photos of critters, flowers and things. I enjoy seeing some of these which I don't have in my next of the woods..

  12. Beautiful series!! Love those catbirds. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. What a great location you are in such wildlife,great photos too.


  14. That's a fantastic Catbird, and I love the deer too.

  15. Great photos and a nice place to live.

  16. WOW!! So many wonderful images Mary! Your yard is heavenly!!

  17. Oh, how did I miss this one, it is superb in anyway. The Grey Catbird is beautiful, and, the fawn, you can't beat it. Thanks Mary, I am sorry that I missed it.

  18. You have a lovely area of woodland as your home run Mary - places to get lost in or just sit and think I reckon? Great the way you popped the Catbird shots into the mix too and I would just love to see that colourful turtle with jst a tiny friendly peck from your hawks. You reminded of how catbirds have that colourful undertail and so not just a grey old boring bird, but then no birds are boring are they.

  19. What a lovely place you got! Funny, we have also lived in our house for 31 years right now!

    I don't know about the little bird you show, but I imagine it's fun to hear its meowing! (Maybe not correct spelled, I'm from Sweden!)
    Have a nice weekend you too!

  20. Wow so sorry for this tragic event... How human can do great things but also the most stupid ever, killing people without realising their act... I feel so bad about that....
    Nice pictures thought Mary!


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