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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hermie Goes to Second Chances Wildlife Center~

Good day to you, wherever you may be;')

No matter the weather, no matter your health, one should always make it a good day, a day filled with sunshine of the heart and spirit, even when there may be no sunshine, it is still there, and it shall return.  
The image above,  is one that I can glance at, then be filled with the memory of when I took it, and where I was.  
There is a small pond at a park in the "big city"  where we can take our dog and allow her to run free...not a dog park either.   
That is where I took this image, as I was hunting for Damselflies and Dragonflies...
It looks like sunshine for me~ 

Happy Weekend
Happy Monday
Happy Week
May you be blessed, as well as make it a blessing too~

I am linking up with Mary for:
"Mosaic Monday"

Hermie, the little orphaned Gray Squirrel, stayed with me for 6 days and then only because I was going to be leaving on a journey, he had to be placed elsewhere for the remainder of his care.  
I am just as picky about this choice, as I am when choosing a family pet.  
When I did rehab and release, I always raised and released Spring babies after they were old enough to be on their own and used a soft release approach.  
The June babies however, I would winter over.  
Most animal care givers don't do this, but release young squirrels out into a stark landscape, with little foliage remaining, and usually into the territory of older squirrel populations, as well as predator dangers.
That is a disaster waiting to happen! 
The very least that a care giver should afford these creatures, is some kind of soft release, where the animal can continue to come and go from a protected area.  
I found such a place on Wednesday and took little Hermie there, to meet up with a few others in the same situation that he was in.  
I am anticipating an update from 
"Second Chances Wildlife Center"
as well as an image, to share later on.

Porcelain Vines produce an array of coloured berries in late Summer~

 I become attached pretty quickly and to some, this is just a pest, a silly Squirrel, but to me, it deserves the best chance at survival.  
Being an orphan, so young, being so frightened when found and then to gain trust in you as their caregiver, is simply a gift.  
Once I removed Hermie from the security he had known for several days, and placed him in this little box, he just seemed so tiny and it made me a little sad, but also knowing he would have a chance at life, it made me happy too~

 After his last feeding with me, I allowed Hermie to run about a bit, before placing him in the transport box.  
Once I met up with the lovely people from the wildlife center, he was transferred into the plastic box, and immediately latched on to one of the soft clothes for security.  
So long Hermie, it was delightful, and my pleasure~

These looked like wild Grapes from the leaf shape, but I was not certain...


  1. Dear Mary, so much I have missed! all your beautiful photos of flowers and foliage, berries and butterflies and colony of bees; Hermie and the baby deer... tugs at my heart.

    And where has the summer gone? family and friends, a few short trips and elbow-deep in harvesting...I hope this finds you well and happy, my friend.

  2. sweet little hermie. :)

    those berries look like easter candies! wow!

    be safe as you set out on your journey, my dear!

  3. Hermie is adorable! The berry photos are so pretty and so sharp!

  4. Beautiful post! (again). Your photography is stellar! Love all those colored berries, and the cute little squirrel. Hope he makes it.

  5. Hermie is a cute little guy! I'm glad you found a place for him. Your photos are beautiful!

  6. Lovely story about Hermie there Mary, interspersed with your brilliantly thought out blend of mosaics as usual. Have a great day Lone Ranger.

  7. Such beauty in your photos and how you have put together the mosaic. Such a cute little squirrel. Love the coloring of the berries.

  8. Beautiful photographs, admiring such views is giving much joy. I am greeting

  9. Love the rich colours,wonderful sharp detail in your superb captures.
    Also thank you for your kind words,we are both on the mend.
    many thanks.

  10. Delightful post, staggeringly beautiful photographs and a heartwarming tale, you had me smiling from beginning to end.

  11. Poecelain vine doesn't last too many winters here and I'm always thrilled to see those gorgeous berries from someone that can grow it.
    Hermie is lucky to have had you help him and be placed in another caring place until his release. As much as the squirrels are a nuisance, I'd do the same for a baby.

  12. such a gorgeous little creature - what a treasure you are to care for these young things. I love the porcelain vine - I have never seen one before - so colourful - the berries look like tiny eggs! And those yellow flowers are enough to make anyone smile.
    Have a wonderful week. I always so much enjoy coming by your blog.

  13. safe travels.
    your pictures are just fabulous!

  14. How lovely to hear Hermie is in good hands - keeping my fingers crossed for him still!

    Your photos once again are out of this world - I have never seen anything like those berries before - they are absolutely stunning - they look like beautiful little birds eggs!

  15. Hermie is so cute...I'm glad that you saw to it that he went to a good shelter where they'll care for him.

    Those porcelain berries are amazing. Neither my husband nor I have ever seen such a thing. Truly beautiful.

  16. Hermie is so sweet-looking. It must have been hard leaving him! The photos of the grapes, or whatever they are, look like Easter eggs! Lovely mosaic pixs!

  17. Wonderful photographs. I am greeting


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