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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Foggy SkyWatch Over Foxhollow Farm~


 I often see wonderful image shares of the Eastern Meadowlarks, and yet, I never can get close enough.  
There is one that I see often as I make my way down the country lanes going from home into town.  
It perches high on a utility pole and sings and sings.  
It then flies to the ground below and then a couple of minuets later, it is back singing once again.  
These images looked a little drab and so I have also placed some local wildflowers in the mix to add in a dash of colour.

~ Special Note ~

For those whom have asked, and sent lovely comments and messages over the past several weeks, once again, your kind heartfelt words and encouragement are so very much appreciated!

Yesterday was my Cardiologist appointment following 4 weeks since the failed surgical procedure.  
I have continued to wear the events heart monitor and it continues to show rapid premature beats called Supra ventricular Tachycardia, as well as premature extra beats in the lower chamber.  The physician said that my monitor readings show that sometimes, I have 3 to 4 of these episodes back to back and that in and of itself is enough to cause the deep fatigue that I have had.  
The team also felt that I was still dealing with more, even though my stress test and 64 images, showed a strong heart and this SVT does not cause death, they still need, I still need more answers.  
Thus said, it was decided that on Tuesday, they will do another outpatient surgical procedure, whereby they place an Insertable Cardiac Monitor and this type of monitor can track events up to 3 years.  I even get my own "magic wand" to use, if one of the big events takes place...yeah me... 

I have really good days, I have days that are not so good, but I am strong, I am doing really fine and I just need to gain some energy back and then, watch out;')~

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart~

I am linking up with SkyWatch Friday, won't you join me there and view skies from around the globe~

Near where I view and listen to the Eastern Meadowlark, there are fields full of wildflowers and flying insects.  
That brings in the Eastern Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Eastern King-birds, Eastern Meadowlarks and Red-winged Blackbirds.  
Below I have shared images of a  female Red-winged Blackbird ~

 The fields below are where I have photographed most of my Bluebird and Swallow images.  
I pass these fields at Fox Hollow Farms a few times a week.  
On this particular morning, the mist of fog was rising as the sun arose
Isn't this pretty...I just love it~

A pair of Red-winged Blackbirds fly over the fields below~


  1. i love your meadowlark - all fluffed out. and the individual wildflower photos are gorgeous, too. but that field is just wonderful. :)

    and, dearie, i hope this procedure goes well. it sounds like a monitor and a bit of a 'fixer' thing. and i hope it helps. bless you, mary.

  2. Hi there, such lovely flowers and the colors on your blog are so wonderful. That is good news, well think of it as good, because now you will have your own magic wand! keep smiling. cheers.

  3. Amazingly beautiful pictures Mary. Take care -- don't overdo -- good luck with all the testing.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Mary! Great lark shots! I've only seen one lark this year and couldn't get any pictures.

  5. Fantastic photographs, beautiful birds. I am greeting

  6. Just some super photos! Don't you just love Meadowlarks? Your flower photos are so beautiful. So glad you're feeling better...hope your situation gets completely resolved soon! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  7. I'd love to see those meadowlarks up close Mary, they look so colourful. Your choice of accompanying photographs is as spot on as it usually is. Sounds like you have a great set of doctors looking after you and giving you all the care and attention you need. Stay strong and cheerful as you do.

  8. I love the Eastern Meadowlark, never seen that one before. Great photos.

  9. Hi Mary so glad to hear an update on your cardiac situation. You keep on you will find the answer. You mentioned Fox Hollow Farms. Now I know where you are for sure. Have been to Fox Hollow twice,courtesy of my daughters, for pampering. Your photos are so lovely. It has been so hot, finally rain yesterday and today, but I have stayed indoors since my BP has been acting up and just too hot. Not may photos lately.

  10. We wish you the best of course.Great sequence. What is the name of the flower in shot number 3. Boom & Gary of the |Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. Beautifully captured sky!

    Fire in the Sky
    Have a great weekend.

  12. A lovely selection of photos, Mary. The Meadowlark looks just lovely. Wishing you all the best with your health problems (just returned from the GP myself!).

  13. Beautiful images of birds and flowers.

  14. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for the very kind comments you leave. I do not know much about a lot of the wildflowers that I share and use them mostly as fill ins. That plant was growing along the roadside last month and I found it fascinating. It is the same one that I used a couple of times in this post, only at different stages.

    Thank you again~

  15. Beautiful pictures / collages you show. Wishing you a good weekend :)

  16. Great serie Mary, very nice images in there!

  17. You sure do have some gorgeous photos in this post! Thoughts and prayers as you work through these medical issues.

  18. Hi there - I hope that you manage to get some answers / solutions to your heart issues.

    There are some great images in this post - I like the soft, foggy landscapes.

    I have been away for a while, hence the delay in replying - normal service will resume soon!

    Stewart M


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