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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Early Morning Surprise Out in the Field of Wildflowers~

Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments and encouraging words sent.
I did have surgery Tuesday to place a Cardiac Events Loop Recorder Monitor into my chest wall.  
It went smoothly, however, I became highly allergic to the second skin Ioban that was used and still am taking medication to alleviate the heat and itch it has caused, but so far so good.  
Moving along and enjoying each day, and I feel much better not having to lug around the heart monitor and the second device that it required to work properly.  
All is well~


I was just recently made strangely aware of something...  
In my 3 years of blogging efforts, I have received right at 5,000 comments, which by some standards is not many, and yet, I find each one very much appreciated.
Until, I became quite ill back in late March, I had commented on at least 95% of each of those very kind comments.  I would give a reply to each and every one, as best I could.
Then recently I sent one of my replies and it was one, where I expected to get a reply back and it never came...
So, I tried again and it also was never replied back to.  
Many of you do however reply back occasionally, and so I know that the process can work.
I am saying this, because guess what... probably 75% of my replies to your wonderful comments must have reached the nether, never to be received, or returned...oh that is what that "no reply" thingy means on here;'(

There are beautiful fields of Wild Chicory,  Queen Anne's Lace, Thistle and Milkweed this time of year and I stopped near one a couple of weeks ago to get a few captures en route to physician's appointment. 
Once I had reached the field, I saw specks of bright yellow, movement of bright yellow among the wildflowers and saw that even from a good distance, American Goldfinches were busy collecting nourishment from the Chicory, and it was quite the lovely sight to see.  
It was a glorious, peaceful, sunlit morning and these jewels made my day.  
I hope that you enjoy.
Have a Happy week!

I am linking up with Mary for "Mosaic Monday" at 

I was not certain what kind of bird the one below was.  It looked like a juvie, but not the colouration of a Starling, or Grackle, and there are Red-winged Blackbirds in the area as well, but not that either...anyway, it was quite cute, walking around  it's mouth open wide, collecting tender protein along the way;')~

 The posies below, their names have escaped me, but they grew at the edge of a pond near the wildflower fields~



  1. Good morning, Mary!

    These are amazing images and compositions, thank you for capturing and sharing them with us!

    So good to hear that the surgery went well and hope that allergic reaction will subside.

    When I comment somewhere, I do do not expect to receive a reply, unless I posted a question and even then not necessarily. I appreciate when I receive replies via emails to my comments, but honestly, I would not know how to find the time to reply to those again and so on. I try to thank each commenter on my blog post, but that is simply not always possible. There's a threshold of time beyond which I cannot go, unless I stop publishing blogs myself and do only comments.

    A wonderful Sunday to you,

  2. looks like you might have some spiderwort and some horse nettle or nightshade in those bloom shots.

    i love the chicory (i don't see it here) and the goldfinches add the perfect color accompaniment to it!

    glad you are feeling better again!

  3. I love all your flowers and collages. You do such a nice job, and I especially favor the bright yellow of the Goldfinches on those blue flowers! Very nicely done! Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Your photos are amazing and such a joy to see. I love these Gold finches and the owls in your previous post. Thank you for sharing your talent and skill!

  5. Aren't they fantastic Amewrica Goldfinches, I just love 'em.

  6. Your pictures are breathtaking and have left me speechless!!! Well done! Cathy

  7. Your photos of the wildflowers and goldfinches are lovely. It is really wonderful to see the array of lovely flowers nature has in her own garden.

    Hoping you are getting better.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  8. The Goldfinches are like little jewels! There so much beautiful colour in this post - joyful, really.

  9. Glad to hear the surgery went well and you're feeling better! I hope that continues! Beautiful shots of the goldfinches! The bees on the flower is a great photo!

  10. You and I had the same vision this week. Beautiful. Valerie

  11. I love it when the finch have their yellows on! Wonderful pictures!

  12. Those Goldfinches are just lovely against the blue of the flowers Mary. Often I am torn between which is the lovelier goldfinch - the yellow American Goldfinch or the colourful European Goldfinch the jury is out. Definitely a very juv Starling by the way - they don't get their spotty appearance until post juvenile moult in the next week or two.

  13. WOW!! So many beautiful images, Mary!! The Goldfinches are beautiful. The flowers are divine... and your bee shots!!! I love photographing bees. There is so much beauty in this post alone.

    I didn't know about your surgery, but I haven't been too well myself and didn't post for almost a week. I try to get back to everyone who comments on my blog and to read all their recent posts (and comment). It's very time consuming but I feel the strong pull of what I call "blog etiquette". I don't always comment immediately (as my health is so up and down) but I try to as soon as I can. I try not to take it personally if others don't reciprocate.

    I'm glad your doing better and I love visiting your blog... and I appreciate you visiting mine :)

  14. Mary, those are the most beautiful bird mosaics ever (I love goldfinch), and the flowers too are remarkable.

    I am so glad you got the implant thingy and hope you are still doing well.

  15. Stunning photos, as always. Your Goldfinches are spectacular - much more gold than our European ones. A lovely collection of photographs and some wonderful birds - I have so enjoyed visiting.
    I'm a bit late this week getting round everyone but I'm nearly caught up now! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you continue to make a good recovery.


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