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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Third Blogversary Series, Part 1 of 2~

Three years ago this coming week, I began my blogging journey and I have been forever grateful to Vickie Henderson for helping to encourage me to do so.
I have made many friends along the way, we have had some wonderful shares.
Your comments have been inspiring and always challenge me to keep on going.
Each one of you who have visited my blog during these past 3 years...I value you, your passion, your talents and gifts so very much and my days are made richer in being able to have this venue.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these 3 sweet years and I hope to continue to blog for a long time.

How does one choose their favorite entries for the big it a particular bird...possibly a new wildlife/nature find, or an absolute surprise in nature... or maybe a tiny flower, a certain colour that draws ones spirit in, a mood of a sky, a reflection coming from a pond...

Since I have not completed my edit work on all of my Red-Shouldered Hawk images for this hem...I took over 3,000, so I am way behind on that little chore. 

That will be part 2 next week of this 2 part series, celebrating my third year with you.

Below for many different reasons, are my favorite entries for the past year.

I hope that you will enjoy them and please be sure to share with me which one you liked the best and why.

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 Mosaic Monday @ Little Red House

The 4 right above are some of my very favorite images of this past year~


  1. congratulations, dear mary, on 3 years!

    but there's no way i can choose a favorite. your red-tails and red-shoulder images are always so beautiful, your blooms have such vivid color, the butterflies and dragonflies in flight are wonderful, the cedar waxwing set is fantastic. if i have one request, it is for you to post more beautiful scenery and sunsets and reflections. they are so peaceful and lovely!

  2. Mary, happy Blog-anniversary. I enjoyed your lovely post and all the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing, have a great week!

  3. Exquisite beyond words. I need to come back and spend some time just enjoying each one.

  4. Happy Bloganniverary. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. Have a wonderful week:)

  5. Your mosaics are awesome! I'll have to check out your blog photos.

  6. Happy anniversary of blogging!
    I love coming to your blog to see your images and hear what you have been up to. As for a favourite image - how could I possibly choose - they are all so wonderful for different reasons - though for peace I really love the reflection and sunset/sunrise images. And hey- I spy a emu there!
    Have a wonderful week and happy blogging for years to come - what a wonderful way to connect across the world.

  7. Congratulations!! Your photos are beautiful!


  8. Really great mosaics, both the ones with flowers and the ones with birds. I think my favourite is the one with the cranes.

  9. Happy Blog-a-versary, Mary. I love the dragonfly photos - the mosaic and the one in mad flight. What a great photo that is.
    I also really love the butterfly mosaic, probably because of the pretty blues.

  10. Oh my, how does one choose a favorite? I love them all, but I guess I'd have to choose the old barn with the sunset coming through the window/door. That's a fabulous shot, and I'm very partial to sunset/sunrise photos.

  11. Happy blog anniversary! :)

    And wow, so many great and beautiful collages! Gorgeous photos and I become happy when seeing them, colorful, full of summer, and I love the cat! :)

    Have a lovely day to you! :)

  12. Congratulations and as always, your photos are stunning and amazing! I honestly enjoy coming here to visit.

  13. This is my first visit to your blog and I am just blown away! Your wildlife photos are just stunning! I love the photo of the flying insect, I just can't imagine how you got that shot? Congrats on three great years and wishing you many, many more.

  14. Congrats on the three years Mary and I'll drink to another three for you. Not fair to make us also choose a favourite from those mosaics and individual pictures. Strangely e3nough for someone so into birds I actually like the landscape where the sun is setting on the farmstead - wish I lived there. Hope you are feeling better this week.

  15. They all are beautiful, thanks Mary.

  16. Congratulations on your 3 years of blogging. Of course I like the bird photos best!

  17. Mary,
    Congratulations on your Blogging Anniversary!!!What amazing mosaics..loved ecah and every one of them.Have a great day!


  18. What a wonderful group. Hard to chose a favorite but I do love the dragon fly. Thanks for visiting Porch Days and looks at my montages.

  19. Happy 3rd Bloggiversary, Mary!!
    All these images are amazing. I really can't choose a favourite as there are so many beautiful images.
    Gorgeous birds, butterflies, dragonflies & flowers. What a delight to visit your blog.

  20. Stunning series Mary, and many more 3 year celebrations. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  21. Fantastic shots. I love the Waxwings, but they are all great.

  22. Congratulations Mary! You've shared some lovely photos over the past year.

  23. Happy Blogoversary Mary! I hope we get to share many more years with you and your blog (thanks go out to Vickie for her encouragement too)!

    Knowing my propensity for Red-shouldered Hawks, I'm sure you have guessed that they are my favorite but I LOVE Sandhill Cranes too so there you go.

    The photo that really stood out for me though Mary, was the barn with the silo and the moon landscape. Absolutely spectacular!!!

  24. Congratulations.
    A wonderful post, love all your beautiful photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Wow! that is a lovely collection in three years! Congratulations!

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  27. WoW!! i sure do wish our paths had crossed before now!!

    congrats on 3 years, your mosaics and images are so special and beautiful. a very nice varity of scenes and color!!

  28. I am so glad that my internet is running again so I could see these wonderful images...full of exquisite colors and varied subjects. Well done and Happy Anniversary.

  29. Congratulations!
    Beautiful photos all of them.
    Wish you a nice summer.
    From Hilda

  30. Visiting your blog is like having a mini holiday - I love your photos and stories - so interesting, enjoyable and inspiring. Happy Anniversary - long may you blog!

  31. What a great set of pictures - makes me think I should work out how long I have been doing this blogging thing!

    I look forward to lots more of your pictures.

    I have to say, I really like the images of the dragonfly with the dark bands on its wings.

    Stewart M - Australia

  32. Almost too much beauty and talent to take in, Mary -- fabulous captures of nature. You really have a keen eye. Congrats on your 3 years. xoxo

  33. Happy third blogversary! I haven't been around latelly, but its always nice stop by your blog. THe images in this post are the reason i keep comming back ;) Long life to your blog Mary ;)

  34. Happy blogaversary Mary. I started a year before you but life is throwing a few bricks at me at the present , I may post again for Our World next Tuesday.
    Can't possibly choose a favourite from all those magical pictures. If I really have too, it is the left hand one of the fighting hawks.

  35. What wonderful, wonderful way to celebrate your blog anniversary - I can see how hard it must have been to chose, so many wondrous images to share!

    I enjoyed scrolling through this selection immensely.
    Congratulations and to many more years of blogging,
    thank you,

  36. Wonderful selection of nature shots, Mary. Keep up the good work documenting your part of the world!

  37. My hubby and I have both been looking at your photos this week. I've had your blog open on my desktop. We sure have enjoyed seeing all of your amazing photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I can't choose a favorite! I love them all!


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