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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part 2 of My Third Year Blogversary Celebration...How I Arrived~

Three years ago I introduced a handful of family and friends to a blog by the name of Red-Shouldered Hawks of Tingsgrove and Beyond.
The blog was inspired then and continues to be inspired not only by these beautiful hawks, but nature and wildlife beyond the boundaries of these two acres.

I have been asked 2 questions on several occasions about the pair of hawks that I have grown so fondly of.

The first question is...

How do you know that this is the same pair every year?

Well, to be quite honest, I cannot be absolutely positive that this is the exact same pair that I began following in 1996.
However, I am pretty certain that there is a very strong possibility, that at least the female is the same bird and quite possibly, the male as well.

If you have a litter of Pekingese puppies, they all look pretty much the same and yet, you are able to tell them apart. 
The same was true when I would raise and rehab Gray Squirrels. One particular time, I had 16 all at once and I knew each of them by their personalities and there was always some slight variation in their appearance.

That being said, I am fairly confident to state that there is a very strong possibility considering this, that these are the same 2 hawks. 
The female hawk and I have looked into each others faces for a very long time. 
I know her and she recognizes doubt about it.

The second question, would be answered, as well as go along with my answer to the long can a wild Red-Shouldered Hawk live in the wild. 
If everything works in their favor...15 to 19 years. 

This will conclude for the most part this season with the Red-Shouldered Hawks and as of this evening, one month after all 3 chicks fledged, all 3 are still thriving and they continue to yell all day long for food, but are capable of hunting small Voles for now.

This morning, I sadly witnessed a young hawk elsewhere get killed by a passing automobile, and that can always happen to these chaps as well. 
They stay pretty high in the trees, but get so excited when food is being brought to them, that at times they cross lanes of moving traffic, and that is the end of it.

I want to say thank you once again for all of your encouraging words and your enthusiasm for my blog. I adore visiting each of you and I am so hoping to do a better job at keeping up, as I had been doing all along very soon.


The adult female above...

I love when the female just perches and chills for a bit~

My heart always soars when I see the once small fluffy white chicks, grow big and strong and begin to fly.  I have not been able to witness them soaring with the adults yet, but it is becoming more difficult to keep up with them.

Above and below is the first born chick, and most probably a female, for it is very large and beautiful. 
This one spent a whole lot of time in my presence since flying from nest, and just seemed to know me...after all, it has known my face since it first began to peer out over the rim of the nest.  I shall always treasure this time and cherish the sweetness.

Yelling goes on from just after sunrise, to just a bit before dusk.  Their voices have become very loud, and I can hear them from 9 full acres away now.

This  is the middle chick and was the second one to fledge 4 weeks ago tomorrow.  This one is much smaller, and may be a male, but I cannot be sure. 
It has been the most elusive of the 3 and yet, it has also enjoyed some nice time in my presence. 
My neighbor, David who owns part of the land that the hawks have shared, told of a

delightful story last Saturday evening. A large Box Turtle was walking in his back yard. The young hawk, most probably this one, would fly down to the turtles back and use it's talons and beak to peck on the shell, as the turtle retrieved to the inside. David said this went on for some time...and of course the hawk was never a threat to the turtle.

My heart has been more tendered toward the youngest one below, a little male, since leaving the nest 4 weeks ago this Tuesday. He has had the most difficult time, and I have spent many concerned hours...hoping and praying over this guy. That face...who could not just melt over him...

The photograph above, is one of my all time favorites of these young ones. 
I took just under 4,000 images in 16 weeks and the selections in this post are some of my most favored ones. 
The 3 neighborhood families that helped me gain access to the nest for this season, shall each receive a photograph book with the 240 favored images in them. 
This is the least that I can do for their allowing me to trapse upon their property all of these weeks.

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  1. your love for these birds is apparent in your photos and posts. :) those young ones are looking very handsome, now.

    and 15-19 years is impressive! i hope that pair continues nesting at your site for years to come!

  2. Stunning photography! I really enjoyed seeing these photos and there was one in particular that made me smile. I can see why you consider it a privilege to live with these amazing birds.

  3. I really enjoyed your post, not very often we get to see baby hawks. The photo with the female chick peering right at you is priceless and your last photo, excellent and a favourite too.

  4. Congratulations, Mary.
    Your photos are wonderful - and yes, I love that little face too!

  5. Such a lovely blog post - wonderful photos and stories - thank you.

  6. I have enjoyed following your blog and seeing your wonderful Hawks and photography. Keep up the good work!

  7. What an amazing teacher of these beautiful fowl you are. We watch the cardinals and robins but have not hawks. I think I will begin with HH help to record some of their antics.
    Beautiful. You are blessed Mary.

  8. Stunning images of majestic birds. So glad that you share your world with us.

  9. A stunning serie of photos and mosaic. I am so impressed. Can't imagine how you can come so near and get so marvelous photos.

  10. You've got some fantastic hawk photos, Mary! Not everyone is as fortunate to see these birds up close. Wonderful job!

  11. You clearly have such a passion for these incredible hawks. Wonderful photos!

  12. Thanks for sharing these fantastic shots, Mary. Your favorite is one of my two favorites. I also love the one with the youngster fanning out its tail.

    How cool that the female and one of the youngsters knows you--that has to be an incredible feeling.

    Hope you're doing good.

  13. Really great photos you have entered. Beautiful is not the words, instead, superb.

  14. Great post and the Hawk images are wonderful.

  15. Wow I'm amazed you get so nice pictures all the time, especially now that I saw them high in the sky in Boston. Very nice post Mary....

  16. I love all your photos of these hawks. Wonderful story!

  17. As others have stated in their replys, your dedication to these birds is incredible, your posts tell a breathtaking story and your images are outstanding - seriously good stuff!

    some of the portrait images are simply stunning


  18. Hi Mary - First of all, congratulations on your 3rd anniversary - that is quite an accomplishment.
    Secondly, I apologize that I have been remiss in visiting your blog - I don't know why it dropped off my radar because your photography has always inspired me to get out there with my camera. Your photos are stunning.
    And thirdly, thanks for taking the time to visit my little blog project and leave such a nice comment about my birdbath photos.

  19. It's delightful the way you tell the story of your hawks with each wonderful picture and how you know each one of them Mary. As you suspect I am fairly sure that at least one of the adults knows you from previous years, otherwise they would not choose to spend time in your company. Take care in all that heat, and guess what? Yes its raining again and it feels like October or November and not mid-summer.

  20. wow! you are a wonderful photographer..loved your collection!

  21. Your photography is gorgeous, Mary! Congratulations on your blog anniversary!

  22. Fantastic images, Mary! Love too the way you arrange them in sequence! Wonderful blog!

  23. What nice shots...evidence of dedication and affection for these beautiful raptors! Love the markings and coloring of the Enjoy the end of June~

  24. Great shots and interesting post for a bird-lover like myself!

  25. I think it's so neat that the chick knows you -- gorgeous captures Mary.

  26. Congrats on the bloversary and really enjoy your posts sharing the comings and goings of the little animals you share your neighbourhood with

  27. Fantastic post on my favorite raptor Mary! I am so envious of your relationship with these majestic birds. Your photos always inspire me and your admiration and bonding with the Hawks of Tingsgrove is truly remarkable. I hope you have many more years of joy with these hawks and yes, the shot of the cute little male looking right at me just went straight to my heart. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with the Red-shouldered hawks.


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