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Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Survhee Pipka Turns 1, and A Diagnosis of Supraventricular Tachycardia

 Poor little cat-kitten!

A year ago this month, our 2 younger daughters brought me a little fur mess.  She had just either been dropped, or plunged into a dry creek bed from the road above.  She had a tear on her inner thigh and she was a real mess, but then, I looked into those eyes, they pleaded with me~

 The open wound had to have staples placed.  That ended up becoming infected and if that were not enough, the little fur ball, had a Bot Fly Larvae that had to be removed from the back of her neck~

Survhee Pipka and our German Shepherd Meaka became best friends as soon as she arrived on the scene~

It began that I would just foster this little beauty for the Oldham County Humane Society, and then one day, not long after she had arrived...I fell in love.  I used the excuse to my husby, that the dog would never be the same if we removed her from her presence...that seemed to work it's magic~

 She went through a very slim stage while she was recovering from her ailments, and she grew tighter in with our family unit, except for our 15 year old cat Spencer, whom still to this day hates her, thus no images of her present in this post~


 Of course things would not have been right, if Survhee had, had a normal spaying either, along with a severe ear infection, both of which took several vet visits to clear up.  The cat-kitten who came to us as free to good home, ended up costing us right at $700.00, her first 9 months with us...whew that is more than our registered German Shepherd cost~

 I could see her becoming a very gorgeous kit-cat as the weeks went on, her fur just seemed to blossom all over the place~

One day, I came into my room and the Survhee  ( My play on the word survivor) was sitting in this position.   She sits like this most all of the time.  She gets in this position to look outside the window, door, to even see something on the tellie.  She sits this was to beg for special treats, and her other funny characteristic, is that she almost always lies upside down.  I told my husby, if she is upside down, she never misses seeing what we are up to~

I caught her yawning in these images;')~

 With her favorite catnip mouse toy~

 The photo of Survhee right above a photo of one of our daughters gave me a giggle~

Survhee proves to her would be doubters that she can indeed sit like a normal kit cat.  She turned 1 approximately May 22, and I am forever grateful to Brittany an Ashleigh for bringing that mess of a kitten into our hearts, our lives for she is truly a wonderful, funny personality...we all adore her antics~

Update on my condition... 
I have been diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia, and will have an outpatient surgery procedure done on June 14. 
Today I will have a stress test and have echo cardiogram done, as well as blood work.  This may not yet, be the whole story and yet it is a relief to get some answers.  
I have had no events, nothing at all, and so was a bit perplexed when the Cardiologist rang me up on Monday.  
I thought that she was just checking in on me and how the monitor was working out.  I told her that I was a little bit down that we had not captured any event yet, and then she asked the most peculiar question...  
"Mrs. Cromer, what were you doing at 2:04 on Saturday afternoon?"  
What was I doing, why would you ask...  
"You did have an event then, as well as 2 others and what you have is..." and then she explained...  
Our daughter Brittany had the same thing 4 years ago.  
The most difficult thing though is I still need to have an event like what I have had to know for sure, that this is all that is going on and so I must continue to wear the monitor for remainder of month and possibly as long as 2 more months, unless the tests this day, show something ahead of that.  
I feel fine, I am just so very, very tired.  
I would appreciate so much your thoughts and prayers.  
Have a very wonderful weekend~ 


  1. Mary what a beautiful ending to a horrible beginning with your fur ball kit cat "Survhee " Such a beauty with it's markings!
    I will surely hold you in my prayers that soon you too will be on the mend.
    "Be joyful in hope,patient in affliction.faithful in prayer" Romans 12:12

  2. I will pray for you.
    My brother has had 6 pacemakers during his life to help him with his condition.He is still happily moving along at age 55.It was a long time before the doctor diagosed his problem.
    Your shephard has his front paws folded like the kitten`s,they look so happy together.I just took in 4 kittens that needed a good home.
    Hope the doctor will get to the root of your illness,phyllis

  3. oh, at least it picked up something they could read and determine! i do hope they have diagnosed it properly and that the procedure will take care of it! i will pray for you, sweet mary.

    now, your 1 yr old is ADORABLE! such a beauty, and quirky and funny and sweet!

  4. That Kit-Kat is really cute! Hope your tests and monitoring will go okay. I'll be thinking of you.

  5. So cute cat you have !!
    A lot of beautiful photos of her !!
    She find a very good home !!
    I love cat too. I have two cats.

  6. You may not know that I don't like cats, but, yours seems so nice and cuddly. I hope that she is alright and doesn't have that things "catching a bird".
    As for the your problem, I hope they can cure you. It's funny somehow, that I get a bit of that.

  7. Oh Mary so glad some answers are coming. I know you are not finished yet but things sound pretty good. That kitten is darling. I love the black marking on her face. Hang in there sista.

  8. your kitty is a beautiful gift, and you will be together for a very long time. the photos are treasures.
    Mary you are in my thoughts and prayers. All will be well, I have no doubts, and I know that any medical procedure can be scary but I'm happy that you have at least some answers and are in good hands. God watches over you. I look forward to the updates, and wish you a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

  9. Hi Mary and I just had to look it up- I'm sure you have been told the same. "In the vast majority of cases, attacks of SVT are harmless, do not last long and settle on their own without treatment. If necessary, SVT can be treated with drugs that correct the abnormal heart rate." It's easier to say than do but Try Not To Worry. Best wishes, keep up the blog. Phil

  10. So cute cat. Nice photo of it to. I hope everthing ends good.

  11. I am keeping you in my prayers. I'm not familiar with your problem but I hope it is taken care of and you feel good again soon. Sending you some extra hugs, Diane

  12. Survhee is a gorgeous cat. She is so lucky your daughters found her and took her to you!

    I hope you get some answers from the doctor soon so that you can find relief from your tiredness.

  13. Hi Mary. Just to let you know I didn't receive an email. Did you use accentor -at- mail - dot - com?

  14. I'll sure be praying with you, Mary.
    Love the pictures of your amazing kitty. No such thing as a free cat, right?

  15. What a very lovely cat! and kitten.. :) I'm glad you found her and fell in love with her! :)

    I'm sorry you had to read also, you had to stay in hospital.. hope you're feeling better now..


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