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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Fireworks Are Only Found In Nature~

Quite possibly when I was a small child, I enjoyed fireworks, but in my adulthood, I have just never been very fond of it. 
Maybe it is because it frightens the wildlife. 
Maybe because I saw a friend of my sister's lose 2 fingers to one that was never supposed to cause such a tragedy. 
I have enjoyed "Thunder Over Louisville", a very large fireworks display from the Ohio River bridge, just prior to the Kentucky Derby, back when our 3 daughters were growing up, but we did that mainly for them. 
When in Boston for the 4th of July one year, I went with a large group of adults and youth to observe fireworks along the Charles River which was put together like Thunder with some wonderful dramatic music, which was nice. 
Maybe I am just a party pooper, but this year, here in the United States, we are having some major fires out west. 
Twenty five of our states, including Kentuckiana have had over 100 degree temperatures for the third day today and lasting for the next two days.
We have broken the record the past 2 days, topping off yesterday with 105'. 
We are very thankful at least for low humidity levels, which help ease it a bit. 
That is enough for me, not to want to be around any for this year. 
As easy as that is for me to say, many in my neighborhood, shall be shooting them off, and some will even land in my two acre woods and I just pray that no fires begin anywhere due to people, just having a grand celebration. 
July 4 th is certainly a cause for celebration and I do celebrate along with the USA, for all of our many blessings, I just won't be doing it with anything that has to be lit up.

One of the birds at the very top of my favorite bird list, along with the Cedar Waxwings, are Swallows. 
Barn Swallows, Tree Swallows, any kind of Swallow makes me happy, happy. 
I love their look, the way they place lovely feathers to build their nests. 
I love that they consume thousands of flying insects, including Mosquitos, which absolutely adore my blood...thus I slather on the SSS all spring and summer long, which does help.
On Sunday, and Monday mornings, I drive into the country to get to the big city where I care for my 88 year old father-in-law, as well as my twin sister, whom is home bound, due to illnesses. 
I drive past the same nest boxes and there are always either Tree Swallows, or Eastern Bluebirds in residence during the spring and early summer months. 
In the images below, you shall see two different colourations of the same nest box and the same female Tree Swallow. 
One set was taken on a Sunday morning, while the other set was taken later in the morning on a Monday, hence the difference, in their appearance.

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Happy weekend, Happy 4th of July, for those living in the United States of America.
Many Blessings to all, take care, be safe, wherever you live~


  1. your blooms are so pretty. nice 'fireworks' display, for sure. and i love your little happy swallows, too.

    we, too, are hot and dry again. we have lots of neighbors that spend major $$ on fireworks. i'm hoping to stay safe, too.

  2. A lovely post Mary. Here, traditionally people lighted fireworks for Guy Fawks Night on the 5th. November, which is at the beginning of our hot, hot, summer. Because of many accidents, with people loosing eyesight and exploding parts of themselves as well as starting fires, fireworks are banned here for the public except that you get a private licence for a once only event. We do have state organised fireworks on New Year's Eve in the capital cities although that is in the height of our fire season.
    I have seen one with a group of friends and the noise put me off entirely. The display was nice against the sky but the stench was not so nice so I definitely will watch the big event on the telly, not in person.

    Love your swallows and wildflowers and hope you are feeling better.

  3. Lovely shots of natures fireworks Mary! Love the shots of the young Tree Swallows (think that`s what they are?).
    I am a bit the same, I always think of the wildlife that these things affect when going off, not just the noise, but the smoke and debris they cause as well.
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  4. Looks like a few of your your Tree Swallows are waiting for a feed Mary. I'm not a great lover of fireworks and how they upset animals, cause damge and as you point out, injury. Hope its soon over for you and that you are feelinga little better this weekend.

  5. Great shots of the swallows and the flowers are gorgeous!

  6. Have a safe "4th". We'll have 93 here today. Your photography is exceptionally good, and I really enjoy visiting your blog!

  7. How wonderful to scroll through all your beautiful photos! Love the birds.

  8. You won't get an argument from me about fireworks. I'd not dare to attend a public display of them this year for fear of what other attendees might do.

    Such exquisite photography. It's a pleasure to see.

  9. We are also sitting out the fireworks this year for several reasons. And it was 105 here today, and then the storm cooled it off. Your photos are stunning!

  10. Lovely post, the swallows are pretty and your flowers are gorgeous. I hope there are not fires started from the fireworks, that is pretty scary. I wish you a happy 4th of July and a great week ahead.

  11. I prefer Mother Natures fireworks also. You've shared some real beauties with us. I admit .. I'll watch the 4th of July celebrations on TV. I won't be going out in the heat ... that is for sure!

  12. My dog is cowering under my feet as I type because we are celebrating Canada Day and the fireworks are going off continuously.
    You captured some great shots of the swallows, the open beak is my favourite. And of course I love Queen Anne's lace too, such a frilly wildflower.

  13. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


  14. Fireworks indeed!!! Most beautiful!!! Indeed it is to hot and dry here that these are the most beautiful and perhaps the safest! Have a grand week! Cathy

  15. Your photos are always so crisp and clear. I feel like I am there...seeing the birds up close! Enjoy your week! It is not as hot here in Florida as it has been in much of the country. Isn't that funny!

  16. Mary these Mosaics AND the one on your header are just exquisite! I'm in awe. I agree with you about the fireworks.

  17. Fireworks are restricted here in Canada but we're going downtown to see the official display this evening. I'm just filling in a few minutes before leaving.

    Have a happy 4th of July, and I pray your woods stay intact. Such lovely birds.

  18. Always a pleasure to drop by your blog Mary - beautiful flowers and birds - I love every one of them.

    Backyard fire crackers and fireworks were band in Australia (they can be so dangerous) - I've never been too keen on them - even little kids "sparklers" frighten me a bit with little children. Now we just go to the big firework displays put on in cities to celebrate days like New Year or Australia Day. Beautiful - but I guess the money could be better spent elsewhere!
    have a wonderful week.

  19. Mary, Beautiful post. Love your "Natures Fireworks". Every bit as pretty as the lights in the sky. I hope that your heat lets up...the awful fires as well. I love your images of the swallows. They fly through here so wildly that it is impossible for me to get pictures of them.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  20. What great 'alternative fireworks' you've shown! I hope that your neighbourhood stays safe on the 4th. It's nearly 11 here on Canada Day, and so far there have been no fireworks or firecrackers on our road - and I'm very thankful!

  21. Beautiful images Mary. I am a non believer in fireworks, maybe they will find something to fireworks, like an electrical storm, really really good.

  22. Your photos of the simple beauty of nature are exquisite. Valerie

  23. Fabulous photos. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the week:)

  24. What beautiful photos! Visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  25. A wonderful post - your photos are stunning and those swallows are beautiful little birds - they are certainly among my favourite summer visitors over here in the UK.

  26. Great post, Mary. And I agree. Never ever been a fan of fireworks (one of my dogs growing up hated them, which made me hate them too...) Such pretty flower pictures (love the title too) and that swallow is a cutie!

  27. Hi Mary,

    Your photography is truly amazing! I love your mosaic header. It looks like you have a lovely area in which to take your photos. You have featured three of my favorite flowers in this post -- Queen Anne's Lace, Sweet Peas, and Purple Coneflowers. And the Tree Swallows are so cute; I wonder if I've seen them here and just couldn't identify them? My husband and I are always interested in learning more about the birds.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments. I hope you have a nice Fourth of July!


  28. Your photos of the birds, flowers, and Queen Anne's lace are gorgeous.

    As for firework, my neighborhood has been celebrating for these past couples of months..It's very annoying when they shoot off at 3 in the morning..

  29. Great swallows and stunning flowers!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  30. Great post, beautiful photos of the birds and flowers.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy 4th of July.

  31. beautiful series of birds and flowers

  32. Great Swallows and some lovely flowers too.

  33. Wonderful photos of both the swallow and all the lovely flowers! /Susanne

  34. Beautiful captures of the birds and blooms!

  35. A beautiful post, I love the wildflowers.

  36. Love seeing the swallows in your action shots!!


  37. Mary, it is always such a delight to visit your blog, you are such a wonderful photographer. The photos of the swallows are spectacular, very beautiful. I had swallows who nested in my yeard, they had 2 babies and they are now gone.
    I hate these backyards fireworks ! They make such terrible noise and frightens my dog for many days...

  38. Your photographs are stunning!

  39. These are the best fireworks of all!
    Rubbish by Roan

  40. Hi Mary,
    Never mind the whoosh, bang of fireworks just give me the myriad colours and forms of natures own firework display in a wildflower meadow ... much calmer for all species and it lasts much, much longer.

    Fabulous series of images. I hope you've had a grand and safe 4th of July.

    BTW ... many congrats on your 3 years of blogging.

  41. Awesome natural fireworks Mary! Nature is so much more impressive than anything man can create, don't you think?

  42. Lovely photos! I would think most places would have bans on fireworks this year since so many areas are hot and dry,

    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Independence Day!

  43. What a great post! I think I am lucky to still have the standard number of fingers and eyes after a few firework "adventures" as a kid!

    Stewart M


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