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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bees, Dragons and Posies From Down the Lane~

It has been another one of those weeks for me, just waiting on my Cardiologist appointment this coming Friday. 
On Mother's Day morning, to add to the stress, I was on my way to church in the pouring down rain, and was traveling in my lane when along came a driver head on in my lane.  I blared on my horn, screamed at the top of my lungs, ( not that he could have heard me ) for I knew it was going to be bad, and slightly turned my wheels toward the ravine on my side of the road.  By doing this, I avoided a head on collision, but got hit in the back left quarter, to the tune of $4,000 damage.  
The young man said that "it was entirely his fault, as he was grabbing for a couple of things from his dashboard..." 
Fortunately neither one of us got hurt...except for my feelings, which was a blessing!  My morning with family at church had also been wrecked, as it took over an hour for the police to arrive.
I am really, praying that an event will be caught on the Heart Events Monitor and that we can get to the bottom of what is going on with me. 
My biggest complaint is deep fatigue.  I am sleeping better than I have in a very long time and waking up exhausted, no energy and taking unlike me and so depressing, as everything is getting further and further behind. 
I take my walks every day to visit the hawk nest and as I come and go, I take photographs along the way, of what I happen upon.

Aah, now this was pretty neat.  I took this with my 70/300 lens, hand held, set on macro.  It is a male Eastern Amberwing, Perithemis Tenera, as well as some species of Damselfly.  Any help with ID would be appreciated.

Nearly all of the flowers were taken in the gardens across the lane.  Mona has beautiful flowers, but is away for now, and not available to ID these beauties~

The above Mosaic was done by Mary at the Little Red House.
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  1. Mary, I so glad you were Ok. it sounds like the accident could have been much worse being hit head on. I love your beautiful flowers and the pretty dragonflies. Beautiful mosaics and photos. Have a great week ahead.

  2. all of your blooms are beautiful. that amberwing is a golden glow!

    so sorry to hear about the accident. am grateful you were not hurt. and hope the upcoming cardiologist appt. can yield some answers.

  3. I sure hope you find out what's wrong so that you can do something to start to feeling better. Having the wreck was super stressful! Hopefully this next week will bring answers and be better. Your photos are those delicate blue flowers!

  4. Stunning photography! I hope they can figure out what's wrong with you. That's worrisome! I'm always tired too, but now I'm beginning to wonder...

  5. As always, these are simply amazing pictures! I am stunned at how clear your picture of the insect was, and your flowers were wonderful. Love your work!

  6. Mary dear, health issues can be troubling but really just show us what is going on in our emotional household.That you managed to avoid a head-on, is a good sign that you will come out at the other end of all this turmoil a lot stronger than you went in.
    Just keep drinking from the well of beauty and strength that nature offers you.

    I'll mail you when I get a minute, things are a bit hair-raising here as well.

  7. Gorgeous photography. I'm simply in awe at how beautiful it all is. Truly exquisite captures.

    Mary, I'm thinking that if that nasty accident (praise God you're still here) doesn't show something on your monitor, nothing will.

    Have a good week and I'll be keeping you tucked in my thoughts and my prayers.

  8. Goodness, Mary. I would have been screaming too! Your images are gorgeous ... the flowers are beautiful as are your flying friends. I admire images of dragon and damsel flies. I can never find one to stay still long enough to get a good shot! Hope things go well with your cardiologist.

  9. Wonderful photos. I hope that your Doctor can find what is ailing you. The accident must have been very scary. I am so glad you had the presence of mind to get almost out of the way. Valerie

  10. Fabulous shots of the flowers and insects. The pretty blue flowers are nigella, a self-sowing annual for me.
    One always has to watch out for the other guy, don't they? Glad to hear you were able to avoid a head-on collision.

  11. Your images lift my spirit. Sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you'll be better soon.

  12. You just can't catch a break! I'm sorry to hear about the damage, but I'm very glad no one was hurt. Still hoping they find out what's wrong soon so you can get on the path to recovery.

    Your photos are stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Well done Mary, lovely find. The flowers were unique, I love them.

  14. Beautiful shots Mary. You were sure lucky. I agree that would cause a heck of a response. I know you will be glad when all this testing is over. I think of you often and remember the anxiety wearing that monitor caused me. I would not begin to be able to identify all those beautiful specimens of nature.

  15. I am sorry about your accident, and even more sorry that your health is not good right now. It can really be depressing when you don't feel good and you don't know why. Your photographs look like you captured God's Grace in every one of them.

    Your photography is stunning and that one of the Damselfly is beyond gorgeous.


  16. Beautiful images and mosaics! You are very skilled getting those fantastic photos of birds and insects........
    Hope you'll be better soon.

  17. So sorry about the damage to your car Mary and as you say it could have been worse and at least you aren't damaged physically. Hope the docs can figure out your problem and I hope it is "something and nothing" as we say here. Have a better week.

  18. Your photos are stunning, Mary, as always.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. If that wouldn't trigger off an "incident" what would? How frustrating. I hope that you find some answers soon.

    Have a restful week.

  19. What a close call!
    I hope that there will be some word from your visit to the cardiologist. Not knowing what's going on is always so worrying.

  20. What a beautiful collection of finds in your mosaics! Thank you for stopping by my blog...please come back again!

  21. Your photos are simply exquisite and beautiful in their color array. So sorry to hear of your accident on top of the heart concerns and hope that they find a solution soon. They don't always, and didn't with me so it was "stress related." Not fun to wear that monitor. When my husband did he had to call in each series of "events" that he felt, and that was one reason we were glad we still had a "land line."

  22. Hello Mary,
    Your photos are stunning. I hope you have recovered from the shock of your accident on Sunday. My Mother in law is going into hospital tomorrow for heart surgery. It’s such a worry I hope your doctor finds the answer to your problem quickly.
    Take Care


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