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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter White, Following Massive Tornadoes in Our Area~

We had some snow on the ground Monday and the sky had the most wonderful feel to it, following the storms from the weekend...
 One day 75 to over 100 mph winds in areas just a wee bit north and south of us with temperatures in the upper 60's and 70's.  Frightening winds, massive, destructive tornadoes causing more devastation in our area then since 1974.
 There is something that happens just prior to a tornado, as far as what I can tell...the sky seems to turn a greenish hue and I may be terribly wrong about this, but when we have had them even very near, it seems that the thunder storms that were strong, suddenly calm just before the tornado warning sirens begin to go off...  
 I truly hate those sirens and yet am thankful for them.  The system however failed us this past front, for the 2 warning alerts came 10 minutes after the warnings had passed...that would have been no good to us, had the storm come a little closer to our dwelling place.
 Two days after the tornadoes came and destroyed everything in their path, taking many lives, we had snowfall...about 5 inches at our home, with a little less in the city.  
There was a sense of cleaning away a little of the memory of the fear that gripped the area only 60 hours before.  
 We took a drive along the Ohio River and when we reached Shawnee Park, the presence of these 2 mighty smoke stacks peering high above the tree line, upward into the winter sky...the lovely Canada Geese, calmly resting in the snow, overlooking the river...lovely spring growth beginning to emerge, there was a sense of peace!
 My heart aches deeply for those lost lives, for the families, for the people who have no homes.  Some mail from Henryville, Indiana, the worst hit area, is turning up over 100 miles away.  Photographs, albums, books, memories have been torn away in less than 30 seconds.  It is very rare for any one tornado to stay on the ground for very long and yet the estimates are in that it was the first of two massive tornadoes that caused all of the worst damage.  The reports have indicated it was on the ground for 45 minutes!  The system spawned many, too many smaller twisters causing damage from Tennessee to Illinois.  It is highly unusual to have tornadoes here this early.  We even had 2 warnings back in January, and I do not ever recall that happening before.  
Friday morning those people sat together as a family, having breakfast, sending their children to school, saying goodbye to spouses as they left for work and then they came home...home to nothing, everything that had been their life, their livelihood taken away up in the winds and thrown about like bits of dust. 
I appreciate so much the kindness of your comments, your messages, e-mails wondering about us...we are fine and we are so very thankful! Tornado season began early.  It can happen any month of the year, but most warnings for us begin in March and end in June, so we have a long few months coming and we pray the worst is over...
Nature, we have no control over nature!
 I dedicate this post to the people that were in the line of these massive storms and I lift them up in my heart thoughts!
May God bless each of them~

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  1. You are so right, we have no control over nature and her majesty reigns supreme. I am so sorry for the lives lost and all the people left homeless in the falling snow. I do hope adequate shelter was provided and any other help they needed.

    These storm events seem to be getting stronger all around the world. I hope you stay safe . . .

  2. I am glad you are OK. My heart too aches for all of those who are not. You have written a lovely tribute post.

  3. These are beautiful wintery photos.. I love geese even thought they are so messy. Always loved to see geese land on our pond. We often drive along the Ohio River also....

  4. your words conveyed so much empathy and caring. your photos conveyed so much peace and beauty. thank you for both today, mary. you are a gift.

  5. What an amazing sequence of weather you have had lately Mary. Your graphic description of the lead up to the storms, the tornadoes and hurricanes themselves and then the aftermath for those caught up in it and at the same time worrying about friends and family is very moving. I'm so pleased you stayed safe and so sorry for those that could not.
    Lovely snowy phots.

    and the worry and terror for those involved

  6. I've never heard a tornado siren but imagine the fear they generate must be terrifying.

    The snow on the tree limbs is very beautiful!

  7. Beautiful snow scenery, and the Canada Geese, trees and the looks like a large chimney. Brilliant photographs.

  8. The peace and beauty in your photos is a stark contrast to the devastation you describe. Each seems out of place with the other, yet they exist side-by-side.

    I love the shots of the chimneys.

  9. Beautiful post and tribute.
    I like your winter photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  10. The mood of your photos shows sadness yet hope.

    Very heart wrenching to see these calamities, all over the world. My hometown in the Philippines, suffered typhoon in Dec and earthquake last month.

    Recovery is slow. Glad you are OK.

  11. Beautiful winter scenes. Spring is one the way. Love the goose shots. Have a great weekend!

  12. Wonderful shots, especially with those two towers.

    Hoping you all keep safe.

  13. Wow! I just love your photos!

    Sorry about the hard weather you have there...

  14. Wonderful photos nature!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  15. A warm and heartfelt post.
    Your winter pics are lovely!
    I'm close to the Ohio River as well. I have to say I've not seen any of those smoke stacks appear so beautifully before. :)

  16. I saw some images and videoshots on Dutch tv and internet of the damage in your region. Must be horrible!
    But your photographs of the two small towers and the snowy trees are really wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing and stay safe!

  17. I love those beautiful pictures with a beautiful snowy winter atsmósfera, delicious light. Greetings.

  18. Mary, that was so moving; I feel so for those people, and I'm very grateful that your place was spared.

    As for the goose with its foot up--priceless!

  19. The twin chimneys are beautiful.


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