Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Morning Drive Along the "Official" Scenic Route~

Just another drive along the scenic route and a few stops along the way, to see some friends~

Cooper's hawk enjoying the morning sun~


 I always like this fence, a little bit of brick, a little bit of mortar, a little bit of wooden fencing, a little bit of old iron and a whole lot of charm~

I wonder if the landowners to this driveway,. have any idea how many time during a year, that I photograph the beauty of their land, or would they even care if I share... Since I take them from the road, I guess it does not matter~

Bikers are always a challenge on this route, they always seem to be there, no matter the day of the weeks, hardly even matters the season.  So long as there is no heavy snow, ice, or rain, they are going to be around~

It's a week day, aren't you guys supposed to be in a board meeting, or something~

 Free to roam and strut their stuff chickens at Foxhollow Farm in beautiful Crestwood.  They have the best grilled veggie and mozzarella cheese sandwich anywhere around!  This one even rested in my lap as I sat on the ground to spend some time watching them.

 Do you think these chicken images would pass for a rare, wild birding find?   I do love their different personalities...I think the farms just collects the eggs.  I would hate to stop by to visit a friend and find out it was turned into supper~


  1. The chickens are great - but I wondered when the post was going when you started to describe the sandwich! But the chooks are safe!

    Stewart M - Australia

    PS: Chook being Australian slang for a chicken if you had not worked that out!

  2. Nice day out, the fence, the bikers, and the chickens. Its a pleasure to see you having a day off.

  3. The Copper's Hawk looks regal on that branch.
    Bikers are a challenge here too.
    I adore the chickens. Use to have a couple as pets. I think coyotes got them.

  4. such cute chickens! love that fence, too. :)

  5. Love these! That Rooster in the grass shot is terrific (third one up from bottom)

  6. I'm sure I could never eat a chicken I knew and loved so I hope they are just collecting the eggs too!

  7. your pictures really are fabulous!!

  8. Superb nature shots. You've captured the essence of nature in it's true form.

  9. Hi Mary. I enjoyed the scenic tour and of course the Chickens.

  10. gorgeous photography.. love the rich hues you've caught on the sweet feathered friends.


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